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  1. Windsurfing, slalom waterskiing. learned to snowboard before I learned to surf.
  2. Agree if one wasn’t aware and looking, could have skied right past questions: 1. In rescue pack is there a fairly stiff flexible hose that could be pushed down to face area to provide air? 2. What is the accepted practice when this happens to you? Rescuer kept saying don’t move for what one might assume are reasons related to snow filling around head but if one doesn’t how can one draw attention to oneself. A safety buddy system is great if it works.
  3. I have seldom come close to being hit in the back by a skier but of late i fear soft boot snowboarders bombing a line barely in control. 2 have flown past me unexpectedly in the last month.
  4. I don’t think that the options offered apply to people who started in 90’s
  5. Then would have come the rug rats who all play rugby and don’t like the cold
  6. Of course actually playing on Dave and diamond.
  7. Was at Mt Wachusett today, first day time ride for me this season. Was more than shocked to see at least 15 different softbooters all working at getting their boards on edge, exactly as I started.
  8. Waiting in lift line (Angrry + lime yellow UPZs) skier 1 says “ what is that?” Skier 2 says “the latest fashion”
  9. Waiting for my daughter to buckle in skier comes over: “Great trenches!” Me: “Most skiers don’t seem to like them?” “No - it’s great to see a carver out here” That was unexpected.
  10. Perhaps we could hold stock that can be delivered at shipping cost As kids grow out of current set they donate and replace i would put my 10 year old into hardboots to try but it’s easier to have her start carving with soft boots on a suitable board, but even this only lasts 1 year or more befor she outgrows it
  11. Hi Shred I always have issues with my toes: 2 and 3 toes longer than my first! Thanx: perfect delivery and exactly as described!
  12. I have just received an almost new pair of Intuition liners from Shred Gruumer. Putting them on cold my left foot fits snugly but right foot is already pinching my toes. I am 27.5 cm both feet and these are M28 liners. Question: Once heated are the liner's likely to expand in the foot length? Less than half cm should suffice.
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