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  1. Currently for sale @Johnny Danger
  2. Shout out to a stand up guy. Board at my door less than 2 days after payment, well packed and in as good, or better, condition as advertised. thanx Cliffh now I need to find some powdah!
  3. last weekend i had to drive a tractor on the road fro about 30 minutes. temp about 35 degree. fingers were frozen after 20 minutes wearing the gloves this thread started with: -30 deg C??? can't even handle + 35 F donation to a warmer cause
  4. I was supposed to be there this year but could not make it i have friends that own an apartment in a village nearby (Graechen). If you need a shipping address I could possibly help. enjoy!
  5. Curious what this stands for / means trust that I am showing my ancient
  6. Is anyone else having difficulty playing video oof late
  7. Are the Thule racks still available? if so can you tell me with board carry width?
  8. Thanx! I am out - @terekhov yours if you want it.
  9. pm'd but have not heard anything back yet
  10. So I decided to try them as I suffer cold hands easily and a pair just arrived run small and don’t cover much forearm @Jack M sorry I missed your post before ordering will try them and let you know if there is any merit to the hype
  11. @Jack M donation completed
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