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  1. I'm wondering what everyone's internal dialogue while riding consists of. Technique critique? Pondering life's great mysteries? I try to keep my brain on auto-pilot as much as possible so I typically default to a variety of airplane and racecar noises.
  2. Next season I hope to turn left..... and then turn right..... at least a few times! Oh man, I've got this freshly rebuilt ankle that is looking to get worked. I only had about half a season on alpine before shattering it. This season could be a game changer.
  3. Figure out whats holding you back and work on it. If you can't then bring in outside eyes. If there isn't anyone around you then sell five of your extra boards and take a plane ride. I managed to get the basics on my own, but I didn't become a snow augering, run destorying buffoon without the help of some fellow buffoons. Oh and since everyone else is making style assertions-- thin lines are lame-- there, I said it. Trench Lyfe!
  4. Yep that's him. Super cool dude. He said it was his first time on hard gear in quite some time. One of his buddies gifted him some sort of Donek prototype and he was taking it for a whirl. I'm definitely hitting him up next season for some turns.
  5. Thanks for the advice John. So that Thursday ride ended up being a huge success. I ended up moving my bindings all the way to the rear most inserts and everything just seemed to sort itself out. This thing will turn super tight when called upon. Very smooth, very intuitive. I like the loud noise personally. I would like to get another good day on it before I release my full thoughts onto the world, but I don't think its going to happen this year. I ran into another hardbooter at Beaver Creek I had never met before. Richard was his name I think. He is a longtime instructor there. Anyhow, I rode way past my usual 2 hours because we were having so much fun and something happened to my ankle beyond its usual F-ed uppedness. It swelled up double its size and hasn't been right since. My season is done, but I'm scheduled for surgery May 31st so I am super pumped about getting to rail on this thing on a fresh joint next season!
  6. Guys, guys, guys... We need to get back on topic here. SOME KID WAS LIKE OMG IS THAT A MONOBOARDSKI, AND I WAS LIKE ITS A SNOWBOARD, BRO!!!!
  7. Lol. I wouldn't dare. Old pic on my short proteus. I think the thirst would gain lift and paraglide away. I just posted it because I have some deep-seated psychological need to show you guys how awesome I think I am. Probably something to do with Freud.
  8. I take them everywhere. Popping in and out of trees, short bursts in moguls, park, high alpine, etc. Surfing groomers is my preferred environment, but variety is the spice of life right?
  9. Thanks for the tips guys. I had a few runs where I felt like a hero both toe and heel but once it was time for bed it went downhill (ha). I feel like I've got some good places to start now to get it more consistent. Dave, yeah I noticed the tight binding placement window the first time I tried moving one insert pack forward. It was like someone put oil on the racetrack. It went from predictable and stable to squirrely and scary. I moved them right back and found the happy place. I'm really pumped for Thursday.
  10. Chairlift dings and trees/anything wood are what gets me most. I find that wood slivers really like to get under that top titanal layer causing it to wrinkle a bit then if it gets hit again it chips.
  11. John, based on your review it seems we have extremely similar early experiences on the 8RW. I've only got half a tired morning on mine, but I really relate to your review so far. My usual rides are Coilers as well with a short Donek for exercise days. The 8RW immediately railed a heel better than any board I've ridden, but I'm having trouble making it speak to me on toeside. The way you phrased it made me realize the difference in my heel/toe technique. Historically, on heel I'm always in early while on toe I roll in slow. Any tips on getting this thing up on edge earlier on toeside that you've figured out? Looking at that Big Sky video it looks like immediate action coming out of the transition is key to whipping it around. Push it more? Inside hip down sooner? I'm just trying to get some ideas in my mind for when I can have my first real day on it on Thursday. If I can get my toeside dialed in I have no doubt this will become my go-to board for almost any carving day. Gratzi, Marv
  12. I was able to take it out this morning after working 13 hours overnight so neither my legs or brain were super fresh. Initial impressions are super positive. I'm going to take it for a more serious ride on Thursday so I'm going to wait until then to share my full thoughts in the review section.
  13. This. We really let our fitness slide during the fall and my wife paid dearly for it with a blown knee. My season never really got cranking until I got back into the gym in January.
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