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  1. Been busy in the lab over summer @Beckmann AG? Can only presume this photon feline is designed to combat those pesky pocket squirrels?
  2. Just can't have you feeling ignored or cared for by an entire African nation @Gossamer - send me your tanker and all your bank details and I will ask one if those caring Nigerian Princes to send you a vast sum of unmarked greenbacks!!
  3. No, that would be speedway
  4. Marc is the master of riding beyond the limit. But somtimes....
  5. SOLD 3 deg cants, yellow elastomers, all mounting hardware, bomber leash and 2 rare stickers! in a well worn box. Bought as back up pre-Gumbo, but never mounted. PPal FF (or PP + 3.5%). Free post lower 48 (tracked and insured). Post to other locations by negotiation - PM me to confirm. I may have different elastomers or cants (some new, some used) depending on what you need and what is lurking in the shed ....
  6. Barry what's the sidecut on your new short' n' turny ride?!
  7. Lurch

    Kessler 162 SL

    @barryj here is your "turny little bandit"!
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