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  1. A rare thing that looks equally at home on a gallery wall as in 2 ft of blower. Need ? No. Want? Sooooo bad.....
  2. @Québec man had some 168 AMs available
  3. A burning desire to deliver uncrowded, pristine groom to carvers?
  4. Oh sweet mercy.... Anyone ponied up for one of these bad boys?
  5. Noted. List updated to delete Imperial Stout Trooper and replace it with the Cunning Linguist IPA.
  6. Mmm could this be another case of a Thor loser?!! Sorry, just snow bored & couldn't resist
  7. Talk to @Beckmann AG ; he is on the job already...
  8. Interesting it is not symmetrical.
  9. Yep, total for the whole set (4 pieces).
  10. 800 g (1 lb 12 oz) for the Cross not including insert extensions
  11. Spectacular location Phil. Keep the info on the Backland coming.
  12. Your explanation is what I thought I understood - it was your statement that "internal and external ramp changes are not interchangeable" which had me wondering if I was missing something (other than boot builders overdosing on ramp). I feel like I would to try like more than 6 lift on the front, but as you say I run out of cuff travel (Which had me thinking about the AT Backlands and how much extra forward lean they might provide, but I digress). The ShredStack9™ could offer 9 lift/3 cant if two 6 deg were heaped - the lack of oxygen may become an issue. Appreciate your reply. Recess is not be meddled with.
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