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  1. Yep, total for the whole set (4 pieces).
  2. 800 g (1 lb 12 oz) for the Cross not including insert extensions
  3. Spectacular location Phil. Keep the info on the Backland coming.
  4. Your explanation is what I thought I understood - it was your statement that "internal and external ramp changes are not interchangeable" which had me wondering if I was missing something (other than boot builders overdosing on ramp). I feel like I would to try like more than 6 lift on the front, but as you say I run out of cuff travel (Which had me thinking about the AT Backlands and how much extra forward lean they might provide, but I digress). The ShredStack9™ could offer 9 lift/3 cant if two 6 deg were heaped - the lack of oxygen may become an issue. Appreciate your reply. Recess is not be meddled with.
  5. @Beckmann AG without disturbing the undead lurking in the WC, could you please school me on how adjusting internal ramp is advantageous?
  6. Ave Centurion! One hundred days of turns is the stuff of legends @softbootsurfer. Carve on!
  7. Unloadin some nice hardware Skuller - you got a powerful Thirst?!
  8. Nice ridin' Dave; smoooooooooth. Might be a trick of the camera, but you look to have a lot of board in front of you - I bet that 8RW is pretty good in crud and pow too?
  9. +1 on the service at Bomber - two orders for some obsucure items in the last few weeks and had both in my hands 2 days later.
  10. Cold soak would def. provide real world data. If you could 'prove' the F2 was say 25% more flexible laterally than SW, but only 5% softer heel/toe it would give you a clear direction to investigate for the 'Kirkclamps'
  11. Without hard numbers its going to be difficult for others to form an educated position on how much flex is beneficial Dave. How much of your new 'cushy' ride is from the BTS? You've mentioned previously it is the lateral flex which seems much greater on F2 - quantifying that by applying a calibrated force to a rigidly fixed test article would seem a good way to confirm the difference in deflection between SW and F2 (Yellow e rings and yellow base elastomer as the soft Bomber baseline).
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