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  1. SOLD $325 Shipped within contiguous United States. Pictures here. UPZ RC10 in excellent condition. Used for approximately 15 days of one season (most of which were half days) before deciding they weren't for me and storing them away indoors. The liners are in even better condition. They were used only about five times before switching to Intuition liners to hopefully fix some pressure points. I ordered them as a size 26.5. The numbers on the shell and liner can be seen in the pictures. Shell is 266/287 mm. If local to Denver, Colorado let me know so we can work out a deal without shipping.
  2. I got another PM right before yours. You're second in line right now.
  3. SOLD $75 shipped within United States DGSS 2.0 springs for UPZ boots in excellent condition. Both spring colors/stiffnesses are included so you can dial in which one you prefer. Includes all original hardware. Photos here. Also, I plan on listing my size 26.5 UPZ RC10s in the next few days. If anyone is interested, feel free to go ahead and let me know.
  4. SOLD $200 shipped within lower 48 states. F2 Race Titanium bindings size medium fit boots 24.5 - 27.5 (used on my 26.5 UPZ RC10s). Used for one season of about 15 days. Includes all (minus one cover disc) original parts and accessories plus an extra heel/toe lift and additional wedges for more customization of lift and cant. One center cover disc is missing and doesn't affect performance at all. I lost it on the slopes somewhere as has been known to happen with these bindings. Photos here.
  5. SOLD I bought this board in 2018 right before I stopped riding hardboots. It's only seen two half days on snow in its lifetime. Images here. Let me know if you want more. It's in excellent condition. 9+ I'd say. It's had storage wax on it since the last time I rode it, and I haven't touched the edges since I got them from the manufacturer. For possible local buyers, I'm in the Denver, Colorado area. Specs are as follows: Length: 174 cm Waist width: 20 cm Sidecut: 11.5/13.7/13 Center to center stance width: 19.5 inches (~18 inches minimum / 21 inches maximum stance widths) Weight built for: 180lbs = 82kg $580 USD shipped within contiguous United States. Local buyers will receive discount to account for no shipping cost.
  6. Yeertha

    UPZ 27

    I've got some 26.5 UPZ RC10s that haven't seen much use. Description from my email receipt: 2017 RC10 Shoxxter: "The Dark" - Black & Black I know it's not the exact size you were asking about, but let me know if you're interested and I can get more details to you. They've also got aftermarket DGSS springs on them, but I still have the originals as well.
  7. I'm newer to alpine riding so I may not be the best to ask that, but my understanding is the energy would have higher camber as well as being a bit stiffer. I can tell you that my nirvana balance is stiffer than this. I'm about to head home from work to measure stance width ranges for someone that PMed me, but I'll get back to you and let you know if he passes or takes it.
  8. Yeah that's about right for sidecut. Like I said, that's me doing a best geometric estimate. Bruce at Coiler used to make a line of boards called "All Mountain." This is one of those. You can see the continuation of that on his website now under VSR AM. It's got 1 degree base edge and 2 degree side edge angles on it right now.
  9. He was quick to it, but he's passed on it for now so it's still up for grabs.
  10. BOARD IS SOLD SELLING 169 Coiler AM - $250 SHIPPED (included shipping for contiguous USA only; will have to figure out postage for other areas). I could also schedule pickup if near the SW Denver metro area. Bought as my first alpine board and was a great board to learn on. Has very recent (~10,000 vertical feet ago) base grind, wax, and edge sharpening done by Denver Sports Lab. This is a great board, and it's flexible enough to ride off piste. Lots of light scratches on top, but only cosmetic. I bought it used so I don't know the weight it was build for, but when I called Bruce he said it was probably somewhere in the 145-185 range. I'm 180 myself, and it worked well for me as an alpine beginner. It's a 19 cm waist width and about a 10 meter sidecut when I was trying to calculate it. Thanks for looking.
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