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  1. Tempting. But might be too close to Montucky for my domestic safety.
  2. Leave a message with your number, you'll likely get a call back within a couple of hours.
  3. Signed myself and Shawnalee up today. Think that brings the total to 31.
  4. Yuk. Was this on Palmer as well, or just the Mile? I’m desperate, might give Saturday a try, mid-day forecast is for clear skies.
  5. Roboto? edit: nope, the S is wrong, roboto is flat…
  6. Spring pass in name only. It’s mid-20s, snowing and blowing here at T-line today. Magic mile and Palmer are closed due to wind. Conditions are pretty good down low, Flood is running today and tomorrow, then shut down for the rest of the year. Forecast for Sunday looks good, clearing up and wind should die down.
  7. Thanks for the update. Hoping to show Sunday and possibly Monday.
  8. Shooting Star is open today and tomorrow, think that’s it for the season for the north side. As long as you stay on the groom it’s not too bad, but Mercury and Apollo are seriously heavy mashed potatoes. Discovery was actually pretty nice all morning, well groomed, decently fast, and empty. Turned to glue after 11. Hood River Express is done for the season, not running today. Coverage is still good all over, Cascade and Vista not showing any bare spots that I saw.
  9. I always just reply “faster than me”. I tend to run out of talent before I run out of board.
  10. I know that this is quoted from a translation of the original page in Korean, but do they have an insider’s view on the 19/20 UPZs? It would be awesome if UPZ decreased the boot ramp, especially if they did it by moving the heel towards the rear of the boot. Anyone have any insight on this wholly unsubstantiated rumour?
  11. I found that with the high-density Intuition liners I don’t need to run the buckles as tight as I had in the past with boot liners that compressed more. And since I switched out the UPZ Shoxter for a Booster strap, I find I only need to tighten the upper buckle on the cuff just enough to close the cuff around my shin, without exerting any more pressure. The key with the Booster strap is to have it go around the outside of the front of the liner, but inside the shell; it’s way more effective than running it on the outside of the shell. You can dial in the responsiveness by how much you tighten up the strap, but even at its tightest it doesn’t compress that muscle on the lateral lower shin. Booster straps might be the least expensive thing you can experiment with in this capital-intensive sport, but they might just be the biggest bang for buck. Pick a set up and see how loose (or less tight) you can run the cuff buckles.
  12. jburk

    USASA SafeSport training

    Just noticed the section I posted earlier was for USSA, not USASA. Are you sure that competitors are required to complete Safesport for USASA? I checked their policy on the website: https://www.usasa.org/resources/safesport/safesport-code and all the verbiage is about “USASA staff member, plus all coaches, officials, judges, and volunteer members”. The pages says: “As a condition of membership, all USASA members agree to abide by the SafeSport Code.” “Agreeing to abide by” could be interpreted as not necessarily having to register, just agree that it’s a good way to behave. And further down in the section pertaining to background checks it states that you have to have an “other than competitor” type of membership to register for the b/g check: “The process for screening is simple and generally takes about five minutes. But you must have a current, or in process, USASA coach, judge/official or club volunteer membership to register for the screening.” This whole mess may be the result of one individual incorrectly interpreting the policy too strictly. Have you tried challenging whomever you’re dealing with and pointing them to the published policy on their own organizations’s website?
  13. jburk

    USASA SafeSport training

    Looks like SafeSport is applied inconsistently across the different NGB’s for different sports under the USOC umbrella. Whats really weird is the for skiing and snowboarding, it’s applied to athletes except masters (from https://77media.blob.core.windows.net/uscss/1518645671608.covered-individuals-by-ngb.pdf): U.S. Ski & Snowboard Association • Staff • Members holding a USSA coaching license • Members holding a USSA officials’ license • Licensed USSA athletes (non-masters) • Members at USSA clubs whom the club formally designates to be in a position of authority over athletes • USSA governance board members It is unfortunate that it’s required of athletes not in a position of authority over other athletes, and like you say, doesn’t actually prevent bad actors. And no one likes to be tarred with that particular brush in such broad strokes. It’s a bad case of CYA all around, but no one wants to be the one who proposed relaxing an existing rule, and have that come up In a court case or civil suit 5 years later.
  14. jburk

    USASA SafeSport training

    I’ve never seen a situation where all the competitors at an event had to complete the SafeSport, it’s intended for coaches and instructors (or was several years ago when I was involved in competitive archery). I had to complete this as a competitive archery instructor, but that’s a very different deal; some aspects of the instruction and coaching involved “hands on” adjustment of an athlete’s shoulders, elbows, arms, etc. Hip and lower torso alignment was always done by example, never directly. IIRC, I think it was just a matter of clicking through some forms, affirming that you’ve read them, and agreeing to the conditions.
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