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  1. https://www.bootsandmore.ski/ He's done base grinds and tune ups on both of my Thirsts, and I know someone else who had a Kessler 162 repaired and ground by him. Very experienced, knows his stuff.
  2. You could go straight to the source and ask the UPZ rep: yoja@upzboots.com
  3. Patagonia cuts tend to fit tall & slim. Which is not me any more. I had a Patagonia I bought new about 10 years ago, sent it in for repair and they sent me back a $300 voucher for a new jacket. Thought that was a pretty good deal until I went in and tried on all the new stock. At 5"8 and 180, I'm not rotund, but anything that fit me across the shoulders and chest was closer to my knees than my hips, and the sleeves were almost to my fingertips.
  4. If you're looking for new boots, https://upzboots.com/ is the North American distributor. While he's based in Canada, all his US orders originate from Oroville, WA, so they don't have to clear customs. Orders usually ship in one or two business days. Really easy to deal with, very good customer service. The website will quote in either $US or $CAD, think it depends on where it thinks your IP address is. He also returns phone calls pretty promptly.
  5. Apparently was Bruno's & Pucci, 23" base. If I had a board that I was ready to throw on a sacrificial bonfire to the snow gods afterwards I might have been tempted.
  6. Intuition has 2 models that are available in a high-volume version which can help take up a bit of extra room, Dreamliner and Luxury. Both of those models can be worn right out of the box, molded at home, or fitted by a shop. https://intuitionliners.com/ Their site shows that they have dealers in Europe, including two in the Netherlands.
  7. Kudos for a great seller. Responsive communication and really quick shipping, USPS shows as already in transit.
  8. I'll take them.with the stock liners. Will PM you for payment info
  9. Tempting. But might be too close to Montucky for my domestic safety.
  10. Leave a message with your number, you'll likely get a call back within a couple of hours.
  11. Signed myself and Shawnalee up today. Think that brings the total to 31.
  12. Yuk. Was this on Palmer as well, or just the Mile? I’m desperate, might give Saturday a try, mid-day forecast is for clear skies.
  13. Roboto? edit: nope, the S is wrong, roboto is flat…
  14. Spring pass in name only. It’s mid-20s, snowing and blowing here at T-line today. Magic mile and Palmer are closed due to wind. Conditions are pretty good down low, Flood is running today and tomorrow, then shut down for the rest of the year. Forecast for Sunday looks good, clearing up and wind should die down.
  15. Thanks for the update. Hoping to show Sunday and possibly Monday.
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