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  1. Fully agree on the MADD's. Two different manufactures make their own version of the "legendary 159". That is saying something... Granted newer equipment is more refined and somewhat easier to ride in less than perfect conditions. However, I still regularly ride boards that were made in the last century. When I am on my game the old Hot Blasts, circa 1997, are a pleasure to ride. Would I suggest an old board for learning? No way. But if you already have the technique and muscle memory, older (antique?) boards are a pleasure to ride. Your mileage may vary...
  2. You mean me wife isn't the only one that is married to her "Oldest Child"?
  3. I'm sure I have a few. PM me...
  4. Hunt around for a BMW Street Carver. They're quite heavy and not really the fastest for bombing hills. But it is the closest I've come to the snowboard carving feeling.
  5. Most definitely! Take a lesson! Kiting is all about finesse. The ladies pick it up much faster than us "Meatheads". Don't ever try to muscle a kite. I kite regularly locally and in Maui. Sufboards and hydrofoils, haven't owned a TT in years. I use inflatable kites only on the water but do have a few foil kites for snow kiting. I have a 3m trainer for teaching friends and windy days on the snow. Spend as much time as you can with the trainer kite. Be able to move it around the wind window without looking. Bar control is like riding a bike. bend one elbow at a time to make it turn, and then back to straight. Keep you arms relatively in line with the kite lines. Once you move on to 4 lines you control the kite power with the back line sheeting (bar) tension. With a little practice even a small trainer can pick you off the ground. Be careful though. Pointed in the wrond direction that little kite can kick your A$$.! It's an evil ADDICTION! Consider yourself warned. Kite kit makes what we do look cheap...
  6. "Freaks of the Trench" unite... Despite both those threads being quite dated. It is frustrating to read the ingorance and lack of understanding in both those links. We are definitely not doing enough to "edumacate" the masses...
  7. Somebody buy this... Save me from myself. (...Must not log in to PayPal...)
  8. That "near miss" at 3:23 made my heart stop for a few beats... Excellent riding!
  9. You can see how "Damp" that Prior BX board is. Nary a chatter...
  10. From the pic above you have plenty of adjustment to go down in boot sizing. With a fair bit of play to work on the bias. You definitely want to change the angle of that binding. The boot out will be horific...
  11. There was few decals back in the day when Burton tried to get/enforce a patent, "Hurtin' on a Burton. You can't patent fun!" Mt Baker was almost devoid of Burton product for quite some time. Then Craig Kelly left Sims for...
  12. Are there dampening pads for beneath the deck plates? Google translate did not do well on the site. While a beautiful piece of engineerng. I fear it may solve a problem that we don't have... US$600. That is cheaper than I expected...
  13. Thanks DaveO. That is a huge SCR for a soft boot carving board!!!
  14. That 178 is interesting. I'm assuming that the radius will be even longer than the 18/19 172. Hopefully not the same jump in radius as between the Desperado IV and V. Has anybody here had experience with these boards for "North American" weight riders? Comparable flex?
  15. Dimensions and model for the Madd? I don't recognize it...
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