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  1. Stoked !! A Bullocks Oriole, lands for a drink at the Hummer feeder... They have Long Tongues, so they can drink themselves Silly
  2. A nice shot of Larry, the "Butcher of Milkland" Carving in Mexico
  3. It was the worst it has ever been here as well...I have noticed a dramatic difference particularly over the last 3 seasons...I have had numerous queries with the head of the 4 mountains as to why? They are receiving complaints now from All the Old time Instructors as well, they know something is wrong, yet seem unable to correct the problem...the problem also is prevalent at all 4 mountains now...my theory is the last part of the Cats, that touches the snow and leaves the grooves, is now to shallow, leaving very minimal shallower grooves, when you mix this with no cutting, less tiller depth, less down pressure and faster travel across the snow it equals a very thin marginal surface with a lot of inconsistent surfaces mixing together...I have actually had to buy some HB equipment to maintain control for next season...also the warmer overall temps here, has added an additional negative effect in the early and late season too...
  4. Those years at Milk with Joey and Mike were the most Special of All ...Thanks Cliff
  5. Fred says Howdy...the guy has a great Smile
  6. Hope she comes to Milkland in the future...
  7. The Golf down here in Carbondale, is Muy Bueno
  8. Crystal John...interesting, that while I have seldom seen Osprey in Aspen, that here in Carbondale, roughly 1000 ft. lower elevation, they are everywhere here... Stoked to watch them
  9. Mike and Annie ripped whatever, wherever
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