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  1. That is really Wonderful Mario, there is a path and sometimes we can help those who are willing to walk down it...so awesome to watch this Stone mason work with and teach his son his Art...that young carpenter will always appreciate that you taught him well, in turn passing that on again...
  2. Oscar, with the help of his son Oscar, are doing a super job, on the Fire Place surround
  3. Getting some wonderful runs on the golf cart paths here...some great undulation and some nice steep pitches as well. Around 6.5 miles per trip on smooth poured concrete around sunset...put the app on my iPod and great to be able to see battery capacity and miles per run...
  4. Seriously! Agatha Christie learned to Surf in 1924... Check those Surf Bumps from paddling
  5. Thanks...that's roughly 3,273,600 turns over those ten seasons...
  6. Really Like the lightness of these Boots Phil, these springs should make the package complete Eh?
  7. Cowabunga! Stoked !! this just came in the mail... average days per season, was actually 124... well over 20,000 miles, with over 50,000 lifetime so far ...
  8. Thought this was Exceptional on a number of levels... to be 10 with that Focus and voice control...
  9. Here's Kai Lenny in Glenwood Springs...Surfin and Foilin the Colorado river
  10. Stoked Eh? yea, been doing the smooth concrete walks around here...Sweet !!
  11. Getting twenty to twenty five minutes a day, non stops...6 miles of smooth Golf Cart paths here, where we are...Sidewalk Surfing is alive and well...
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