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  1. This is a Cool video...and certainly belongs to this thread
  2. Cool shot looking out the window this morning...
  3. Stoked...just ordered the springs from Phantom...Boots are super comfortable out of the box and Light !! need to get some F2 Titan Flex somewhere?
  4. All moved in...Sopris is in our face
  5. and the survey says? 50 is nifty...we will have to have airhorns to find each other
  6. Epic...one of those breaks that appear only once in awhile...
  7. You saw it...off in the distance to your left right before you entered Carbondale across that large open field with the cows... There have been a lot of young Red Tail Hawks around the course, staring at my Golf Ball...
  8. It is relatively the same technique as surfing, snowboarding or skateboarding other than the surface is different for each one...Skateboarding and Onewheeling use the same hard type surfaces...helmets and pads are needed for safety...riding one on a Beach at low tide would be Fun and Ideal...our son wants one for Nicaragua where they live by a 1.5 mile perfect sand beach...can't take on a airplane though, without removing the battery unit...which is kind of a pain in the ass...
  9. about a year and 1/2 John...Like a floating skateboard...really an amazing technology...love it...did crash couple weeks ago...one needs to stay focused like Snowboard, Surfboard or anything for that matter, where the consequences can add up quickly...wear pads if you get one with a helmet of course
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