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  1. Sunrise, shoulder high Peaks close to shore this morning...reminds me of 22nd st. many years ago without the people though...
  2. Not really Jack, Larry, Joe, Corey, Wayne and Sparky and others, they never held the sport back, in fact they are all very emulated by many still today on their modern sticks...Good Carving is Good Carving Eh? and they know how to Carve !! the only thing holding Carving back is how simple it is and people can't handle simple, they eventually need to move on right? I have seen so many through the years learn, get proficient and then move on, really never reaching a zenith of any kind...
  3. yep, btoke one of the original torques years ago that way, I always push my board out front when getting on to prevent that regardless the chair height anymore, now it is a habit...
  4. The Butcher and some other Pure Carvers from the Ol Days, rides some very Old Sticks, as well as anybody I have seen on the latest equipment...are they holding the Sport Back? When people with new equipment can't or don't do what they do, on very old equipment, that argument becomes Mute Eh? At least to me...just the progression of all the Burton sticks over the last 30 something years is quite amazing to me, on how much easier it is to work the equipment, that is the reason I get a new stick every year and I suppose the reason they keep trying to advance what the sticks can do...
  5. Exactly...Had my best session yet this morning...Epic conditions here in Nicaragua at Hacienda Iguana...Nothing gets me more ready for Snowboarding than cranking turns on a surfboard...
  6. Really Jack...they are holding the sport back from what? The manufacturers of equipment, be they mainstream, or Kestler, SG, Coiler, Prior, Donek, Winterstick,Thirst, even Burton, could care less about the individual you use as an example, Right?, ...innovations never come from people who don't give a sh.t in the first place about their equipment, or how it can help[ them achieve advancements in what they are trying to do on the slope... Right? Innovation comes from people who care about equipment and how it can be furthered to do what they want, so a thread about people who don't care as somehow responsible for holding Alpine back seems rather absurd IMHO...Let's maybe Focus on the current, latest Innovations and why they are ourtstanding reasons, to try new equipment...
  7. Double overhead Trains with Strong Offshores... Board hit face...a new black eye All good though, some real Stuff
  8. Ancient equipment, Where? Who? What? I don't know anyone who rides ancient equipment and at Montucky, everything was state of the art? why would you even bother with this ?
  9. This Stick looks to me a lot like Terjes 163 Land Lord...Soft and very Playful
  10. Looks good John, this will show you what it can do, the strap could be higher if possible, also remember this only really affects the toeside turns other than a little more support for the lateral and Heelside as well...you can simply start with it tight, loose or not at all and see what you think...just do the same run over and over so you can focus on what it provides as support...
  11. Thanks, Yep !! Klaus is a Phenomenon of Wonderful Stoke for Life and All those around him... and a Yodel master as well
  12. and the Mountains over time, turn to sand... 3 Rights and a Left to remember today
  13. Son Rob, getting some at Pangas today... He also thinks Surfing on Snow or the Water or the Asphalt, are all the same Moshun, the Joy of the Carve..,.
  14. Owning Shiny Cars, or Surfing Nica is a good choice John... Pangas right outside the door, nobody out with exceptional Waves here...getting to surf with your son, who you raised in the mountains snowboarding, is a real treat in ones life Charmed, Blessed, Thankful and Stoked !!
  15. 2 surfs today and the sunset from the porch...
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