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  1. From what I understand, which is not much, not to mention could be completely wrong, is the warp(asym) shape allows you to get away with shallower angles with the increased distance toe to heel. That's the easy part. But what Mark does with the sidecut to give it the warp shape has to make sense to him. He has all my numbers, boot size(with BTS), binding angles, stance width, height, weight, etc. If I say 20, he says "ok, sure,. but why 20?". I trust him to tell me whats gonna work best with his designs, his materials, etc. And he's 2 for 2 with me. No doubt 3 for 3 when I get back to VT next week and put the XC through its paces,which if I remember correctly is a 19.5 waist. I guess what I'm getting at is everyone wants to say "Hey, build me a board, but it's GOT to be a XXcm waist...". We have an extraordinary resource at our disposal on this site where we have guys that have a far better grasp of the physics and dimensions of our sport, where literally 1cm in either direction can be the difference of shit or salvation. It's not unlike golf where 1/8th of an inch off the club face is the difference between pin high or short and in the bunker. I played D1 golf in college and I'm still a low single digit handicap. I have people all the time asking me to help them with their game. The first thing I say is "Sure! I'll help you to be an amateur...but if you want professional advice, ask a pro." Sorry, only one cup of coffee this morning. I'm sure none of that made any sense...
  2. I wanted to put the geckos on the 8RW all last season, but never did. Didn't need it. Put them right on the SF for the first ride. I don't suspect the SF or the XC NEED it either, but man it felt good. It took me quite some time to figure out the 8RW, but not the SF. Right smack in the middle inserts with the geckos asym in the middle row, not pushed out to the edge. It helps knowing how to ride Mark's boards as well. There is a definite relaxed characteristic to them that I haven't experienced with any other board. FWIW, that was a discussion Mark and I had. We run a similar setup. 60/57 and M28(Track 700). Wanted a 20 waist, which is where I have the 8RW, but after he crunched the numbers we agreed upon 19.2ish. Plenty of room for those angles even without the geckos while carpet surfing.
  3. Waist is 19 and change. I like them a little thick in the middle. Interesting you bring up the Angrry, I had 2 boards budgeted for 19/20. The first was an XC which I had discussed with Mark at MCC. The second was to be an Angrry which I placed with Bruce sitting in Kalispell airport on the way back east from MCC. Had a June build date, went back and forth a couple times on specs, then 3 months of radio silence. I really would have liked the Angrry, but got a little frustrated in the process. So I asked Mark to ship the XC with a buddy. After yesterday, I'm no longer thinking about an Angrry...
  4. She's a dirty girl in all the right places. Like Fiona in Shameless. You DEFINITELY don't want to bring her home to mother. She'll make you say the F word in front of your grandma and then cut the tags off of all your pillows then call the bedding police. Oh and don't let them tell you "it doesn't need any isolation". Try it. It's ****ing AWESOME, Grandma.
  5. I still have a bunch of UPs, FPs and a Stat, but these were the two that changed my life. Met and rode with Jake(and Adam Yauch!) a couple of times back 90's when the US Open was at Stratton. First time by accident, second time a year later and I was amazed he remember my name. I don't remember much other than him being real friendly and inviting. But he did introduce me to Yauch who I rode with a several times after then lost contact. Yeah...**** cancer...
  6. I work 10 minutes from that monstrosity. I'm setting my expectations EXTREMELY low. HOWEVER...with those EXTREMELY low expectations it may prove to be a suitable winter lunchtime alternative to hitting golf balls...
  7. I'm probably the WRONG person to weigh in as I just picked up some step-in TD2's with 3D disks for the sole purpose of riding my 25yo UltraPrimes more. I can't explain it, but there is a real substantive reward, in ideal conditions of course, in beating the UP into submission just to hook into and even linking a half-dozen good turns in a single run. It's as close as I'm gonna feel to being Mike Tyson having a pet lion. But it doesn't have to be that way. The revolution is real. My first custom, a Flux Sean built for me at a svelte 200lbs with a 22cm waist to hardboot in just about every shitty condition the northeast could throw at me, was an eyeopener. It also put my focus on what could be better, upon which he improved the following year with a second Flux that was even better. It's still my go-to board when I don't know what to expect on the mountain. I can only relate it to golf clubs and how hybrids changed the game for me where a 5 iron is now the lowest iron in my bag and I now carry 2, 3 and 4 hybrids which are a hell of a lot easier to manage and offer a range of flexibility above their bladed counterparts. Even my son, who has only been in hardboots for 3 or 4 years now, not to mention already a far superior rider than I'll ever dream to be, notices the subtle improvement in my new boards from year to year. That's why he's not allowed to touch my Thirsts...
  8. I think they pronounce it "Huntah". The subtle nuance of the "er" sound get a little lost on the crowd there...
  9. Played Black a few times in college in I think the MGA Intercollegiate and some other tourney in the late 80's to early 90's. Rounds ranged from 71 to 102. 4-putts were common, but loved every minute of it. Red and Green are a lot of fun too, just without the terrifying greens. Unfortunately I have a garage full of clubs as well. But before I end this hijack, what are the Titleist knockoff blades behind the Pings? You'd be surprised what some of the old blades go for to nostalgic guys. I sold an old Wilson Staff JP2 Tour Grind wedge out of my bag to someone for 300 bucks once. I still think about that wedge...
  10. I was gonna ask what he shot on Bethpage Black...
  11. Honestly, I don't know. For the 8RW build, I was on the phone with Mark for over an hour. I told him what I was looking for. He asked a lot of questions. I'm not a particularly aggressive rider so I would assume a Plain Jane build, but a couple of subsequent phone calls and his gentle encouragement and correction of what I THOUGHT I wanted/needed changed, albeit not dramatically. He was definitely listening as he absolutely hit it out of the park. The conversation about the XC and SF was pretty much "Do whatever you did with the 8RW. " so we could then talk about guitars. Unfortunately, my feet are on backwards(goofy) so I can't help with a test drive when the season starts, but I think there are a few more Thirsts on the ice coast this season so you may get some additional feedback...
  12. I rode my 8RW at Stratton all winter in some pretty adverse conditions, Barry. It may have even been seen at Mountain Creek NJ once or twice. The only issue was running out of real estate to complete a turn. Now I have an SF and XC so that should no longer be an issue.
  13. C'mon, people. It's crazy that this board is still available at this price...
  14. Dunno. Perhaps I just suck at pictures. But this just doesn't capture what's going on with his top sheets. As good as they look, they are even more spectacular in person... "Color me GONE.." SF "Murder Purple" XC
  15. This is getting ridiculous. It's been cloudy here for 5 days with a nor'easter spinning off the coast. Just 5 minutes of sun is all I ask to take the burkas off these boards and take a few pictures that might do these rides some justice...
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