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  1. Man, I hope this has sold. To you or someone else. This has been taunting me in my eBay feed for over a month...
  2. So that's how it goes. Like most Jersey "politics". Closed door meetings, secret deals... You can take the the boy out of Jersey, but you can't take Jersey out of the boy.
  3. Wait a minute. Where's the essay? How do we know the fix wasn't in...
  4. No VAT shipped to non-EU from Slovenia. YYZ Canuck can order them to I believe and they are site sponsor...I think.
  5. Kneel

    Yo Lci!!

    OddJob, glad to hear it was only cosmetic. So...where's the video? Might make for a good PSA. I've seen it go down much worse, more than a few times, and I'm always amazed at how fast it happens. A missed glance uphill? A misjudgement on closing speed of the kook barreling down on you? Not everyone knows or lives by The Code, so we need to be extra diligent to train ourselves with as much data as possible to avoid these scenarios when possible. A LOT of time transpires from that look uphill to exiting heelside where we are essentially blind to all that potential energy up there. I bet there's a LOT of data in that video to learn from...
  6. I'm still learning, perhaps not listening, that the body takes longer to recover the older you get.
  7. HA! See, Mark? The Miniconductor! That's what I told him I wanted, called it just that and he laughed at me. He calls it the XC... Have NOT ridden the SF. Well I had an opportunity at MCC but there was so much of that pesky powder everywhere it would have been a waste of time. I also have a half dozen other boards in the 158-168cm range to sort through and didn't want to confuse myself even more.
  8. Mark knows darn well they are like potato chips where you can’t just have one. I started with the 8RW, where living in the northeast I’m dealing mostly with short narrow and densely populated trails. Not the ideal choice, but I travel often enough where I could justify it. And it’s not a bad northeast board either looking back at my log, I’ve ridden it 34 days of 51 here and almost exclusively when out west. I know even if I went with the Super, I’d still be longing for something short and turny on the days it’s imperative to ride defensively for survival. The XC just makes logical sense for me. If I had the Super, the SF would have been the next logical choice. But I know how this game ends. I’ll eventually have them all...
  9. Sorry to hijack... @barryj230lbs on the 4 Lite? and no "issues"? I'm 200lbs and was concerned about my size so ruled it out, but may have to reconsider...
  10. FWIW, I was overthinking the 8RW for the first week. Making micro adjustments here and there and trying to manhandle it. It doesn't like that. In fact, I was convinced as I told Mark that the board wanted to kill me. He told me to take a step back, literally by moving to the last inserts, dropping my hips as relaxed, neutral and centered over the board as possible, then just tipping it over on edge. That's all it took. Effortless. I don't try to to work it when hard charging, but just let gravity do it's thing. Neutral, slightly back but centered, relaxed, tip. It doesn't work like that for me on other boards.
  11. That’s and AWESOME idea.
  12. Away for the weekend. Will do when I return...
  13. Same as the third boot strap. 1.5” x 24” Velcro strap through the cutout vertically down and around the heel ring. Envision HD Velcro straps from amazon...
  14. No. But I also don't ride softboots that often. Once, maybe twice a year? Pow or post-pow soft groom is pretty much it. Maybe this weekend if I can get motivated and this nor'easter cooperates.
  15. I'm waiting on a Thirst XC from Mark. I think that would be the real comparison to the K168 which I also have. I haven't ridden the Superconductor yet, but if its anything like the 8RW, these boards couldn't differ more in feel, however their silky smoothness is equal, just different. Iv'e also ridden the 8RW with Sidewinders, F2 Ti's and Titanflex and they ALL completely change the feel of the board underfoot. Not negatively mind you, just different. Love it with the Titanflex. Just came back from a week in Big Sky where I planned to try it with geckos but never did as the ride is so nice with the Titanflex. The K168 too is just a great ride all around, but definitely improves with isolation, whereas it would be diminishing returns with the Thirst. FWIW...
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