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  1. M: 24.5 - 27.5 ridden only five times. has cants at heel/toe on both. no lift blocks, the cant wedges. they came with a board i just got. can't use em cause they're too small for me. brand spankin new though. $170 SOLD
  2. some initial thoughts i had last year after riding the gecko cross plates in the thread above^^^^^ (btw, only the carve gecko plates fit alpine boards. the cross didn't fit a 20cm board. the bumpers hung over the edges. i don't know specifically, but i'd guess a 24cm might be a minimum waist. that spec is probably on the apex site somewhere, or you could ask. the carves have a minimum width too. might not fit an MK or a skinnier virus board for example... not that you'd want to put the carve plates on every board. just saying.) after riding the cross plates, i now prefer only riding the 10mm red bumpers since i guess i'm used to riding the gecko plates now. i also use the 10mm red bumpers with the stealth's. yes, this is an added cost to needing 10mm insert extensions because the gecko stealths come with 5mm insert extensions and plastic bumpers (what is for sale above). i've heard the plastic bumpers have fallen out from some other riders when riding aggressively resulting in excessive chatter and didn't know if anyone could use some extra's which is why i put them up for sale here. the 10mm bumpers work better for me with size 12 (mondo 30) boots... even though i have wide boards etc i still like to have my heels/toes pretty much right over the edges. quicker edge to edge. the rise helps with increased angulation and to dig deeper ruts for skiers to fall into as well as with dampening. somewhat of a balance/trade-off, given personal preferences. power plates are a good plate to start with if you can get em for a good deal. they do rail! for me they were just too heavy after riding them for a few years (then stepping into gecko's), have seven screws per binding, plus four binding screws. i just got sick of dealing with em... especially removing every time to wax/tune, checking tightness of screws/bolts, changing boards, etc. really too complicated/hassle with getting more cants/rubber erings/2nd board kit, etc. geckos do not have a canting option, but softboots flex easier than hardboots so i think canting is not really needed. its just a gimmick for softboot marketing if you ask me. a little mental reinforcement too. best of luck on your selection. there's plenty of info on this site, but you honestly gotta try em out for yourself. what works for someone else, might not work for you.
  3. No. I ride them with 10mm insert extensions and rubber bumpers. The 5mm insert extensions and black plastic bumpers what came with the stealths is what is up for grabs.
  4. Score! Adding titanal and a ptex topsheet to this (almost) exact build for next year. Very nice board and thanks for sharing.
  5. limbo line! more torque/g's from hardboot equipment for sure. then there's snowboarding...
  6. Day of the year. Almost. Nothing like that day last spring Jack but still great. Met up with a stellar crew. Got yelled at by sledneck/patrol for limbo on boardwalk. Ran a few gates. Thanks Dan!?! Spillway sucked again but we still slayed it. Last groom Saturday? Gondi ran good later in the day. Chopped up middle of day. Flume is pure ice. Not even boiler. Ice. Comp, hay hey hay, kings, sluice all nICE. Softening up. Kinda.
  7. musta missed ya. only saw a younger rider straight lining haulback. all i found was a cover up layer of frozen granular that just won't hold or stick to the frozen surface below. maybe more fun on softies, but i kept riding that thin line of blow outs on almost every turn. held a few turns better over on the ungroomed. going with softies today. hoping to have more fun and less frustrations than yesterday.
  8. ... on a weekend at that. (so you have been outside of Maine. jk homey.) @workshop7 those are a couple trails at looniville off north peak. it's really only the upper sections that can be a challenge. the rest of both trails are like tough blues. maybe like an easier diamond elsewhere. south peak has more sustained vert. FYI: don't pay for a weekend ticket at Loon, ever. i seriously don't know how people tolerate such crowds and think that's what skiing and riding is like. makes me puke blood
  9. Cool. Green jacket. Spillway/sluice. King pine early likelihood too. White K180
  10. @Jack M nice. Bummer I missed you all. Made the commute today. Here til Thursday. I'll do what I can to hold down the trenching for you guys. Firm is right btw. Better than mount snow on Saturday though. Eeks. PSA: Never go there on a weekend with plans to ski/ride.
  11. Is anyone at Loaf this week? Pic from Sunday posted today? Heard there was a four pack of rut makers Sunday morning. Some skier had to complain about my ruts.. softies on a firm sunny Monday afternoon, end of day. Hardbooting tomorrow.
  12. been there. look at it the other way around. (hardbooting is easier with less crowd pleasing versatility). been seeing more of a younger crowd trying to teach themselves to carve out there on the slopes recently. keep doing what we do and some will dive into the deeps. some will be happy staying at mad river glen. nice. i was shown the K2 Thraxis when getting liners molded earlier this season. it has this integrated into a 3rd boa, fixed to the shell. liner can be replaced. would be curious to try the asian tongue. wait, that came out wrong. wonder if you'd have to use some sort of velcro, etc to keep it fixed between liner/tongue. different stiffnesses as well. nice. where have these gone in the US? i remember having a set of airwalk freerides with this similar concept. higher cuff too.
  13. Nice. Any recommendations on what area of the mountain(north area?) or trails to spend for a "power hour" first thing in the morning? I've heard horror stories about weekend crowds but I'm headed there next weekend with my lovely wife. Will be on softy freecarve setup most likely. Any recomendations much appreciated! And if anyone wants to shred, let's do it.
  14. gecko stealth black bumpers/screws/5mm insert extensions. never used. (105 USD package) asking 75+shipping bomber power plate kit. 3* and 0* cants. blue/purple erings. used approximately 125 times. asking 125+shipping. see how that works? SOLD power plates
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