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  1. I think if you're good you're good. Equipment matters less. Buuuuuut... Plastic does age. The plastic in boots gets old and brittle. I always cringe seeing boots older than 10 years being sold. Would they work? probably. Are they safe? Ummmm.... The same should hold true for the epoxy on boards but it seems they are a bit more skuukum. The fiberglass doesn't age so boards seem to last really long (unless you ride on the rocks)
  2. I'm going to sell just the board and not the bindings. Let me know if you're interested.
  3. I dunno. I'm sure that more R&D is always welcome (spoken as a true R&D engineer). Maybe this AT ski boot thing will develop into something really cool. For me, right now, soft boots feel better. I could never find hardboots that worked well. They were either too soft or too stiff and never felt right. OTOH the soft boots are more comfortable and I ride better with them. I guess to each their own. I can definitely see where hardboots are much better and yes, replacing boots every two years because they brake down is not great but for my time on the slopes I find myself preferring the softboots more and more.
  4. Reducing them to $150. They gotta go! Oh, and, bump!
  5. JRAZZ

    Soft Boots

    Nice! The IONs are surprisingly soft. That's what turned me off on them. Still, awesome find!
  6. Slightly OT here but that picture makes me think... Can you modify a binding so it holds your boot better laterally? (probably yes) Would this allow you to ride at hardboot angles on hardboot boards? (probably no) Probably scary but I'm tempted to try that out
  7. JRAZZ

    Soft Boots

    I have to second (third? fourth) the Ride Insano recommendations. They are wonderfully stiff and the plastic tongue really holds you up. And yes, I know I'm selling mine. My problem is that my foot got smaller and I lost weight, they are actually too stiff for me now. Riding Burton Photons now. Hopefully they'll keep their shape for more than a season.
  8. Yup, the liners are moldable but I never did. It fit me out of the box. I do expect some packing out but it seems minimal.
  9. Still does! Neither C or I rode it much. It's still in remarkable shape. Do you remember what year it is?
  10. JRAZZ

    Yo Lci!!

    Well, you gotta have a first day back (not a direct quote but apt) Not a lot braved the freezing rain of Denver to hoof it up to the slope. Those that did (Big M, Ice, and I) enjoyed one or two pretty good runs before the racer kids took over and made the possibility of collisions way too likely. Damn that lift, it's too fast! 4 runs and done by 9:30. Bar isn't even open! That being said, the snow was really fast and fun, I'm happy with how I rode and I get to do it all over again next week. The weather was super weird. the aforementioned freezing rain in Denver, a moment of clarity around Idaho Spgs, fog around Georgetown and above the clouds at the top of the lift. Cold but makes for a pretty picture!
  11. I can’t find any spec on width so I assume regular.
  12. I don't know for sure. I measure the waist at 19.4 cm. My notes say sidecut is 9.2 but when I calculate it using tip and tail width I get 10.2 so I figure it's in that 9-10 range which feels right. I do think it's a variable SC since it is able to release while having 0 taper. It's pretty flexy. I weigh 180 and I think I'm at the top of the weight range. The last two questions I really don't know. Honestly. I'm probably the 3rd or 4th owner. It's in pretty good condition and still has tons of camber. I can't tell it's age. Probably between 2005 and 2010. There are identification gurus on this forum so I'm hoping they can help in that regard.
  13. 2008/2009 (?) F2 Speedster SL 158 SCR is about 9-10 Good for the lighter rider It's in great shape and still has tons of camber. $100 - buyer pays shipping
  14. SOLD Ok, they gotta go! Hi Guys, Selling these Ride Insanos boots. Great condition as I have less than 15 days on them. Boa closure, stiff tongue. The liner (Intuition) still feels pretty thick.
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