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  1. Sorry but I would not be interested in making any for sale or even for other riders. Too much of a liability. Look through that thread, there's a lot of ideas on where to print these.
  2. No schitt... At the speed you ride time starts to dilate.
  3. Btw, You got me thinking of trying the DO with plates next season.
  4. OMG I'M GOING TO DIE!!!! I didn't.. LET'S DO THAT AGAIN!!
  5. I've been thinking of your conundrum. If what's you're after is relief from pain then the support and adjustability of plates with hardboots might do it. I doubt, however, that you can replicate the feel of softboots just by softening the tongue or springs of your boots. You could get softer fore-aft flex but the boot still isn't really designed to flex sideways. Especially with the cold weather in CO you'll be left with really stiff boots side to side but with no support fore-aft. I tried this last winter and got to the point that it was too soft even for me. In short, I don't think softening the UPZs will get you what you are looking for. Will SideWinder bindings solve this? Dunno. Maybe the solution is to get a third strap? Put plastic in your boots? Stop growing older?!? If your looking for others experience here's Ryan on hardboots with a wider board and Martin Reviewing the DO with softboots and hardboots.
  6. Seeing how you rip I’d love to see what you make of it. I think Ryan Knapton tried a wider board with hardboots at some point and had some interesting takeaways. Worth looking for his video. I think that if you can make your hardboots /plate combination as soft as a stiff softboot setup you might get what you are looking for. I don’t know if that’s possible though.
  7. I run a size 9.5 and the XL is definitely too big. I think it'll be too big for 10.5 as well. It's not going to be painful but your foot will be placed towards the back of the binding making for awkward turns.
  8. DAVE: Open the pod bay doors, Alexa. ALEXA: I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that. ALEXA: l think you know what the problem is just as well as l do. Yes, I agree. eerily modern. Then again, the real world never fails to disappoint: And the programmers have no imagination:
  9. Why reinvent binding AND boot? We already have light, easy to walk in, and available boots in the backcountry arena. Yes, the BSL is on the long side but the boots are usually fantastic. Seems to me making a binding to grab these from the side with minimal or no modification is a more feasible endeavor. Better yet, why not a binding that gives you the support of a hardboot but for softboots? If they can do it for ski boots...
  10. Nope. 4 books in total. 2001, 2010, 2061, and the god awful 3001. I'm glad he stopped after that one! Be careful what you wish for! Back to top sheets! I like it! But not sure how I feel about company names. I try to stay away from commercialization and (as hard as it is sometimes) politics. I might make an exception for the following though...
  11. “What would you do on this skate park feature?” probably break a wrist.
  12. I am kinda surprised it's not immediately recognizable... Yup. Exactly. I actually thought having a big black board was kinda like a monolith, and, well, the rest is history. It was actually nerdier than that... (as if that's even possible) On the cover of "2061 Odyssey Three" there was an illustration of HAL in the monolith which is exactly what I had in mind. Not surprisingly the board lives up to it's name by being immensely powerful but stubborn at times. Is this too nerdy for this forum? I can never tell. No? Ok then, how many Space Odyssey books were written by ACC?
  13. It also goes well with my existing NFCB
  14. 26 ain't dead! Love my 26er. Much more lively than the 29 tank! Ooohhh... Top sheet discussion.... I'll open a new thread:
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