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    retired dentist and grandpa of nine
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    Burton Ultra Prime 69, two Alp 71s, Donek Axxess 162, 2016 Coiler NFCB custom built for me @ 150#, 6' 2" , 2011 Coiler 175 Classic. I ride only the two Coilers..
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    325s w BTS and US size 11 Intuitions made for Full Tilt ski boots, RC8s, RC10s. I've narrowed it down to RC8s with Acss on rear boot. Working on creating enough room for the end of my big toe on right foot.
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    F2 Titan-flex step-ins. Dialing in set-up.set-up now. 55/55 on 19cm wide Classic, 50/50 on 21cm NFCB...working on lifts.
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  1. That is the ONLY thing that would work for me. Size 28 UPZ shells with size 28 Deeluxe 131 liners. Feet measure 28.2 cm. sounds stupid and looks stupid but my boots are as comfortable as bedroom slippers now, we’ll almost. Life is good.
  2. This is the only thing that worked for me and I spent two seasons trying to get comfortable, i.e. different shells, different liners, heat molding with every conceivable device to make room for toes. I made a cut completely through the top of my Deeluxe 131 liners from the joint of my big toe to the joint of my little toe which opened up a gap about 3/4” wide when I put my foot in the liner when out of the shell. Now my toes are super comfy and they don’t get cold either much to my surprise.
  3. Still use my sx91s when I'm forced into skiing by my grandkids. I've tried numerous newer ski boots during the past twenty years but can't find any I like as well as the sx91s. I have picked like new ones up at garage sales/ski swaps for as little as $3/pair. Nothing better for all kinds of skiing IF they fit your feet, IMHO. I even used them on Alpine boards/plates for a few years in the late 1990s and, to this day, I'm not totally convinced that my UPZs are any better.
  4. The Backland boot idea interests me too. Please remind me about some of the more promising brands/models.
  5. Should I delete the photo if I can figure out how to do it? I could replace it, with Corey's permission although I didn't ask him if I could post his toeside, with one of his heelsides.
  6. I’m not interested in EC or body drag either. I also like the line in the snow. Thanks for another great pic for my “go to collection” when I want stoke even when I have to wait at least six more months for my next turn.
  7. Yup, I can add both of the last two pics to my collection! Thanks for sharing them!
  8. Had to look steezy up. Not all. Not me and my buddy but we’ll get there.
  9. A journey for sure and yes, I try to improve each and every time I go out and I enjoy doing it very much. I am obsessed with it. That first pic is the wallpaper on my phone and on my watch so I see it constantly and I tell myself, “Bob, you gotta get your knees within 12” of the snow to get your board on edge like that, heel or tie side. ” I know it will come with lots and lots of turns IF I live long enough.
  10. If I can’t learn to do this I won’t be able to call myself a carver. I mean, what else is there? I’m not interested in extreme carving, race carving, deep pow or soft boot carving just plain, hard core, down and dirty pencil line free carving on groomers. That’s all I have enough B-days left for I thought I had a good heelside of Corey but I guess I don’t. (Larry's pic deleted at his request)
  11. I won’t know until next my first day next season whether I have it replaced or not.
  12. Can the Apex X plate be installed on standard 4x4 inserts?
  13. Thanks for taking up the reins, Jack. We wouldn't have much of a sport in this country if we didn't have this website.
  14. Hi Pat. Do you have pics...condition...liner type...vintage...new or older tongue (2016 is older, I think)
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