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  1. TVR

    First time alpine setup

    I would also add, how long have you been hardbooting as well? The first year is fun and scary. If you go to Nationals, your biggest hurdle firt year is actually yourself, as nerves get you (even though they should not and everyone is awesome there). I guess to answer your question, the answer depends on what level a rider you are at, and what your goals are.
  2. Damn man... 951's man? Those are some sweet boots... We will deff be waiting for the review if they are all that they are said to be man.
  3. FULL DISCLOSURE: I am not giving legal advise, but my OPINION here. If you are a US Citizen, you can always take them to small claims. It costs you ~$19.00 to file, so except for your time showing up, it doesn't leave you with much risk. The key point to your argument would hing on the term fragile. Printing out the Websters definition, and then printing out some of the stats of the Gs put upon these boards, establishing these are not "fragile" per se should be fairly straight forward. It would then boil down to what the specific damage was and how it could be produced. Worse case, you cause them to waste a day of someones time from the airline and you lose, best case they offer you something and you become whole. This is the direction I would take and since no lawyer is required, you also might get to perform and live out any Fred Thompson (Law and Order chief prosecutor) fantasies you might secretly have.
  4. So this is where as an ameteur, I should just listen. I cannot. Just pick what pleases you man, and every day, just try to push it to that little percentage more. None of us are getting any younger, or going to be world cup riders. Just put a goal and master as best you can. I suck at the perfect line, trimmed, smooth, and narrow. But on that rare day, I get that line, for a brief time, that holds envy or I set that one perfect heel side that someone notices. Every day, just try to better yourself man. I will never make nirvana, but some day, we may all see you do so, as your day was better than yesterday.
  5. Those who seem to dig their heel side, low, and not stand so high, still seem to be faster and still get that mean whip to their toe side..... but it does seem from an outsiders perspective that the stances are narrower than in the past.... but who know...
  6. TVR

    USASA Nationals 2019

    Good start for the Nationals... Mike took gold... still looking to connect with folks here as I will be at the breakers Slalom tomorrow... and racing tuesday in Ledgends....
  7. TVR

    USASA Nationals 2019

    You know Jack, I would have given you the tickets for the airline if you had needed... Have fun man... make us proud....
  8. TVR

    USASA Nationals 2019

    Fantastic! I am santa in what looks like bike goggles, so I am not hard to spot.. See you there..
  9. TVR

    USASA SafeSport training

    I agree it is common, for the coaches. If someone wants to volunteer, they too would be required. The reasoning is due to the additional contact and time spent with minors whom are not family related. The new requirement for competitors would be anthologist to requiring this online course to buy a lift ticket, as both provide the same level of contact to unknown minors. Simply put, you may talk to them in the lift line or on the chair, but since all competitors age out of any program past 18, there is no additional contact.
  10. TVR

    USASA SafeSport training

    I received an email today. I confirmed it is not mandatory this year, but will be next year on. Here is the content: Hello, As an adult member of the USASA community we would like you to participate is Safe Sport education training prior to competing at USASA National Championships. This important online education is free. As an adult competing in a shared venue with a minor it is important that you view and pass the online materials. If you have already completed this training this year you may disregard this message. The training is free and your information will be recorded and sent to us, there is nothing more for you to do! Please take the 45 minutes needed to complete this before registration on Friday at noon on 3/29/19. Sincerely, Mike Mallon When I asked if this was a requirement, this was the reply: Frank, Safe Sport passed this along for my reply. This is a new compliance recently released by the center for SafeSport. While we are not requiring it this year we are asking for your participation. Next year it will be a membership requirement for all adult snowboard or freeski competitors across all competitions in the United States under US Ski and Snowboard or USASA.. Sincerely, Mike
  11. TVR

    USASA SafeSport training

    I have looked into this further. All adult individuals who are not looking at this as a career sport should think hard on this. SafeSport was created to deal with the issues stemming from the Olympic Gymnastics scandal related to sexual abuse. This was a program designed so as to deflect the committee from the blame of bad hires and the liabilities legally therein. (SIC: https://deadspin.com/safesport-the-usocs-attempt-to-stop-child-abuse-is-se-1826279217 ) Anyone who signs up for these courses enter into their database and are then subject to their jurisdiction for all matters registered with them. The long and short of it is, anyone registered in that database can be accused of horrific events, and the only recourse therein is through arbitration with SafeSport. Unless you can guarantee you will never make an enemy who can look you up, you are at personal liability as this is governed by a US government body, so it will show up on all background checks. From SafeSports own complaint page: "YOU MAY REPORT ANONYMOUSLY. If you choose to report anonymously, please write ANONYMOUS where it says "Your full name." " and you can file any complaint against any registered party and it will be on your permanent record unless you can get arbitration to remove it. If this is going to be the requirement for USASA membership for me to compete next year, then this will be my last year competing with this body, or as long as this restriction is in place.
  12. TVR

    USASA SafeSport training

    I also reached out to them in an email. Here was their response: "Safe Sport passed this along for my reply. This is a new compliance recently released by the center for SafeSport. While we are not requiring it this year we are asking for your participation. Next year it will be a membership requirement for all adult snowboard or freeski competitors across all competitions in the United States under US Ski and Snowboard or USASA.." So, not mandatory this year, but mandatory next. I wonder what this will do to, or if it will have any impact on the participation rate for this organization. This course will do nothing to prevent anything, but there are indeed legal implications to such a course, including whether there is scoring and if they keep records. If someone ever gets any answer wrong, could this prohibit someone from a position of employment due to the nature of this course in the future? I am in a very highly regulated field where I have taken background checks for different classifications of access. When I worked with a trading entity, as I am an IT consultant, their background check went all the way back to high school, and they required me to disclose the contents of a Driving to Endanger ticket from 1986. (I was doing doughnuts in a parking lot with a car that had a blower sticking out of the hood in the snow. Cop saw an easy win if I fought it.) Imagine the outcome of a single failed answer in one of these such third party courses. I see this as an issue with me competing next year.
  13. TVR

    USASA SafeSport training

    Maybe it's just me, but in a sport where it is very public, and my group doesn't go at the same time as anyone young, I just don't like the idea that I must defend being a decent person with training that will change nothing. It isn't like some unscrupulous person will take the training and suddenly decide not to do an action. I guess it just bugs me to have to be on the defensive on such things... I don't like having to take a test to state whether I can be a good parent or be around other kids.
  14. So, does anyone else see this training that USASA is asking for as a bit much? The reason for this is "As an adult competing in a shared venue with a minor it is important that you view and pass the online materials." If this is a concern for USASA, having adults and minors competing in a shared venue, then I am thinking they might have a much larger issue on their hands. Asking competitors to complete this now less than a week before the event does not put a good vibe moving forward. Anyone else thrown off by this? (Full disclosure, I have no idea the content as I have not clicked the link)
  15. TVR

    USASA Nationals 2019

    Whos going and lets connect and ride when done with the events. Some of you guys are art in motion, and I love to learn, so who is going?
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