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  1. TVR

    USASA SafeSport training

    None yet other than I have not renewed my membership. I will go EICSL or not race at all over being subjugated to the SafeSport jurisdiction.
  2. TVR

    Young Carvers

    I am going to introduce my son to this channel. He will race breakers this year at 13. All he ever thinks about is that euro and heading back up the hill. Last year he perfected a mean Q as he would euro, go up the hill and then butter the tip last sec and go back down... Look for them man and they will be friends for life, as my kid has made a few at Nationals whom he stays in touch with all year just looking for the time it shows again.
  3. TVR

    Next Season

    As the original TomTom would say: Turn left, Turn right, Turn left, Turn right....
  4. TVR

    USASA SafeSport training

    Thank you LeeW and no, I don't think you are wrong. Thank you for posting your thoughts as this will die off if complacency is allowed and those who object (like myself) are forced out of competing, and then out of the love of the sport. In no way can I now promote USASA in good conscience, for the young or the older. If my kid is not world cup level by 18, and goes into an industry requiring background checks as his career, he too will have to retire, or relocate, like Vic Wild. The anonymous aspect is terrifying and destroys the checks and balances of due process. It can't happen to you until it does, and who really can afford to take that chance.
  5. TVR

    USASA and SafeSport beware

    So, in a fair or honest world, I would agree with you. The challenge is, in today's polarized politicized world, people no longer act fair or honest. With the anonymous complaint system, the ideas of jurisprudence and the legal system this country was founded on can be subverted from the standing of innocent until proven guilty, to guilty unless able to prove innocence. Anyone who is a competitor now takes a huge risk if they require background checks as this system can permanently tarnish them in the name of retribution. Competitors and coaches have a very different access to children and minors. While coaches can spend the one on one time that potentially could lead to the abuse, the competitors have no more access to children or minors than any other mountain pass holder. I have no objection to either the background checks or the requirements to coaches and coaching staff, but requiring this upon what essentially is the general public creates a risk that competator should fully understand and be aware of what this can mean to that individuals ability to work.
  6. TVR

    USASA and SafeSport beware

    UPDATE: Michael (president) from USASA seems a really good guy. Finding it hard to blame them, as they seem caught in the middle. I am going to try to get the anonymous reporting aspect removed, as this is where my concern stems from. It seems, USASA sees my point and I will talk with them beginning of the week. In the interim, I will look to see how to get that specific rule changed and this may all solve itself.
  7. I warned about this earlier, and USASA now has mandated SafeSport training for competitors to get a USASA membership. I don't think people realize what this actually means. For anyone who won't need any form of background clearances, you can ignore this. For anyone who might need such a clearance, you are just one hillside infraction from not being able to work. Here is why: With Safesport, go to the home page (https://safesport.org/) and then go to the Report online section. You will see the section where as you can do an anonymous report if you feel like it. It states "You may report anonymously by omitting your identifying information. " where you report. Please be aware, you are one pissed off skier away from being labeled a sex offender for months if not permanently. When you cut someone off, board past them too fast, or if anyone decides they sim[ply don't like boarders, they can report you anonymously. As previous examples state (https://www.3wiresports.com/articles/2018/8/19/the-scarlet-safe-sport-letter) this process to clear, and you takes months or more and many thousands of dollars to correct it, if at all. Anyone needing to do any form of background check should think twice about joining USASA, and if they are over 18, due to this new requirement, this will apply to you. I am warning all who might think of competing, as once this happens, even once found innocent, this will haunt you for the rest of your days. I regret having to retire from racing USASA. I didn't want to be forced to go to the beer leagues. This saddens me greatly. The risk, however, from someone retaliating by filing an anonymous report is simply too great as I pass background checks regularly with my job. I get many may think this won't happen to them. There are many documented instances in history where those who believed it couldn't happen to them ended up on the wrong side of the law. Don't let this happen to you, and I will be passing this on as you should be very aware and afraid. If competitors need this, why not the general public who buys a ticket? I am to push for that to prove the absurdity of this requirement, but am retiring myself from USASA racing until this is rescinded. Sorry for the bad news and how this will affect our beloved sport.
  8. TVR

    First time alpine setup

    I would also add, how long have you been hardbooting as well? The first year is fun and scary. If you go to Nationals, your biggest hurdle firt year is actually yourself, as nerves get you (even though they should not and everyone is awesome there). I guess to answer your question, the answer depends on what level a rider you are at, and what your goals are.
  9. Damn man... 951's man? Those are some sweet boots... We will deff be waiting for the review if they are all that they are said to be man.
  10. FULL DISCLOSURE: I am not giving legal advise, but my OPINION here. If you are a US Citizen, you can always take them to small claims. It costs you ~$19.00 to file, so except for your time showing up, it doesn't leave you with much risk. The key point to your argument would hing on the term fragile. Printing out the Websters definition, and then printing out some of the stats of the Gs put upon these boards, establishing these are not "fragile" per se should be fairly straight forward. It would then boil down to what the specific damage was and how it could be produced. Worse case, you cause them to waste a day of someones time from the airline and you lose, best case they offer you something and you become whole. This is the direction I would take and since no lawyer is required, you also might get to perform and live out any Fred Thompson (Law and Order chief prosecutor) fantasies you might secretly have.
  11. So this is where as an ameteur, I should just listen. I cannot. Just pick what pleases you man, and every day, just try to push it to that little percentage more. None of us are getting any younger, or going to be world cup riders. Just put a goal and master as best you can. I suck at the perfect line, trimmed, smooth, and narrow. But on that rare day, I get that line, for a brief time, that holds envy or I set that one perfect heel side that someone notices. Every day, just try to better yourself man. I will never make nirvana, but some day, we may all see you do so, as your day was better than yesterday.
  12. Those who seem to dig their heel side, low, and not stand so high, still seem to be faster and still get that mean whip to their toe side..... but it does seem from an outsiders perspective that the stances are narrower than in the past.... but who know...
  13. TVR

    USASA Nationals 2019

    Good start for the Nationals... Mike took gold... still looking to connect with folks here as I will be at the breakers Slalom tomorrow... and racing tuesday in Ledgends....
  14. TVR

    USASA Nationals 2019

    You know Jack, I would have given you the tickets for the airline if you had needed... Have fun man... make us proud....
  15. TVR

    USASA Nationals 2019

    Fantastic! I am santa in what looks like bike goggles, so I am not hard to spot.. See you there..
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