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  1. i believe i got a slot in august reserved. I have no clue what to order though. was thinking nirvana 180 or monster maybe. the thing is that I want a 180 with max 15 - 16 m radius. was thinking about another oxess but not sure...
  2. thats like lot of skis. really f.... lot. damn
  3. this all absolutely personal i guess, depending on your posture, weight and power in your legs. I did try the red springs with standard tongues. these were too soft. I tried worldcup tongue with red springs and it was still too soft. installed the yello springs and worked as a dream, but you have to consider that I came from Upz RCR which were ultra stiff. I ride with boots rather upright. cheers
  4. I changed the tongues to world cup as well, but have not noticed too much difference in flex and stiffness. changing the springs however, made a huge difference to the flex. I never had an issue with wires snapping out of place..
  5. I think there was special pockets on. the tongue for the RAF insert. its a cool concept, however I remember them biting into my foot, so that's why I was not so keen on them. cheers Lukasz
  6. I have heard that Kronplatz is being called Croplatz right now...
  7. slapos


    I had some time on Donek MK towards the end of the season.
  8. this looks like the Burton RAF kind of insert for Driver X, that they had some time ago. I would assume that this powerwing is only for softies? I didnt like the RAF inserts, but these look more solid though.
  9. I ride in upz foam injected line in my Mountain slope boots and it worked very good, even thought the foam was made in Upz shell. before this season is switched to zipfit and I honestly think they perform waaaay better then the foam injected ones. zips don't pack out during a longer day of riding. so basically your heel hold in the morn is equal to the heel hold in the afternoon. five star liner for me that zip. For next year I am moving on to 951 world cup to see how that goes. I moved from UPZ rcr so @Jack M I think you have made a right choice, as I actually find yellow springs to give same stiffness as silver tongue in UPZ. cheers Lukasz
  10. @softbootsurfer Hey no apology needed! As I said it's good to learn something new. Never realized that backside and frontside can be so confusing though, if you consider other sports then snowboard! At least I am happy that the pic got such much audience after Neil and Softboot stepped up their game! Cheers
  11. just wanted to share a cool pic
  12. i would imagine that this would be two turns, first frontside and then on top of the lip backside, but hell i got no surfing experience so...
  13. Neil I need to ask a stupid question - isnt surfing frontside refering to having the wave in front of you? unless you mean that the reminder of the slope is in front of both rider here... I never surfed, but I am always up to learn something new...
  14. here is full story
  15. pure luck on this picture:
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