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  1. Katherine-Hilde Engeli during one of the coaching sessions at SG camp, emphasized that breathing is key to good carving. when you breath out during press you, stabilize your stomach and core - that leads to better carving.
  2. i do not know how you guys can even think, I barely have time to breathe!
  3. I think if you ever mix madness and insanity you kind of arrive at woobly goblin. Looks hell of a ride.
  4. shred, dafuq is that Goblin? got any clips of this thing riding? cheers
  5. you might have luck here: http://zipfit.co.kr/
  6. not a big fan of being out of the feedback loop thanks to the plate. I have Allflex in the stash waitin for next winter. Reading above stuff makes me optimistic about the way it may perform. cheers
  7. both plates will filter out chop, however apex will filter it out more. fg is semi isolation plate like vist or allflex while apex is full isolation plate. full ISO plate can also strip you from the board feedback so much that you actually don't know what's going on under your edge. some people like and some people don't. not sure how much hardboot exp you have under belt, but I think that in general plates should be used only if you are experienced rider, that can easily balance front/rear plus up and down. plate in itself will not improve your riding (may even hinder it) if the technique is not top notch. as my buddy always says, your equipment hinders your riding least my reccomendation, if you are about to buy first plate, go for FG as it is much easier to handle then apex, at least IMHO. maybe you can try something before buying which could help you save some bucks.
  8. hi snowburn i can help you with FG type of plate. Mind you I am not the dealer, but I can help organize. have a look here : http://forums.alpinesnowboarder.com/topic/47058-fg-plate-for-sale-x2/?tab=comments#comment-479206 plate works the same as vist 07 or vist 14, just the sliding mechanism is much better and doesnt get fatigue damage over time as vist does in the sliding sockets, which possibly can lead to insert rip. few people bought it - you can have a chat with them if they are happy: @charliekarr and @bucky wanna share you experience? thanks Lukasz here is mounting instructions to shed a bit more light on the plate. forgot to mention it is available in colors now too:
  9. I torture myself also with a fresh pair of 951 wc. Done the switch from standard ones. Second torture is a brand new allflex sitting and waiting. I am also pondering an amicss slalom board...
  10. i believe i got a slot in august reserved. I have no clue what to order though. was thinking nirvana 180 or monster maybe. the thing is that I want a 180 with max 15 - 16 m radius. was thinking about another oxess but not sure...
  11. thats like lot of skis. really f.... lot. damn
  12. this all absolutely personal i guess, depending on your posture, weight and power in your legs. I did try the red springs with standard tongues. these were too soft. I tried worldcup tongue with red springs and it was still too soft. installed the yello springs and worked as a dream, but you have to consider that I came from Upz RCR which were ultra stiff. I ride with boots rather upright. cheers
  13. I changed the tongues to world cup as well, but have not noticed too much difference in flex and stiffness. changing the springs however, made a huge difference to the flex. I never had an issue with wires snapping out of place..
  14. I think there was special pockets on. the tongue for the RAF insert. its a cool concept, however I remember them biting into my foot, so that's why I was not so keen on them. cheers Lukasz
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