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  1. If you are coming to Poland why don't you pay me a visit in Szczyrk? Bring your boots I got ton of gear I can lend you. I live 100 km from Krakow in the Beskidy mountains.
  2. Hi Zag, I would be suprised if you could not try an Oxess or Kessler in the country of manufacture. I was looking at Kessler dealears list and there is one in Zermatt and a few dealears close by: http://www.kessler-swiss.com/en-US/dealer check the list and get in touch with one of the dealers, dont waste your time on softboots , especially if you get a chance to test Oxess or Kessler. If you wanna try Oxess get in touch with Heinz Rigaux if you have facebook - I am sure he will try to help. cheers
  3. Hi guys For sale goltes myway 180 racecarve. Comes with risers Doubletitanal construction with rubber and ptex on top. 2mm of edge. 15m radius approx Very nice ride https://youtu.be/yJb1xg3PRvg https://youtu.be/mQLhycAu0Jg Small scratch on the base, nothing serious though
  4. Foot porn should be banned...
  5. would you ship this to EU? I will take this off you if you would. cheers
  6. Katherine-Hilde Engeli during one of the coaching sessions at SG camp, emphasized that breathing is key to good carving. when you breath out during press you, stabilize your stomach and core - that leads to better carving.
  7. i do not know how you guys can even think, I barely have time to breathe!
  8. I think if you ever mix madness and insanity you kind of arrive at woobly goblin. Looks hell of a ride.
  9. shred, dafuq is that Goblin? got any clips of this thing riding? cheers
  10. you might have luck here: http://zipfit.co.kr/
  11. not a big fan of being out of the feedback loop thanks to the plate. I have Allflex in the stash waitin for next winter. Reading above stuff makes me optimistic about the way it may perform. cheers
  12. both plates will filter out chop, however apex will filter it out more. fg is semi isolation plate like vist or allflex while apex is full isolation plate. full ISO plate can also strip you from the board feedback so much that you actually don't know what's going on under your edge. some people like and some people don't. not sure how much hardboot exp you have under belt, but I think that in general plates should be used only if you are experienced rider, that can easily balance front/rear plus up and down. plate in itself will not improve your riding (may even hinder it) if the technique is not top notch. as my buddy always says, your equipment hinders your riding least my reccomendation, if you are about to buy first plate, go for FG as it is much easier to handle then apex, at least IMHO. maybe you can try something before buying which could help you save some bucks.
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