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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-E5Cj6mvIa4 Moon & Carve 2020 is in the works
  2. That's good to hear. I tried to order 3 pairs the season before without success. Perhaps there was/is a problem for people from overseas... I may try it again this season.
  3. Hello Ace Are they really awailable? The past two or three years nobody was successfully ordering the "old" model and I have concerns if one gets them now.... Cheers nextcarve
  4. And for all of you who weren't there, a glance of our super hardbooter session at best conditions, this time in motion pictures:
  5. The photo gallery of the Moon&Carve Session 2019 is online. Now you can see through the pictures of the two days and reminisce. https://www.moon-and-carve.com/en/gallery/ Thanks to our photographer for the great shots!
  6. It was a cool session. Two super days in the ski area Elsigen-Metsch. Best conditions, great test material, instructive workshops and many satisfied faces. Moon&Carve at its best! Thanks to all participants, manufacturers and helpers
  7. During our Moon&Carve session last weekend with around 50 hardbooters: A 60 year old female skier to her 60 year old companion: "These snowboarders with the ski boots are all show-offs, just like they are lying into the curves". Says the other one to her: "No, they're skilled and it looks great".
  8. Great conditions on the Moon&Carve slopes See you at Moon&Carve 2019. Heya heya Heyaya!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-E5Cj6mvIa4
  9. nextcarve


    Pic's not showing
  10. nextcarve


    noitacoL must be a wired place Anyone has some more snowboard carving related spray eye-candy?
  11. nextcarve


    Didn't notice the spray, when I was riding
  12. I've got the latest Deeluxe Track 700 with Palau Alpine Dual Fit liners and I'm very comfortable with them. In addition I use Sidas Winter 3Feet insoles to give me the last bit of comfort. Before I had a Palau liner similar to the Alpine Power Fit, which I liked too. Because I never used them, I can't say nothing other about Intuition than, they are pricier. I'm very comfortable with Palau liners. Therefore, no reason for me to look further.
  13. For the angles the most important is to have no overhang. Therefore we have the famous Fuego-Test: Just adjust in the manner, that the boxes don't touch the boots. Hence the narrower the board, the steeper the angles. To get the correct binding distance is easy. Just measure the distance from the floor to the middle of your kneecap: This is only valid for alpine snowboarding. For softboots the directional stance is wider and for duckstance even more.
  14. Our coach extreme-carving the gates with a Sense 202. Come and ride with us at the Moon&Carve Session (https://www.moon-and-carve.com)
  15. Dear Raceboarder/Extremecarver What a joy ! The date of the next Moon&Carve session is fixed. At the 16th & 17th February 2019 the Moon&Carve session is held the second time at the winter sports area of Elsigen-Metsch, Frutigen at the Metschalp in beautiful Switzerland. The following manufacturers will be there: Oxess, Goltes, Kessler, Plasma, Mountain Slope, Sense. As usual you will find detailed information about the event on our Moon&Carve Homepage: http://www.moon-and-carve.com The event is organized by local raceboarders. Because we are no commercial organisation and the event is free for all participants, we are thankful for all PR. We would be glad if you spread the good news and give us a like . We're already looking forward to have a cool session with you! Ride Hard The Moon&Carve Team web: http://www.moon-and-carve.com news: https://www.facebook.com/MoonAndCarve/ Like & Share it ?
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