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  1. I'm guessing that the binding suck problem is mainly cosmetic. I mean if we are riding with the style that we have always longed for, the percent of time that the middle of the base is touching the snow is fractional. I start the season by scraping and rewaxing the whole base. But mid-season I usually just need to rewax the outer inch or so, and only rarely the middle.
  2. And how do they still wind up so far in debt?! I mean, when I steal fruit from the fruit baskets of the other departments at my job, I save it in a special fruit drawer in my desk. So that I always have fruit available. Just in case.
  3. #!%@#¤%!!!!! THAT is NOT a SPADE you IDIOT!!!! That is a SQUARE POINT SHOVEL!!!! THIS IS A @¤(/&!"#&!ING SPADE!!!
  4. st_lupo

    I Want one

    I don't know if that was a spelling error or not, and at this point I'm too scared to ask.
  5. st_lupo

    I Want one

    I had that one too. Sweet top-sheet even if the shape looks goofy in retrospect. That Virus board though... looks kinda sinister.
  6. Definitely skiing. Grew up skiing a bit in NM. When I moved to CO all of the friends I made could ski tons better than me. I decided to switch to snowboarding since not too many were riding then, and so I sucked much less comparatively.
  7. The radius range is pretty much identical to my last NFC-E. You can pressure the nose, you just gotta get used to it (and the amount of pressuring might be different compared to a bigger board). Your experience with going to 10/12/11 is almost identical to my experience with going from 10/12/11 to 7/13/9. I’ve gotta focus on keeping myself more centered and staying there or I’ll find myself flipping over the nose or tearing my quads trying to get out of the back seat. You can still adjust weight fwd/aft but smaller inputs have amplified results. The neatest thing is that your bigger board will feel almost lazy after you get used to the smaller one.
  8. Gotta love that board! This year my 162 became my best friend and is my goto for icey and steeps. I’m a bit worried about mine delaminating too so post your solution when you find one! Right now I’m hoping to hook up with another 2nd hand 162. Do you have the build specs on yours? I know my board is a bit unusual (more taper than standard) and I’m wondering how the side cut radius variation compares with the standard.
  9. Whoa! Yeah, I don’t think I would advocate racing downhill on a snowboard on one of these courses . But for pure freecarving, Olympiabakken (and maybe other dh courses) has a lot of variation as well as a lot of flow and continuity.
  10. Earlier this week I actually got to ride for the second time this season with my wife and she asked me if I had to turn so damn much, all the time? This weekend was perfect for early morning carving with groomed slush that turns to nearly ballistic ice over night. Saturday I rode the chair with an older couple I've seen before and they asked if I was one of the snowboarders that rides all laid out on the snow. There are only three of us that ride alpine so I hazarded a "yes?" (apologies to Tanglefoot or Raph if I stole your thunder ). The literal translation of what they said is that they thought that it looks really "raw" (dette er helt rå!). Today after a run down the show-off trail, a ski coach from one of the nearby regional ski teams walked over to the bottom of the chairlift to say that our riding looks really cool.
  11. FIS regulations for men state a minimum of 45 meter radius and 218 cm length.
  12. Oh man, oh man! Do you think we should be jealous of the jib-bonkers that get their own terrain parks? No way! This year my oldest daughter pointed her finger at me and did a little chicken dance, and finally got me to ride down Olympiabakken in Kvitfjell (the '94 Olympic downhill course, and still on the WC). That. Was. Awesome! It brought on all of the hyper-focus, half-terror/half-fist-pumping adrenaline onslaught that I remember from the first time on hard-boots that I really "got it". Its not a straight running carpet of predictable pitch and width, but a glorious twisting and turning amusement park filled with steep drops, off-camber turns, banked corkscrews, you name it. I had my 162 special-K and that trail got me to finally fully bond with it. Beaver Creek in on the WC with super-g so I imagine it is something similar (never rode it while I lived in CO)? A full impression from top to bottom, definitely not me:
  13. I’m pretty much a lifetume user of Hot Sauce. How does Dominator compare?
  14. Hey that's not nice! I've been on the receiving end... of course it was I that was the cause of said carnage too.
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