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  1. Did you take the measurement with or without the footbed in place?
  2. Yeah i know, the rust in the pictures looks bad, but it's not pitted at all. Smooth to the touch.
  3. what i have noticed: Soft/Stiff flex = Slower/faster speeds. At least for the smaller sub 15m sidecuts. I have yet to ride anything above 14m.
  4. Pics here: F2 - FTWO - Eliminator Carbon Edition 153 2015 https://imgur.com/a/Az4pXZx
  5. Colozeus

    Yo Lci!!

    I'm still debating if i want to do one last weekend trip this coming weekend. Not sure about how the conditions will hold up. And, honestly, i'm a bit burned out from traveling with all my freaking gear. (first world problems) Next season, or possibly late summer, i'm flying all of my gear in and renting a storage unit in Dumont to keep it there. Should make traveling a lot easier.
  6. I learned that i like the more instant response of standard uppers vs sidewinders. It made a huge difference on my coiler nirvana energy. I also learned to approach @big mario 's trenches at a perpendicular angle!
  7. This looks like snake oil to me. But, i have never ridden on any plate systems. I've heard good things about the geckos, maybe i'll try those next season.
  8. I forgot to mention that my intuitions tend to pack out a bit throughtout the day so i end up progressively tightening things down. I do unbuckle the top and ankle buckles between runs. @Beckmann AG it's possible the occasional pirate carve might be contributing to this, or perhaps an overly tight cuff is causing a pirate leg due to restricted muscle movement? I'm leaning towards this being case of a overly tight cuff. I'll invest in a power strap and report back. What's the best place to buy one? Also, i just received a pair of size 28 upz's with lightly used powerwraps. I will try them next season. This will probably change everything again.
  9. I grew up skateboarding on a tropical island. Also did a bit of lognboard surfing in Florida. This is my 5th or 6th year snowboarding. Alpine snowboarding very much completely replicates the feeling of that first bottom turn after catching a wave, but on every single turn.
  10. So what i've noticed over my last few trips of riding is that i usually end up with a very sore muscle on my front right leg, to the right of my shin bone. I believe it's either the "tibalis anterior" or the extensor, or a combination of both. I have fairly large calves for my size. I usually like the cuff to be really tight. It doesn't actually hurt while carving, but i can slightly notice it on the flats, or walking back to the car. And after every trip, it's really sore. I suspect it's just due to a overly tight cuff leading to weird muscle engagement. That or i'm doing something very very wrong which i think is normal? Just curious if anyone else has run into this type of pain. Only happens on my front right foot. I run stock upz size 27, intuition liner.
  11. I'm super paranoid with little kids. All too often they tend to dart out really quickly and suddenly. Plus, the dad wasn't really looking uphill. I'm probably too cautious with other people, where i know others are comfortable laying out turns around crowds. This might have been my last trip of the season. I'm keeping an eye on the weather and if it's still ok in mid april, perhaps i'll do one more weekend trip.
  12. if you are talking about the very end of the last clip, i stopped because of the dad and the little girl. Yeah, at this point i'm just gonna focus on riding more. So are you alluding to building more muscle memory so that consistency becomes the norm rather than the focus?
  13. Colozeus

    Yo Lci!!

    I was behind mario on Indy 500. I didn't quite understand why he called it that until i saw it. Vid from today, thanks @Odd Job for filming.
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