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    Diesel Mechanic
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    TD2 Standard
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  1. want to sell my boots back? LOL

    1. beastrider


      LOL. I promised you'll get first dibs if I sell them. I did just sell my Thraxis boots though. I messaged you about them before I listed them. Wasn't sure if you got the PM cuz of the site change and all.

  2. K2 Thraxis series 2 in men's US size 13. Think they are from the 2014 season. I used these for 2 days and they are firmer than I prefer. They have been stored inside since. Great boot if you're riding plates. Triple boa boot. Boots are in excellent condition and everything works perfectly. No disappointments here. Asking $250 + shipping.
  3. $40 incl shipping?

    1. beastrider


      Its a little higher than I was expecting. Not really sure if I have a use for them just yet but figured I grab em if the price was right. I'll let you know.     Thanks

    2. shredder


      how about $30? shipping s/b $5-6

    3. beastrider


      I was thinking 25$ shipped. I just wanted them as spares to possibly use with some extra td2 erings that I have kicking around. Not sure if I'd even utilize these this season.

  4. Hey Beastrider,

    Power plates are all yours.

    can you send me paypal for $115 to dgrif2002@gmail.com

    I'll need your shipping address and can get them out this week


    1. beastrider


      OK. I'll send it right now. Address should be in PayPal payment but I'll also pm it to you. Thanks again,


  5. Rode the plate. Go big or go home right? Used td2 bases to minimize stack height. Felt normal. No learning curve at all. Wasn't sure what to expect being the first ride with a plate. Was a real blast to ride.
  6. No doubt. Conditions should be great later this week. Rode the Donek 185 Saturday at gunstock and absolutely loved it. It surprised me and turned much easier than I expected. My son actually told me that board is pretty sweet. Its nice to be a cool dad. Thx for a great board Derek.
  7. I've been riding hardboot at Gunstock but usually nights and weekends. Looking for people to ride with there. Try Stonebar or Cannonball on skiers left off the tiger triple. Usually less busy all day. Stonebar was practically untouched on a Saturday afternoon last week.
  8. Just confirmed reservations. Totally stoked that I will be attending ECES. Would be honored to be able to attend a clinic with Erik.
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