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    Sainte-Julie, Quebec, CA
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    Saint-Bruno, Mont-Blanc, Orford, Owl's Head, Mont Sainte-Anne...
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    TV Tech.
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    Coiler ECVC 175 x 22 13/14m SCR
    Coiler ECVC 177 x 22.5 14/16m SCR
    Coiler Nirvana Energy 170 x 20.5 11m SCR
    Coiler VSR 170x21 12m SCR
    Coiler BXFR 168x26 11m SCR
    F2 SILBERPFEIL 172cm
    Nidecker SLExtrem60 160cm
    Ride Havoc 163cm (for powder days)
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    Deeluxe T325 with Intec and BTS
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    F2 Race Titanium Standard Bail Front and Step-In back on all boards.
    Flat, no cant or lift.
    Depending on board width: 47 to 50 degrees rear, +7 degree front...
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  1. This is my setup: Coiler BXFR 168 x 26cm, 11m vsr Deeluxe Track 325 boots with BTS F2 Titanium bindings 22 inch stance. Rear: 25 deg. with inward cant. Front: 50 deg. with toe lift. Rides great and I can quickly switch any board I have!
  2. The cake is a lie! Love it!! P.S. I would add the business moto: "... we do what we must because we can!"
  3. New Coiler BXFR 168x26, 11m VSR, T3 for hardboots powder / AM
  4. Yeah, I know but It's a bit late, it will start to rain soon in the afternoon. Will see in the coming days but I already had a pretty good season so I'm at peace with the idea that the season is over.
  5. Will do... But I trusted Bruce, just told him what I wanted to do with it.
  6. I do graphics if you need help! Received mine today, sadly the season is pretty much over...
  7. Same here going from a 175x22 ECVC 13/14m to a 170x20 Nirvana Energy 11m VSR... First run was on ice, put too much pressure on the nose and got thrown over the handles! Like Corey said, with tighter sidecuts, things happen faster, ajust your speed, timing and pressure...
  8. I'm getting a Coiler hard boots powder board based on the BXFR, 168 x 26cm, 11m vsr, T3... I should get it in a couple of days!
  9. En ce moment j'utilise le Brush-ON 60, ça glisse bien, résistant et reste très souple même ou froid. La saison prochaine je vais tester le Econ80, qui lui est transparent, pas besoin de le coloré et qui est plus rigide... Pourrait peut-être plus résistant et mieux glisser? On verra!
  10. Moi j'utilise du polyurethane... le "Brush-ON 60" ou du "Econ 80", disponible chez MMC Laval, dispo sur leur site web...
  11. I have Coilers in both T3 and T4 but they are different models so can't really compared, they are all GREAT! I would trust Bruce for making that decision based on your inputs...
  12. I see a somewhat bright future for Hard Boots. More skiers and softbooters are carving every year, some of them might be eventually interested in trying Alpine Snowboarding because of what we do on the slopes. The best thing each of us can do is be friendly with curious skiers or snowboarder and, if you can offer help, tips or even lend equipment for a day of initiation, do it! Just yesterday I got a couple of people coming up to me asking questions about the equipment and technique, asking if I know the other two guys who also ride Alpine Boards (... and yes I did ). Two skiers came up to me asking about that "Coiler" board they never heard about, they where ex-hardbooters... I told them that modern board shapes and materials where a lot better than 15 years old Alpine Board, more versatile and easier to ride, performance and comfort is much better now too. Maybe I planted a seed in their mind to eventually come back to it.
  13. Here is my 2 cents... Like others said, you are conter-rotating alot, meaning your hips and shoulders are turned in the opposite side of your turn. On heel side your hips and are not in the best position, instead of triyng to sit on the ground, try to sit on your rear boot this way you will be able to face the front of your board get your hand on each side of your board instead of front / back... This way you will be able to extend the turn much longer (to scrub speed on steeps) and be much more stable. On the Toe side turn, rotate you upper body and shoulders more inside the turn, you are a bit to square and static...
  14. CSQ - Carving Session Quebec 2019
  15. Thanks Patrice for organizing this event! Great day with good friends! Here is the video of the event:
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