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  1. Rode with Mark for about an hour this morning. Temps just around or below freezing. Vis was ok as the cloud deck was just above the WROD. Not very crowded and some real turns could be made with caution. The bottom of the run had some hard and thin spots but it wasn't too bad. On my last run some old skier guy went by me and he said something. He either said: "Nice Carving Turns!" or he said: "Die Carving Turd!" I'm not sure which.
  2. I went up this morning in the cold and wind. 3 runs and out in less than an hour. At least it was sunny. Poor to fair WROD conditions with people going fast, people going slow, everything. Snow is inconsistent and downright hard in some spots. I didn't see rocks in the main part of the run but I still took minor scrapy rock damage somehow.
  3. I might go Friday unless it is too cold. I've got nothing else to do. But I'm going to assume that there are going to be rocks and I'm only riding my disposable board until I get confident about the conditions. I've got the Sun-Fri pass so Saturdays are out all season. How is the bus from the Red Barn? Is this a good option for going up? Schweitzer says that there will be no beginner terrain on Friday. Does this mean that the green trail under Musical Chairs will not be open? My plan was to park in the lower lot halfway down Musical Chairs and take that chair up. I always go for the shortest car-to-snow distance.
  4. A bit off topic. Back in the late '80s the Victoria conglomerate purchased Breckenridge just as the Japanese Bubble Economy was beginning to burst, starting a malaise that continues to this day. Victoria was heavily promoting Breck to the domestic market, trying to entice them to fly across the planet to make a visit. Sometime in 1990 (or 89?) I walked into a recording studio in Tokyo with a couple of other Americans to do some voice over work. It turned out to be a TV commercial spot for Victoria. It had been filmed at Breck but voices needed to be dubbed in. At this time I barely knew what Victoria was and had never been on snow myself. I was young and broke. All I know is that for a very brief time in the studio I was paid around $400 and I immediately went out and bought a new stereo and VCR. During the following winter I saw the TV commercial a couple of times. I thought that I would never see the commercial again, but as luck would have it, some weirdo put it on YouTube.
  5. Other photos shot by a local carver, also on Blackfoot. Michael, a regular from Germany Me on my new Coiler Skwal.
  6. Some good photos on this reel shot by the local photographer on 27 March 2019 under the Blackfoot chair.
  7. https://www.grandtarghee.com/photos/riding-into-the-new-week/
  8. Whatever happened to the NICE 2010 vids and the "Angry Skier"? They aren't on YouTube anymore.
  9. Yup. I should be here all winter, or thereabouts. I picked up my season pass and am ready to go.
  10. Another old Borvig bites the dust. Yet another lift failure at a Boyne resort. http://m.sunjournal.com/news/oxford-hills-bethel/2016/07/13/sunday-river-ski-lift-fails-summer-no-one-it/1958508
  11. I've only been to Costa Rica in Central America, but it is the no-brainer place to go. I would also try Panama and Belize. The other countries seem more challenging. I haven't been to South America yet. If I go, I would want to hit several countries on one trip. A minor problem is that several countries require a $160 tourist visa. I also have a half-baked idea to go walk the Camino in Northern Spain.
  12. I was only in KL on a whim because I could get a cheap flight from BKK. Everything is a whim. If there is a cheap flight, cheap lodgings and cheap food then I will go there. I am going back to KL tonight on a red-eye but will head on to Penang then Johor Bahru and Kuching. Singapore isn't in the plan because I have already been there and it is too expensive lah. Because I am lazy and prefer carving on groomed runs to just about everything else,including Pow,I wonder which Japanese resorts are best for this. The famous Hokkaido Pow resorts must be more crowded and expensive. I might prefer a resort that is more famous for grooming than snowfall. That said, I don't like to travel to ride unless it is for most or all of a season. I just bought my Sun Peaks pass for this winter, so I'm locked in now.
  13. I didn't know about Gulmarg before, but I just did a little reading about it. It doesn't sound like it is likely to have much grooming at all. Add to that the fact that it is in Jammu and Kashmir, and you have some minor security concerns. I'm in Nepal just on a whim because I could get a cheap round trip flight from KL. It is already the monsoon season and there have been some major rain storms. I know that there are people trekking the Annapurna circuit now, but when it rains you pretty much have to take shelter in one of the lodges I think. I will consider trekking for the next trip. Alta is just on the Wyoming side of the border on the road up to Grand Targhee from Driggs, ID. Only a few hundred people live there. It has a church and a school, but no stores, no apartments/condos and no post office. It also has no income tax, since it is in Wyoming. Because Japan's population is dying off, some of the ski areas are now making greater efforts to attract foreigners. I have heard that there has been an influx of Aussie and kiwi skiers. Total visits to ski resorts is way way down from the big heyday in the late eighties, and I assume the industry must be in a desperate situation. Perhaps this will lead to some good opportunities for more scummy, dirty Gaijin to rule the slopes.
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