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  1. I have ridden one SL board and that is my worn out Nidecker 161 (I think) that I bought in about '02. How would this ride compared to that?
  2. Anyone riding this weekend? I am headed up for a solo trip. Completely out of shape so I will be left in the dust (powder) panting but a half of a run of comaraderie is better than nothing. Alan Text to 831-747-4718
  3. I am similar that I raced in high school and taught skiing for a few years. Once you get comfy with the forward stance, it will become just like racing. I am headed up for a Boy Scouts trip Feb 20 and 21 and will (most likely) be at Sugar Bowl. I don't have a lot of gear but I have a 161 SL board you can try out. This is my main board and it probably a bit easier for learning due to it being small and nimble. I have another board that is larger and ancient if you want to feel the longer board (173 Alps). What size boots do you wear? Of those 3 resorts, Kirkwood is really best for carving. Northstar is a dog due to the flat run outs. Heavenly is pretty good on a day that is not too crowded and you get the early grooming. On that trip in Feb. I may do an extra day or two at Kirkwood. Feel free to email or call alan@lehmandesignstudio.com 831-747-4718
  4. Thanks all for the input. It sounds like this is his year to try boarding. I may have to get a split board so I can still teach my daughter on her skiis (she is 7 years old and had a great season last year on skiis. I had them following me down Snake Gulch at Kirkwood which is a really fun huge gully.).
  5. Hey Pat, I am familiar with that move, but not intentional.
  6. I guess I forgot to mention. He has been asking (begging) to board for 2 years. I have been holding him back because I feel like the really young ones on boards don't really have the muscle to move the board and their bodies correctly. So for me it has been a safety issue as well. I want him to be good enough at what he is doing to not be in too much danger nor a hazard to others.
  7. My son is 9 this season. He has been skiing 3 years and last year he became a fair to moderate intermediate. Being that I used to be an instructor other people might call him a solid intermediate but I consider him scratching the surface of mastering skiing. I would like him to be a stronger skier before starting to board but I am not sure if I can stop the inevitable again this year. We only got about 9 days in last year but I am hoping to get closer to 20 or 30 days min this year. He has very good balance and is starting to be able to handle his skateboard and starting to turn in the soup on a surfboard. We have had a trampoline most of his life so I believe that has aided his agility a lot. Any thoughts? Should I just not even rent a ski set up and start him out on a board. I have an old (mid 1990's) K2 that I have been saving. I think it is about a 140cm. Would I be doing him a disservice by setting up the old board? For the kids, has anything changed that much for a his first season on a board? I am full of questions tonight and if you ask my wife that is not all I am full of... Thanks Alan
  8. I am heading out for a few days in March. I live on the coast in central California and my brother is joining from the the Midwest, probably one more flying out of Seattle. Where is the best projection for mid March snow? We were going to Aspen originally but there has been such a limited base there so far we are thinking more about Cottonwood Canyon area resorts. Easy flight in and short travel from the Airport. Mammoth would be our choice since we both used to live in L.A. and love Mammoth but the drive cuts off a full day of the trip. Bachelor was on my radar but it seems like warm weather there the past 2 weeks. Could it be that Kirkwood is the best option currently? Someone check the crystal ball for March. Thanks, Alan
  9. I went down toe side on my first outing this year and punched myself in the chest. That chest protector is looking good since I was barely able to buckle my boots on one side for the rest of the trip. The bruise probably lasted about 3 weeks.
  10. Have fun up there Steve. I will not be coming up short of an act of Congress or a winning lottery ticket. Actually with a lottery ticket I could bypass Congress. Alan
  11. I just left Heavenly on Wednesday. I rode Tuesday and Wednesday. It was getting progressively warmer. On Wednesday it was sunny all day and by 12:30 is was really soft. The grooming was great and with it getting soft you have to make sure to wax appropriately. With the long run outs at Heavenly when moving across state lines the snow was grabbing a lot. I even had the shop wax my board in the morning and the snow was grabbing. That might just mean that the wax in the shop at Heavenly sucks? There is plenty of coverage throughout the resort.
  12. Hello All, I am heading up to Heavenly Monday night and plan to ride Tuesday and on Wednesday either stay at Heavenly or go to Kirkwood to shorten my ride home. Anyone riding at Heavenly on Tuesday. Not that I would be able to keep up for long but it is always great to see someone else doing it right to help me figure out how to not make our sport look ugly. Thanks, Alan
  13. I have a Nidecker SL but I think it is a 163. This is the first alpine board I have ridden (with the small exception of my first board which is a Burton Alps that I barely rode before buying the Nidecker). I rode soft boots with high angles for a long time. I found by starting alpine on a relatively short board it was much easier to get the hang of it. I also really like having a short radius board to be able to navigate crowded slopes better. I bought my board through the classified on this site (brand new a few years old). Good luck in your decision.
  14. False alarm. I am a bit too much of a wimp. With the temps in single digits at the base I am going to visit a museum with my kids instead. I will now change my screen name to Sally. Alan
  15. It looks like I will switch to the powder board and hope I can make it to the chain up area. Mike, Keenan call me if you make it up call me @ 83 one - 747 - 47 one 8. I am going for the morning but it sounds pretty cold for someone who lives at sea level like me. Alan
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