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  1. Nordic trails opened today. They also groomed out 4 alpine runs full width; 4pipe, ScissorBill, Bindle Stiff and Sky Hooker. Gandy is still bare. I guess they moved the guns all the way over to the park. Probably won't be much snow-making between now and opening day (next Friday) with the forecast warm-up. We had 1 inch of snow here yesterday and was the first measurable snow we've had. The river froze over last week and was thick enough in my bay to get out skate sailing on black ice before the snowfall:)
  2. It's a beautiful sight tonight...temps in the teens and clouds of snow blowing over 4pipe from top to bottom. Looks like they started on Bindle Stiff & ScissorBill and now moved to 4pipe and maybe Gandy and the bigair park. Also, already grooming out the nordic trails. Looks like they have more guns this year. And this morning... I know "any cat can make cord", but thank god for man made snow or it would be a very short season around here!
  3. Spirit is still blowing snow as I write this and their website says they expect to have nordic trails open Nov 14th and alpine Nov 22nd (F-S-S). Giants Ridge webcam is looking pretty good too with some pretty big piles of man-made snow. Nov 29th opening.
  4. Looking for a pair of TD1's preferably standard bail. I want to use these on my ice sailing skates, so don't really need cant discs or bumpers.
  5. The calendar on their website says Nov 29th for Blackjack...after looking at the first post above, I would suspect just Fri-Sat-Sun until mid Dec when Indianhead opens. @Algunderfoot is most likely to be in the know. In years past I've watched as lake effect has piled up several feet of snow in November, yet they seem to stick to their planned opening schedule. Their webcam shows a nice blanket of snow on the slopes and round the clock snowmaking. Giants Ridge is looking pretty nice on the webcam. Good snowmaking weather all around. Spirit has been going 24hrs a day since Monday.
  6. Nice @Algunderfoot ! ...and I could see that the lake-effect snow machine was cranked up today. Found this pic of you & the Thirstman with the prototype at MCC last winter.
  7. The water came up gradually over 6-8hrs as NE winds increased all morning. The wind peaked out in the early afternoon at 40-50mph with 70+mph gusts. Once the wind died off in late afternoon, all the water drained out in 2 hours to lower than normal. It's kind of like a big bath tub with the water sloshing back and forth. A Seiche. I had the sauna fired up, so was fine, and made several trips out into the flood water to make sure nothing was floating away as the it kept rising. Hopefully this was a rare extreme event. I have the option to move to higher ground here, otherwise I like being right on the water.
  8. Wow! Buck Hill this morning... Looks like this favorable snowmaking weather pattern will stick around for awhile. Could be an early season opener.
  9. Still working on it Bob. Really haven't had much time since I made the big move last spring. Sailing around Superior took up much of my summer. Lake Superior has been about ½ meter above average for the past 2 years. That big Nor'easter last week created a seiche that raised the water level at this end of the lake (including where I am on the St Loius River) about 2½ feet in a few hours . I might need to get an anchor for the tiny house! The harbor in Duluth recorded it's highest water level in history. It's funny that you bring this up, because I just noticed yesterday a new tiny house development (for rental) and rv park at the base of Mount Du Lac. Technically, it's in Wisconsin, but just 5mi down hwy 23 from the base of Spirit. I just looked at their website and they have also built some rental cabins on the hill. I just heard Wild Mt is opening today. A tiny patch of man made snow.
  10. Get Thirsty Barry! A board you can ride all day. You can really push it if you want, but you can also just relax and ride it. Rides as well or better than any "race" board I've ridden (ie, SG, Kessler, Oxess, Rev) but doesn't have to be driven like most race boards. Plus, if you want something that really will keep you drooling during your recovery, the top sheets are incomparable--vivid, 3d, iridescent. Mark's attention to detail is second to none, each board made with his own hands...but you really can't go wrong with any of the boards you mentioned Get a used SG163, (the most popular board on the NorAm circuit--and there should be used ones coming up for sale as racers get their new equipment)...AND, get a Thirst SF 162. Then keep the one you like best (or both). I'd bet that you'll have a lot of ice-coast skeptics interested in demoing your new Thirst.
  11. Walking by my new board yesterday and I swore I heard her say, "Hey BigWave, I'm ready for my close-up". Certainly classifiable as board-porn, and worth a closer look...
  12. @Kneel Don't be disappointed if all you see is this, just keep peeling back the layers.
  13. I can play this game! Just took delivery of yet another Thirst! 171cm XC ~20cm waist ~11m scr ra Same board, different light. Corduroy graphic disappears and color turns deep purple in dim or flat light. Kinda crazy topsheet. I expect it will ride as well as well as other Thirsts. Something a little turnier than the Super. Having a full quiver of boards makes small mid-western hills more fun. @crackaddict Nice board to start the thread James! I was tempted by the 190ish , 23.5 waist all terrain board Carl was ridding much of the time. I never did get to ride one of his demo boards though, but really enjoyed hanging out with him.
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