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  1. That's it, exactly! Way more resources (snowmaking, grooming, raking, etc) spent on parks compared to the rest of the hill. Some one in accounting must be telling them it will pay. Most of the time the park is relatively empty and the snow undisturbed, so a good place to find untracked groom late in the day. It's often the best groomed snow anywhere on the hill.
  2. Just sent Mark a deposit for a new XC summertime build with a new topsheet design! Not sure if I'm thirsty or hungry.
  3. Thanks for the update Gabe. Nice to hear your impressions of the new stuff coming from Coiler. A while back, I asked Bruce to move my summer build (something similar to Shred's new, improved Monster) to December to allow you guys a little more on-snow testing of the new shapes. Regarding Thirst boards, while they apparently don't like or need forward weight shift going into a turn, they definately like being pushed, extending legs in a turn, with the reward of acceleration through a tighter turn and more pop off the tail. They are lively when pushed (maybe from the lack of metal?), but also produce a smooth and predictable turn if you stay upright and just lean over.
  4. Great article, swell guy. Thanks for posting that.
  5. I started with centered stance and eventually moved it forward a notch because I found myself whipping through turns so fast that I occaisionally had difficulty getting my weight forward to get out of a turn and into the next. Almost went into the trees a couple of times. Moving stance forward was the cure for me. Rode it mostly when conditions were icey hard or poor visability. I don't like going fast when it's really hard or I can't see the terrain. Not that it makes much difference, but standard SF's are 162cm, but maybe Beth's was a 161?
  6. Mont du Lac has a wide open run that looks similar to MilkRun/Crossroads at Buck, maybe a bit steeper. Might be a good bigboard carving hill when it's not busy. I've never been. @bumpyride has ridden there. Great! Now you have an excuse to go to Indianhead/Blackjack. I'm surprized Yagoo Valley is still going. I had a comp pass at nearby Pine Top when I was a kid as my Dad supplied the giant air compressors needed for the then new snowmaking. It's history now. I think @lonbordin went there and hiked it. @rwmaron and @Algunderfoot have been to Ski Cooper. Bring oxygen.
  7. Came across this video last night on NetFlix. Here's the trailer...for the extreme cold surfers...
  8. I didn't read through all these posts, but regarding the Northwave, several years ago I talked to a Canadian Alpine coach who had been hording all the old yellow boots he could get his hands on, and I asked him why. One reason was that the location of the ankle pivot was better positioned. Another was the stiffness of the plastic was consistant in varying temps.
  9. Wow, thanks for posting these! Wasn't it a Catek binding failure that put Mark Fawcett out of contention on his first run at the Nagano Olympics? His run wasn't shown on U.S. tv coverage....But, love the watching JJA ride. He had the fastest first run at Nagano. If you watch this clip, notice that Thedo Remmelink, current US head coach, was in 3rd place, until he was knocked down to 10th. This course looks like something between a superG and a current GS size. No plates, no titanal...
  10. I have to explain, this is not my creation. It is the last photographic evidence of one of the last projects the genious behind Bomber was working on before he totally lost his mind and thought he could move entire solar fields to follow the sun using only the power of the sun Was he ahead of his time? Time will tell. Some theorize it was a cry for help or a protest about the direction of snowboard design. I think the stack height alone is symbolic of both a fear and longing of isolation or maybe just the desire to feel nothing.
  11. FlexSticks on a solid titanal board?...and...stack em up for the ultimate in isolation?
  12. Hey, those boards look familiar! And I just noticed that you're goofy and your wife's not...well I guess we all kinda suspected that. Looks like I'll be moving to Duluth for real now. I have a solid offer on my home/office (closing early May), so I'll be out of work and homeless in one swell foop. Not to worry. My escape plan; a tiny house parked in the marina at the base of Spirit Mt....and I might just get to live one of my sailing dreams and spend the summer living on the sailboat sailing around Lake Superior!...and beyond...
  13. My favorite boards in the past 8 or 9 years have been a Kessler 180, SG163frt, a stock 180 & and a custom 175 Donek Rev and 179 Coiler Revelation. Still have both the Revs (Coiler and Donek, and still love them both). So not a "hard core" Coiler rider. I had so much fun riding my 3 Thirsts all winter that I hardly rode my other boards, and when I did, I couldn't wait to get back on the Thirsts. "Edge bite" is ridiculously solid, it just never seems to let go. I guess by "slow initiation" you mean it seems to get more solid as you tilt the board and put more pressure on it. Turn initiation however is nimble and quick. It took me a good part of the season to learn to trust these boards in all conditions, doing things I may have hesitated to do before. They are different, but in a really good way. Corey is the only person that I recall that didn't love a Thirst from the very first turns. And yes, he is a Coiler guy, but he rides an MK and a REV and.... He rode the same demo Superconductor that I rode. When I offered to buy it from Mark he said he'd rather make a custom board specifically for me as that demo had an experimental flex profile and an unusually soft flex.The boards he eventually made for me were stiffer than that demo and had a more "normal" looking flex profile. In Corey's review last year he also rode Al's personal 185 8rw and liked it better, but I guess not totally smitten like many of us. Truth be told, the conditions were not great at MCC for evaluating the full potential of a carving stick. On the other hand, I think everyone would say it was one of the best powder experiences of their life. Did you ask Mark if he would send you a demo? I have no idea if he's willing to do that, but it wouldn't hurt to ask.
  14. Yeah, after talking to Mark and seeing these recent reviews of the XC , it sounds like it might be a nice fit between the Super and the SF. It sounds like it turns noticeably tighter than the Super, maybe more of a Mini Cooper compared to the sports coupe Superconductor. I guess that would make the SF the go-kart and the 8rw the Cadillac ride with sports car handling. When conditions are great and the hill is not too busy I'll find myself riding the 8rw all day. It's a big board that can turn surprisingly tight yet provides a very satisfying large smooth carve when driven easy. Very smooth. I've probably spent the most time on the Super. It's length provides a smoother ride than the SF. It can open up and make a nice big carve across the hill and yet can crank pretty tight turns on short notice. It's quite nimble. The turn size is pretty close to my 175 Rev which has an 11-12 scr. I've ridden the SF the least, but really glad to have it when I wanted to keep my speed down with small SL size turns on ice or in really flat light or for a giggle when it gets crowded. It feels a lot like my old 163SG fullraceTitan , but I think I like more. When it's icy these boards are fast and I find myself going for either the Super or SF to find a speed I'm comfortable with. I've had so much fun riding all 3 boards all season and getting to know their different personalities, that I've pretty much decided to welcome another sibling into the quiver. I think the XC might be a nice addition. Thinking the same thing! Maybe a little wider ~23 waist with a longer early rise nose, kinda like the new Tanker shape, just not that wide. Actually more like Shred's new Monster. Although I'd like something more like 185cm with same 11-ish scr. The MCC edition Tanker Killer! The board I wished I had at MCC.
  15. Thanks for posting the article @MNSurfer My daughter Mimi is one of the G-Team's pro am alpine coaches. https://www.thegteam.com/coaches
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