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    Crystal Mountain Washington
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    Audio Video Commercial Project Manager
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    163 Fullbag Diamond Blade
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    168 Donek Custom Saber
    168 Virus Avalanche FLP
    174 Coiler Nirvana Energy 22cm Waist
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    Flow Talon Focus
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    Flow bindings since 1996
    Flow NX2/power plates
    21/9 on freestyle
    27/18-30/21on BX softy carvers
    TD-3Sidewinder step in
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  1. slopestar

    Yo Lci!!

    Might just need a bring a friend for tomorrow. Saving the 4 packs for Christmas break and the kids. Want to play with the new soft/Hardboots and some plate setups...
  2. I’ll be in Dublin for a week starting Monday
  3. So Andrew is in the loft. That leaves Colozeus in the loft or in the attached Queen Bed. We are hoping to get payment in December for the reserved spaces. My wife is handling it all> PM me directly or email me at felicelance@ Geemail DOtCOM/ you see how I did that? Thanks Guys! Its going to be tons of fun!
  4. I had a tough time deciding which set up to ride this weekend. SBX/Alloy DO 165 with softies, SBX/Donek Saber 168 with hard boots or 165 Virus avalanche AFT with soft or hard...
  5. slopestar


    I wish. Too busy. But a bay was a blast and conditions are good
  6. I’m trying soft/hard boots this year. Upz atb...
  7. Looking for a set of used TD-3 sidewinders. Step or bail. Really only need uppers... what have you? I have some td-2/3 canting rings... 1x 3* and 1x 6* available as well as some td-2 3 hole discs... trade bait
  8. Reggae... it works down beat drops me into turns. Good flow, non aggressive. Rebelution, Iration, artikal sound system, old school Steel Pulse... try it. You’re welcome
  9. Do boots count? How’s the ankle?
  10. So the condo we were looking at is not available anymore, but we found another that is just as good, if not better. Dates are the same, 2/6-2/9/20 (Thurs-Sun). There is a queen bed for $400 and a loft above with a twin and a futon at $150 each (or you can take over the whole loft for $300). This is definitely the best deal you'll get for 3 nights in Aspen/Snowmass! The condo has a full kitchen, plus living and dining rooms. It has a hot tub in the complex and is on the free shuttle line in Snowmass. Let me know if you're interested. @b.free just confirm that your still in and which spot you want.
  11. Count the inches once it’s fallen
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