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    Flow bindings since 1996
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  1. cant say enough good things about my FA Designs coat. I abused the hell out of this past winter and wore it everyday. Warm and dry all the time
  2. Not done. Planning to go. Hard to think about snowboarding with broken ribs
  3. Sounds like fun although I’m nursing a broken rib from spending time at the skatepark... need to do more LDP... I’m a lot better at that
  4. Ehlers has cheap chinese knock off decks that work really well. 11Ply. and don't break the bank. Love the slant nose. almost perfect angle up front for LDP
  5. slopestar

    Yo Lci!!

    Hit me when you get back. Buy you a beer at Malone’s. So long, not good bye
  6. Bennett 5.0 up front and tracker rts rear drop deck with slanted nose.
  7. I rode both. Size 9 boot. No riser/no boot out. The 161 favors a lighter rider and the 165 favors someone heavier. My 165 is all I rode from the day I got it in late December. A day here or there. The closest board I rode this season to my DO Was a 2004 lib Grocer... very similar dimensions aside from the large flipped tip and tail
  8. Do you know the waist on the Palmer crown?
  9. slopestar

    Yo Lci!!

    Looks like it’s going to be amazing. Unfortunately, Katie and I are getting ready to go out of Country Tuesday. And let’s face it... my hip is pretty much broken. This season is sadly over and no shots at redemption will be happening. I’ll miss you all. Make a couple turns for me. Lift your glasses to next season!
  10. Pull the trigger on the 165 for 500+ship from polotburo... just shy of 26 at the waist but such a capable board for the price
  11. I have worked with Lucien for many years. And received 3 pairs of free NX2’s a year before they were released to the public. At which time I was also given lots of spare parts. This was before the buy out by nidecker.
  12. I wouldn’t trust one ratchet to hold me in. I put softboot bindings through the ringer
  13. I’ll just wait for them to borrow a few other folks technology.
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