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  1. Gilmour says breathe so that’s what I do
  2. Similar to what I will set up with Plates. 168 custom saber 25.5 waist extra stiff I have exploded burtons and had some step in f2’s. Found a mint aggression stealth with mint snowpro’s. Might grab it for nostalgia wall hangar and the bindings. Limited budget will have me on gear I own which is upz rc10 and bomber sidewinder step in
  3. I listen mainly to Cali-reggae when I ride. This past season I focused more on better flow as in past years I was forcing my way in and out of turns. The reggae beat/bass mixed with breathing in during transition and breathing out during initiation and apex has been good for me. Now syncopate the mountain, the music, the turns and breathing. ....with some aggressive autopilot and where is that f-ing ski racer/straightliner/spring breaker/newb coming up my arse
  4. I think you have been in pursuit of the elusive 168 for a very long time. Hope you find it before the season starts
  5. I think had I used them at their intended angles, I would have had better results. Power plates and their weight I believe add a level of dampening that is not present in the printed plates. As a result of the “over rotation” I wound up breaking them. Too much torque at the mounting point and flexing of the board under foot made for catastrophic failure. I am looking forward to trying some of Sean Martins flat risers this season.
  6. Front range/Arvada Colorado IKON base purchased so Winterpark and Mary Jane will be our main destination. El Dora sucks unless it’s a weekday so I’d go the WP/MJ instead. Copper offering is great but a little too far to be easy to get to. A-bay 5 days to be used late season. Aspen days to be used right after xgames. Best days of my season last year riding with great friends too! 4packs to Loveland purchased. A must to ride with LCI and cheaper to buy tickets for the whole family when the kids come than to go to our IKON destinations.
  7. Guy left his number. I’d use that. Most “racer for sale posts” are like vapor ware, mixed with unobtainium. They post but never reply to pm’s or re-read answers to their posts.
  8. I’d say Barry is right and both boards are as sweet as can be. The 161 would be better for a lighter rider -200lbs. Very quick edge to edge at any speed. Round turns with no loss of speed/ actually accelerates on medium pitches. Point it and hold on whenever you like. Predictable and stable. Very capable and an extremely high quality build. (Nidecker factory) base is fast and strong. Put 40 days on mine this past season and it rejected everything.
  9. Interesting. Going from a narrower BX (24.8 waist) to a 25.8 allowed me to not use my bomber power plates. So I no longer had any lift or canting besides the 2-3 degrees of inward canting I already have built into the footbed of my Flow Bindings. With power plates, I set my 3* cant rings with pure inward canting on both feet and the rotated the binding to my desired angles. Thanks for that Good thing I held on to that Bomber second board kit. Might need some hardware... better call Gumbo
  10. So I have been riding mainly BX style boards over the last 5 seasons and using nothing but Flow NX2’s. My directional riding preference lead to some serious fatigue last season. My front leg took the brunt with my butt cheek and low back on the left side (front leg) taking most of the impact but also my trailing foot (upper inside of my ankle) I’m considering crossing over to my UPZ’s just to get some relief this season. Last season, I spent a lot of days with a well known hardboot/BX combination rider that flat out rips. Just curious what others experience has been. My go to alpine is a 174 coiler nirvana energy 22.5 waist. Didn’t ride hardboots once last season. I’m planning to spend more days on more freestyle, twin boards to balance the directional riding I did all last Season. Thoughts, opinions, questions and recommendations are appreciated. I’m thinking I’ll need to soften up my RC-10’s a lot to have that softboot feel?
  11. cant say enough good things about my FA Designs coat. I abused the hell out of this past winter and wore it everyday. Warm and dry all the time
  12. Not done. Planning to go. Hard to think about snowboarding with broken ribs
  13. Sounds like fun although I’m nursing a broken rib from spending time at the skatepark... need to do more LDP... I’m a lot better at that
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