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  1. How did you like the 3d printed cants? How do they feel compared to your Power Plate setup? i have sold my Apex Gecko Stealths as they were not as good for my liking as Bomber Power Plates. I have gone back to the Power Plates with 3 degree cants on both front and rear with my angles at +30 and +6, but I would love to find a lighter option. cheers, sandy
  2. My experience with Palmer Plates, Bomber Power Plates, Burton Elevators and Apex Gecko Stealth risers is that they did well for giving enough lift to allow a bigger footed rider to ride narrower boards but ultimately I am riding without them now. My favorite of them was the Bomber Power Plates as the ability to adjust cant/lift plus the ability to swap different durometer pads under them is awesome (I prefer the hard durometer rings), but the weight is the biggest drawback to them. The Palmer Plates worked but were not that great as they are not that durable and are very hard to find now. The PLS shock system was the best they made. A lot of people love the Apex Geckos, but I found they isolated board feel too much, and for what they cost it was not worth it for me, so I sold mine. The Burton Elevators are junk so don’t bother with them. i have not ridden the Donek risers, but they looked well made, but not sure if they are available anymore as the Donek website has said sold out for over a year now. Some of the other members here have experimented with 3d printing cant/lift plates and from all accounts had great success with that. good luck and hope you find something that works.
  3. Michael, No problem, I love both the CX and GT with Fusion straps. I have not really noticed a huge difference in response between them, but the biggest difference is that if you have a boot that has a wider heel, go with the GTs as the metal heel cup only connects on the outside of the baseplates, whereas both the CX and regular NX2 nylon highbacks have a slot in the material where the mounting points are that overlap the baseplate connection points and therefore take up more space. I am not a fan of the Hybrid straps as they tend to be way more troublesome to get into (and I am not a fan of cap straps on regular bindings either as I think it has always been a marketing gimmick). cheers, sandy
  4. I have both XL NX2-GTs and L NX2-CXs. My Driver Xs fit better in the Ls with less fidgeting, but do work in the XLs, you just have to spend a little more time adjusting them. Also, on Flow NX2 bindings in general, there are two different adjustments slots on the pivot points that allow you to adjust the bindings for low or high volume boots. cheers
  5. I used 10.5 Drive Xs and had no problems. The key with Flow’s is to take the time to setup the straps to match your boots. Low volume boots are harder to setup on larger Flow bindings and cause an awkward fit. If you can, you should take your boots to a shop to check fit before you buy the bindings.
  6. I am interested, where is the board at? cheers, sandy
  7. I am using 2018-19 Nidecker Talons with NX2-CX and NX2-GT fusion strap bindings with no problems. prior to the Talons, I was using Burton Driver X and they work fine too, but require very different strap settings. cheers, sandy
  8. svr

    Rad Air Shirt

    Yes I do. pm me! cheers, sandy
  9. Lance, sadly I have to travel for work from Saturday for the next three weeks or I would be there to ride with you and set you up. i hope that our paths will cross again in the future. cheers, sandy
  10. Normally, they are inboard, but most people swap them to outboard. Also, the new single piece highback on the NX2-CX comes with the high point outboard.
  11. Hi Sandy.

    Do you want this stuff ?   Old Rad Air Binding parts (no hardware or discs) that appear to have very little use.  I think they were mounted on a board and had to be cut off.  Hence, no discs.  the four rectangle things, the straps, latches and heel cups are perfect.  

    you can have the stuff for free, if you want it.  no worries if not.  thought it worth asking.


    before you decide, look closely because there is some damage at a few points around one of the baseplates.. where the mounting disc is seated (30 degrees).   more evidence they were cut off of a board.

    let me know if you want the stuff


  12. I travel both in the US and to Japan and Europe quite a bit with my 200/201cm Tankers and Stranda Cheaters with no issues...I use Dakine bags pretty much exclusively and have found the boundary ski roller to be one of the better 200cm bags that does not weigh too much and provides decent padding: https://www.evo.com/ski-bags/dakine-boundary-roller-bag As long as you keep the bags under 50lbs, they usually do not say anything. cheers, sandy
  13. Structure Patterns are a thing, but be careful about choosing to have them done. Most shops do standard diagonal structures, but some of the higher end tuners can make some pretty wild structures.
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