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    Paoli Peaks
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    Coiler 182 NFCB 24 wide 12-14 (Flex 6.7 + 5, with powder nose and AM taper)
    Coiler 164 VSR TC 9-13.5 23.5
    LibTech Grocer 180 second gen (powder board w/ F2 RCs)
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    28.5 (312) UPZs RC11 Stiff orange spring, black tongue, different liners.Blue.
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    F2 Titanial standard (47.5 lg block/40 lg block +1/2 block one cant)
    55 cm Stance width

    Apex/Kessler Gecko - free plates (orange bumpers)
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  1. Paoli Peaks is part of the Epic pass... wow.
  2. Yup... Used to live near Yawgoo... So tiny. Snowbowl/Flagstaff is great and they're still open until May 19!! Go now! That's @nitro's home hill. Hope he's healing well! No Paoli because we're a part of Peak Resorts.
  3. Just FYI this is fairly common in youth sports today. Soccer, lacrosse, etc.
  4. Which vintage/size?
  5. The catalog is right here- https://issuu.com/uspjapan/docs/head_snb_2019-20_jp__smallest_file_/10
  6. Interesting... A Bruce and Mark Fawcett collaboration... Interesting indeed. Is Slice the next Nirvana?
  7. Thanks for the sale @bobdea... I kind of like them a whole bunch.
  8. As my favorite sailboat designer Bob Perry would say, HTFU! That stuff you're dismissing is head high, glassy, and offshore to the rest of us. Mahalo.
  9. I'm going for a revision of that lil' Coiler I picked up from the classifieds. Stretching it to ~169, T4 construction, and making the flex suitable for my build. W00t! That is if Bruce can find the original design notes... Positive thoughts.... Positive thoughts...
  10. http://forums.alpinesnowboarder.com/forum/13-southern-california/ Post in the June and Mammoth threads... Not here.
  11. Nah... the hallmark of a well carved turn is that it sets you up for the next turn and everyone who saw the turn goes, Whoa! in their minds. A well carved turn is a subjective thing, not objective. So it means so many different things to many different people. There are some great carvers out there that carve with a more open turn, some carve the jump turns, some drag their clothes in the snow. The only commonality is one great turn leads to another.
  12. Only two more summer spots left (I just nabbed mine).... apparently his BX board market is taking off.
  13. i had a similar failure with my previous pair of boots. It lead to a broken medial malleolus. Glad to read that you're OK!!!
  14. lonbordin

    Yo Lci!!

    It was the first word. That said looking at some etymology it's easy to see why it could refer to our type of snowsliding as well. ski (n.) 1883 (there is an isolated instance from 1755; in early use often spelled skee), from Norwegian ski, related to Old Norse skið "long snowshoe," literally "stick of wood, firewood," cognate with Old English scid "stick of wood," obsolete English shide "piece of wood split off from timber;" Old High German skit, German Scheit "log," from Proto-Germanic *skid- "to divide, split," from PIE root *skei-"to cut, split." Ski-jumper is from 1894; ski bum first attested 1960; ski-mask is from 1963; noted as part of criminal disguises from 1968. skiing (n.) 1885, verbal noun from ski (v.). THE new sport which has lately been introduced at Beloit is skeeing. They are long ash planks, carefully and turned up at the end, and are warranted to take down hill quicker than a wink. After some practice performers become very expert, and the speed with which they go is something surprising. [Beloit College, Wisconsin, "Round Table," Dec. 18, 1885]
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