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    Paoli Peaks
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    Coiler 182 NFCB 24 wide 12-14 (Flex 6.7 + 5, with powder nose and AM taper)
    Coiler 164 VSR TC 9-13.5 23.5
    LibTech Grocer 180 second gen (powder board w/ F2 RCs)
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    28.5 (312) UPZs RC11 Stiff orange spring, black tongue, different liners.Blue.
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    F2 Titanial standard (47.5 lg block/40 lg block +1/2 block one cant)
    55 cm Stance width

    Apex/Kessler Gecko - free plates (orange bumpers)
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  1. lonbordin

    UPZ RC10

    down by the heel there's a couple of numbers... can you post those? Thanks!
  2. Just how many UPZ size charts are there? @emoynier what are the little numbers on the heel area of the shell? Thanks.
  3. This will be interesting locally. Paoli Peaks (PP) is a fairly inexpensive pass and they have even deeper discounts for students, military, and senior citizens. They also give deep discounts to the surrounding schools and colleges for everything from season passes to day trips/rentals/lessons. South Central Indiana isn't really booming right now. PP has been running exceptionally lean for the past few years. It's also a VERY loose operation especially with the lifties, many of whom have never skied and have minimal training. I can't imagine there is an Epic resort that needs more sprucing up from the lift motors to the "lodge" itself. The resorts snowmobiles range from vintage to run-down. Also PP is strange in some of it's operating mannerisms, for example there's a bar tucked away in a corner that's hardly ever open in a town with very few restaurant/bar options. You'd think PP would keep those open year round but they do not. There is opportunity at PP. With a small land purchase and some landscape/bridges over the creek at bottom the whole place could be run off a single strategically placed six seat detachable lift.
  4. Paoli Peaks is part of the Epic pass... wow.
  5. Yup... Used to live near Yawgoo... So tiny. Snowbowl/Flagstaff is great and they're still open until May 19!! Go now! That's @nitro's home hill. Hope he's healing well! No Paoli because we're a part of Peak Resorts.
  6. Just FYI this is fairly common in youth sports today. Soccer, lacrosse, etc.
  7. Which vintage/size?
  8. The catalog is right here- https://issuu.com/uspjapan/docs/head_snb_2019-20_jp__smallest_file_/10
  9. Interesting... A Bruce and Mark Fawcett collaboration... Interesting indeed. Is Slice the next Nirvana?
  10. Thanks for the sale @bobdea... I kind of like them a whole bunch.
  11. As my favorite sailboat designer Bob Perry would say, HTFU! That stuff you're dismissing is head high, glassy, and offshore to the rest of us. Mahalo.
  12. I'm going for a revision of that lil' Coiler I picked up from the classifieds. Stretching it to ~169, T4 construction, and making the flex suitable for my build. W00t! That is if Bruce can find the original design notes... Positive thoughts.... Positive thoughts...
  13. http://forums.alpinesnowboarder.com/forum/13-southern-california/ Post in the June and Mammoth threads... Not here.
  14. Nah... the hallmark of a well carved turn is that it sets you up for the next turn and everyone who saw the turn goes, Whoa! in their minds. A well carved turn is a subjective thing, not objective. So it means so many different things to many different people. There are some great carvers out there that carve with a more open turn, some carve the jump turns, some drag their clothes in the snow. The only commonality is one great turn leads to another.
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