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    Beautiful Portland, OR
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    Mt. Hood Meadows
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    Market research w/ an IT focus
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    O-sin 4807 178 x 2, O-sin 3800 168, Oxygen Proton 172, Oxygen F-67, Sims Burner 188, Coiler Mini Monster 182, Voile 172 split (I think it's a Mountain Spirit?), Prior 4WD 169, Garage freeride board (162?)
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    Raichles AF700, 27.0 cm
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    Catek WC and fabulous TD2s! Ride plates on pretty much everything, though I used softies a bit in the 2010 season for hiking. Now I have a split with plate bindings, so I'm back to no softbooting. Stance width is 19.5 inches on everything, with angle
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  1. Dan

    Best jacket

    My last two jackets have both been Orage Alaskan jackets - I bought a new one after my old one gave up the ghost. There have been both insulated and shell versions in the past, I've used the insulated one. Very warm (my current one uses Primaloft Gold, which I've found is noticeably warmer than vanilla Primaloft even with less volume of insulation), fully-featured, and I got my last one at Evo.com in late spring / early summer for something like $100 (MSRP is $400).
  2. Awesome! Your video is cool too
  3. Someone posted this on Reddit - I'm not usually into hip hop, but I really like this sound and the fusion with Native American music. Cool video too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eAEmjW9J3_o
  4. A wrist would be getting off easy! My wife said "they couldn't build this in Portland because we have too many lawyers there".
  5. I was on vacation on the southern Oregon coast last week, and while eating pie in Reedsport saw a skate park across the street. I wandered over to take a look and found this tiny coastal town has what may be the gnarliest feature I've seen in a skate park. I guess those rails are to keep you from going over the edge, not for grinding on...right? Sadly, the only person riding when I was there was on a Razor scooter and didn't hit this feature.
  6. I got no artwork, but I have thought that a drawing of a bulldozer or excavator digging an s-shaped trench in snow would be pretty cool.
  7. I don't typically follow basketball much, but our hometown heroes the Blazers had a pretty good playoff run this year, so I got kind of engaged, and I have one thing to say: go Raptors! Congrats on your win!
  8. Hey Josh! Fortunately, I think my issue can be corrected with PT and yoga, no surgery required - it's just a badly strained back muscle. I was wondering about carpooling, since there are a couple of carvers in SE Portland, but sounds like you'll be coming from Hood River anyway. It would be great to get folks together sometime this summer for a beer - let's see if we can align schedules once more consistent warm weather is here.
  9. One of the local riders here in Portland, Jburk, told me he's been attaching his stomp pads with industrial strength velcro. That way he can remove the stomp pads for grinding - the velcro patch is thin enough to go through the grinder without creating problems.
  10. Welcome aboard, Jschindler! Always nice to see a new carver here / on the hill. I'm done for this season due to some back issues (John can tell you about that, LOL, he had to open my bindings for me one day because I couldn't bend over that far) - I'm focusing on recovery and rehab so I can get back on the snow next season. I'll hope to see you at Meadows this winter, I had a pretty tragic season this year (maybe 10 days), and hoping to do better next season. What part of town are you in?
  11. I'll keep an eye out at the end of the year...it's not like I really need any more gear anyway
  12. Hmm, not sure how I missed this when you initially posted. Is it still available?
  13. No disagreement, I think you'll find that many Americans feel the same way.
  14. I own a Superconductor, but have never ridden a Kessler, so I can't give you the input you'd need to make an informed decision. Clearly the only thing to do is buy one of each I am not a "one-board quiver" guy, but I have found that I'm less and less willing to interrupt a day of riding to switch boards, and my Superconductor has pretty much become my go-to board for anything other than soft snow / powder, replacing my Coiler Mini-Monster. A lot more reviews in a lot more detail (by much more perceptive / skilled riders) can be found in the Reviews section of the board, but I will say that it is lively, forgiving of technique errors and less-than-ideal conditions, and has edge hold as good as my metal boards. What's not to love?
  15. Clinica Pro Medium? Hmm, actually I don't think that could be it, it looks to me like the "S" in Daveo's original image is not a uniform thickness throughout. The most upsetting thing about this whole thing is not how hard it is to tell Helvetica-ish fonts apart, but that so many articles included the detail that Bomber was described as a "total failure". I beg to differ!
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