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  1. They can't wait in Little Cotton Wood Canyon Utah. 16 inches and the hiking started.
  2. Got these in May and got a few turns. But are really for this year. Thanks to Bruce @coiler for the raffle prize from #Montuky2019.
  3. With less then a 4 hour drive you have multiple options in Utah and Colorado. Brian Head had a good year this year but most years low precipitation and warm weather make it a very short season. I have many friends who drive down from salt lake during good snow years/snow storms because the terrain is good and crowds are relatively low. When the jet stream splits during mid winter salt lake area misses alot of storms and Brian head is the winner in that scenario.
  4. Alright. We are 45 days or so from meeting the minimum requirement of 50 people for Montucky. If this does not happen this year I will be very sad. This is such a unique event and we need to make it an annual event. THIS means I need you. OK stupid Americana. What is the current count and how many more do we need? Dreadman we may need to start a count down clock to make sure we meet the minimum! PS; If we are unlucky we may have to ride powder! And I can say with certainty I know of 3 people already confirmed!
  5. I emptied the Montuky Snack and shared the rolling rock with some geology students studying rock formations. Spread the weight between 3!
  6. Took them out with me
  7. Was hiking today and at the top of the mountain were 3 beers left in the snow from winter. Don't know how the Montuky Cold Snack made it to Utah but it was icy cold and refreshing. Thought it was litter at first!
  8. You are correct. It is my wife's transition board from soft to hard boots
  9. Yes I am. I did get one day on mine and the wife got 3. Winter is further away today then it is tomorrow! Enjoy the summer, visualize the carve and pray for ❄.
  10. At 230 lbs I expect to see binding suck. I also expect to hit rocks and possible break a board because I am constantly trying harder. If you're into multiple board sports both skate boards and surfboards break all the time. It's the price of entry. I also don't believe in resale value as I want to use a board to have fun. I can't be OCD about damage because it's inevitable!
  11. It is 185,cm long/ 21.5 cm wide/ Built for 220 lbs / Unknown VSR somewhere around 13.5 average. Top sheet is based on an old Nitro board i used to own.
  12. I just received a Coiler Monster from Bruce. New side cut is called Contra I believe. Rode it Saturday then put it in storage till next year. It seems incredible stable at speed with lots of grip. Wife was shocked on the edge hold of the BXFR. Her first time on a Coiler. Thank you Bruce for great boards. And thanks for donating a board for the MCC rafle! Much Appreciated And we are on the list for 2 more at end of January 2020!
  13. Yes. Old Nitro 51 Hemi BXFR 156 CM long 23.75 wide. 130 lbs weight . This board is for my wife. Side cut is Bruce's choice in the 8-10 range
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