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  1. Finally selling my Donek Axxess to make room for another board. A great all-mountain board, perfect for a beginner. Board is in great shape with the expected wear for a board this age. Asking price is $150 plus shipping. thanks for looking.
  2. Good for you Frank. I know what it's like to bonk 70 miles into a ride and still have 10 miles to go. Those kids will remember your generosity and hopefully pass it on.
  3. The hill I ride near me is only about 400' vertical. I'm very conscious about who is riding ahead of, or more importantly, who is coming behind me. The run I'm usually on has a chairlift right next to it so I can give it a quick scan and evaluate whether the next rider is a wannabe ski racer or not. A couple of seasons ago there was no one downhill from me and no one at the top or even getting off the lift. So the coast is clear, right? I start down using only the left half of the hill and on my second turn I see a skier flying down the middle of the run. I'm heading across the fall line towards him, so I start my toeside turn sooner than expected. As I'm turning he clips the exposed bottom of my board and proceeds to tumble all the way down to the bottom. I stopped to watch and then proceeded down to where he was. After asking if he was okay, he said he was and of course offered no apology or explanation. I guess I was still in a little shock, because I should've been screaming at him for hitting the ONLY other rider on the hill. Thankfully I wasn't hurt and my board didn't even suffer a scratch, but I certainly avoided that doofus for the rest of the day....
  4. Not in the lift line, but in the line for TSA screening at Salt Lake City airport one of the screeners asked me "what is that in your backpack?". I knew exactly what caused her confusion without even looking. I told her they were the bindings from my snowboard, which I had removed to save weight in my board bag. I had enough common sense that day to not mention the name "Bomber"....
  5. Thanks, that was one of the things I noticed as well. I usually ride at Crystal Mountain, but was at Caberfae last weekend.
  6. My last day of carving was this past weekend. (Northern Mich.) It seems like every year I learn one thing that inches my progress forward. I frequently reach for the snow with my inside hand causing me to break at the waist and lose edge control on the board. I usually make a conscious effort to raise my hand or elbow. What I learned this year is if I take my outside hand and drive it through the turn and down a bit, my inside hand automatically stays off the snow. This also results in me facing the nose of the board and not counter-rotating. This also helps with angulation and keeping the board way up on edge. So one small action completely changed how I ride. Of course now I have to wait until next year to really dial it in....
  7. As far as growth goes, I don't think alpine will ever get much more popular than it is already. There just aren't that many of us goofballs out there. But honestly, if it wasn't for the Bomber forum and this one, I never would have gotten a decent used board with bindings, tons of carving advice and hundreds videos to watch. I would suggest our little online community has done as much as anything else to promote this sport. I've been a member of a few other forums and none of them are as friendly and as helpful as this one. Where would your riding level be at today if it wasn't for the people on this site?
  8. I've been thinking the same thing for years. Most of the snowboards I see look like they were designed for kids. Just toys...
  9. We will be at Park City Thursday and Monday, Brighton Friday and Solitude Sunday
  10. I think the (mainstream) snowboard industry is missing out on an opportunity here. My impression is that they could care less about anyone over thirty-five. What about the guy/girl who is thirty-five or older, has no interest riding in the park or hitting jumps (bad knees?) anymore, has been riding for fifteen years and now is maybe looking for a bit of a change? Why not focus on boards for grown-ups? Make them stiffer and better at holding an edge. Suggest more of a forward stance for carving, if they like that sell 'em stiffer soft boots. A small portion will get hooked and will make the jump to hard boots. I'm amazed at how many people ride with a duck-stance and never ride switch. You're body is facing forward 90% of the time, shouldn't your feet as well? Okay, rant over
  11. I'm going to be in Park City next week and was wondering what runs people might suggest for carving out there. I'll be riding there Thursday and Monday. Thanks!
  12. No boot fitter, I just went up a size. The funny part is that when I first started my stance was much wider, too wide as it turns out, so I was fighting that combined with poor carving technique. No wonder that my feet couldn't wait to get out of those boots.
  13. I have struggled with getting my boots to fit properly for several seasons. My feel are long, narrow and very flat. It was suggested a few years back that I go up one liner size and that should take are of the the "volume" issue inside my boots. Well my current liners are packed out enough to where I needed to replace them. Went from a M27.0 to M28.0 Intuition power wrap liner that fit surprisingly easy into my Deeluxe Track 325 boots with footbeds inside as well. The fit feels very snug and I can't wait to try them out.
  14. The speed, acceleration, precision are what keeps me carving and trying to improve. Also the relentless pursuit of the "perfect" turn. On a good day I can still feel the turns in my head and body hours later...
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