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  1. The shop is open by apointment only if you want to go there and buy something. They are doing a lot of business online and will ship to you. Don't be afraid to get a hold of them to buy stuff as they have lots of items and will ship to you.
  2. The base is in good condition. I had it lightly ground by Denver sports lab a year ago to add a little more structure. It has been hot waxed by me several times since then. I Don't have more pictures of the base. The board still has good camber. I do not know exactly how old it is? I bought it from Jorge at ses about 3 years ago. I put light use on it when i rode it. These boards are very hard to find used. Very fun to ride. Remember best offer you are not requried to pay 400.00. A new one was selling for 900.00 plus shipping from europe.I am only selling it because I have to stop riding. I would like to sell this.
  3. which model? I am having a friend sell my 162 pureboarding bastard on e bay. 400.00 or best offer. The add says 160 because he measured the effective edge I think? The only reason I am selling it is because I can't snowboard anymore. Look under carving snowboard to find it.
  4. i could ride it at 30 and 15 like I do with the dupraz.
  5. wow! Thank you for the info. I still wonder if this board would be too wide for me with my size 25 UPZ boots? Good price though for a new metal board.
  6. I went to a shop today to see if they were going to carry this board? They said no as it is too expensive and is a very specific board. They will special order it. I was told it might be available in Steamboat? i was also told that I can demo it at Loveland and keystone at the demos this year? I will call around to other shops in Denver to see if it will be available? I would like to look at it at a shop if it is available? I might not want to demo as I have small feet and it might be too wide? I talked to the Ride rep who happended to be at this shop I went to today. The shop is a dealer for ride snowboards. i think it will be funny to find out that no one in denver will be stocking this board? I will be laughing about it. I did find out that this year will be year 2 for this board and they did have some issues with delaming but have fixed that? I will call tommorow some other shops to see what I can find out?
  7. If no one answers on this forum you could contact Donek snowboards and they would be able to explain the diffrences in the 2 boards. They are making the glass free carve again with newer dimensions.
  8. thank you for the info about this gear! I am having fun riding this board the way it is with 20lbs of tire pressure. I might just buy another carveboard already set up with the urethane wheels so that I don't have to take a chance on this not working that well? I think it would be fun to have the shorter 34" board with the urethane wheels as this would allow riding on more types of terrain than the rubber tire board.
  9. I don't think i will be able to convert my board to the new wheel set up as I would have to mount the trucks in farther than 2" each to clear the sharp bend on the nose and tail of the board? I took 1 truck off and made a pencil line 2" in from the center of the mounting holes and the truck will not mount flat on the board from that spot. Also the board is wider with the truck further in and the wheels might hit the deck? I am glad I did not order parts yet. I must have the old version?
  10. I will be sticking with the carveboard line either what I have or I might just buy the newest carveboard with the 104mm wheels and sell my current carveboard if I like the newer one better? The carveboard seems to work good enough for what I want to do .
  11. Thank you for the info on those parts. I can buy a complete carvestik used for the same money as it would cost to buy parts from carveboard to convert my other board. I wonder if the new 104mm wheels would be better than the 80mm wheels on the carvestik? I don't like the idea of drilling the carveboard because if I ever wanted to sell it might not help?
  12. Has anyone converted a rubber tire carve board to urethane and if you did did you like it better? I contacted the company and they said it can be done if you are willing to mount both trucks 2" closer in. You would have to drill the deck. Reasons why I would like to do this- lighter weight, quicker turning, no more tires to inflate or decide which pressure to use based on type of hill, less rolling resistance with urethane which would allow you to ride on more types of terrain. I would be buying the new 104mm wheels and axles to do this.
  13. Thank you for this post. i started on a snurfer back in 1978. The snurfer has been reissued and is being produced again with permission from Sherman Poppen.
  14. If you are still interested in a Virus board you might call Bola at all board sports as he has a metal 162 sl board at a very low price but it is in real good shape as I saw it today when I was up there paying for a board that I bought. 303-415-1600 Cheers Matt
  15. Does anyone know if you can recycle old snowboards in Denver,CO? Afew years ago you could take them to Colorado ski and golf but not now.
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