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  1. Sorry for the delay. The remaining sets going to: WJHolm, Charliechocolate, Corey and Dusty bottle. Roberto says he’ll do another run of about 100 for next year. Might pay to do another group buy. Best to do it in the fall. Ron
  2. Hi Corey, I’m not receiving any PMs now. Is there a setting I need to change?
  3. Yes they are the plus version with 2 springs
  4. digger jr


    I have DGSS for sale . They are the leftovers from the group buy for MCC. I have 2 for Deluxee and 3 for UPZ. $112.00 shipped in USA Let me know, Thanks Ron
  5. Would like to thank the Turner ski patrol and Rob from Ontario for helping Gloria get back to the bottom on the last day. She buried herself a couple times in the powder on the backside trees and was pretty beat up by the time she got out.
  6. Amen! As far as hardboot carving angles go,I always followed the “put your toe and heel as close to the edges as possible. This makes sense from a leverage point, but I’ve recently in creased my angles to 65-68 front and 60ish rear ( used to be 60/54 )with some underhang on the front heelside to eliminate bootout (20 cm board).These angles have freed up my ability to angulate and eliminated front leg knee pain. Just saying sometimes a little experimentation can really make things work. My heelside was always very strong, but toeside not so much. Especially transition from heel to toe. Now with new angles , transition has become more seamless. Angulation is much better on toeside- more powerful toe turns. Could always dump speed on heelside but not on toe. To be able to dump some speed on toeside is great now able to keep a more steady speed Not pimping any specific angles, but just saying if things aren’t working great, might pay to change things up a bit. It’s only taken me 13 years to figure this out:).
  7. LMAO. You Montuckians are too much:) I hope we can survive MCC.
  8. It’s getting a little nuts around here.
  9. Did you see if Donek has any parts?
  10. So what is a Kessler 180?
  11. Hi Boris! Just started screwing around with the DGSS spring system. The springs themselves are MUCH softer than BTS,so you get easy flexing at first,but then resistance or stop.you could also cut down front boot forward spring to lock in sooner and put sleeve or much stiffer spring for rearflex on back boot. I run my boots ( Deeluxe) pretty upright, probably at the 4 position and like the increased flex, but also didn’t feel like was going to hurt my ankle like in walk mode.
  12. I would do a 2 spring Deeluxe set if still available. I’ll be at MCC. Thanks.
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