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  1. It sounds like the Apex 4x4 mount system solved the problem that others weren't able...outboard axles and mounting in the thick portion of the board. Would you say this is the ideal mounting system then?
  2. Did Apex's 4x4 mounting system solved this problem?
  3. This would increase an already steep sole ramp angle
  4. OMG. I was there Memorial day Monday and for me it was my best day ever at Mammoth. More snow/runs than when I went in early May.
  5. Ok, here's the one I like with some analytical mark-ups added. "ride like Jack"
  6. WTB Apex V2 plate Let me know what you got! RJNakata (at) aol (dot) com or PM me Thanks!
  7. @Puhutes what is the ramp angle of Mountain slope boots?
  8. Hey, there's room in this forum for divergent opinions...I'm open to them.
  9. Wow. to think no available snowboard boots have a "suitable" ramp...I wonder about Mountain Slope...
  10. For such a rider, it sounds like you're saying boots with an 11+ degree ramp (UPZ!) are not a good choice due to the boots' inability to correctly function with the lifts necessary to create these particular ramp angles, correct? What boot ramp angle do you think most riders would benefit from, and what boots have that?!
  11. Shelf tag says "Neo Glide"
  12. Sorry I didn't see those...although I'm sure they were there. I did see Black Pearl, Amicss, Elan, Grey. No SG boards, No Donek
  13. At the recommendation of @daveo we visited the "Victoria Main Shop" in the Kanda sports district of Tokyo. It was nice to see carving gear on an actual shelf. Some in-stock items: Kessler 168, Mountain Slope, UPZ, Ogasaka, Deeluxe, Moss, Iron Rock, SG, F2 Titaniums. Upside: you can actually see these things in person! Downside: prices seemed higher than retail in North America. I just thought I'd share with you! Edit: Disclaimer - I have no affiliation with this store or its products whatsoever! I just bought a cool stomp pad when I was there. here's one for @barryj
  14. A 20cm wide Angrry isn't an Angrry! Edit: Bruce goes with an Angrrry with an 18.5 waist for his 27.5 Raichles with less than 60 degree angles. The Angrry heritage is narrow waisted.
  15. experience Nirvana SOLD SOLD
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