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  1. Sports LTD did a pretty good job in my opinion and I would take my other boards there. The "medium" base structure is uniform and looking good (be sure to remove any stomp pads for greater uniformity of finish). I might opt for the "heavy" finish next time for warm weather performance. The ceramic ground edges are likewise well done with the characteristic surface waviness that I'll need to remove with a stone. The board was completed in 1 week as promised. I asked for: Ceramic edges: 2* side edge with 0.5* base edge Medium stone grind, no wax, no detune The main thing is there was no damage, no mess ups; all looks good.
  2. WTT: Boiler Plate 3* CANTS for 6* I'll trade you my 3 degree Boiler Plate cants for your 6 degree BP cants...or sell these to you. RJNakata (art) aol (dot) com
  3. These binding have size "large" toe ramps. According to the Catek website(!) they fit size M27 and over. https://www.catek.com/catekdirect/product.php?productid=11&cat=3&page=1
  4. WTB Bomber board sleeve or other I'm looking for a board sleeve for up to 185. Got one? RJNakata (art) aol (dart) com
  5. Wow, ok I didn’t see the direction this post is taking when I wrote it...it’s interesting though. I was wondering where I can get a good initial tune in an area I’m thinking is devoid of such. Now some of you are saying it may not be necessary!
  6. So I brought my older Coiler VSR into Sports LTD, Woodland Hills, CA today as sort of a test tune. I spoke with Doug who gave me a tour of their shop. There was a nice Wintersteiger stone grinder and ceramic edger. They have different stones/structures available. He sounded like he knows what he's doing and used to ride an alpine board back in the day (he did think my board was a mono ski for a second however). It doesn't sound like they see alpine often, if ever. I get the board back in a week and will report. I'm hopeful.
  7. It’s a stock build. Not a custom.
  8. Thanks for the offer. I'm looking to sell. thanks tho
  9. Hmm, not what I wanted to hear...the "hey that's a cool old school race board" is not what I'm looking for. I'll see about going in there and talking to them some. I called Val Surf and they do not have a board width stone grinder (just a belt grinder).
  10. Has anyone used Sports LTD in Woodland Hills for tuning their boards? They have a Wintersteiger Stone Grinder (snowboard width) and a ceramic edge tuner. I don't know their expertise however.
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