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  1. Damn i was hoping Turner would get the early snow.
  2. Should be a prize for the best buy of the week !
  3. Never admit or hint of an inner dialogue especially on an open forum !
  4. When Shred and these other clowns say this is a good board you should pay attention Not because i know the guy that makes them and rides his builds but because this board has stuff in it that money can't buy and getting one built will be a long wait. Lots of the content of Shreds strange ideas become mainstream but not until the timid have time to grow some! Step up people winter is coming.
  5. From those who attended last years event what did you forget to bring that you needed the most ? Money and beer aside.
  6. Lets get going people some good airline deals are closing Sept 3rd got to get these booked !!!!
  7. Don't know you but like your attitude. A trip to Montana is good for your soul. Having been there once before i can honestly say it will stay with you for the rest of your life. Not the easiest places to get to but the fact that it is" out of the way" is part of the charm. Destination resorts are cookie cutter places i try to avoid. Whitefish does not and i'm sure Turner will not leave you with the feeling you just visited Disneyland for the tenth time. I encourage your family to support your desire and with a little luck you won't be locked out when you return I wasn't !
  8. What are the chances of getting a refund if one were denied entry at the border ? With all the political bs going on these days and the multitude of reasons for being denied entry i would hate to put the effort into this trip and being upended by border issues. I'm blue eyed do you for see any problems. Would it be possible to have the Libby police department check out my admissibility to your lovely state before hand ?
  9. I believe this post contains political overtones. Today is the good old days what was is done.
  10. I suspect that that is the point he's trying to make ! You don't get a whole lot of satisfaction selling product to this particular demographic. Middle of summer bring on the flaming.
  11. Or send a set to a sweat shop in India or China make a bunch and sell them out of the back of your car at Turner in Feb.
  12. Just a heads up if you do find a pair. Base plates are two different lengths short and long so know your boot size and question the seller.
  13. lowrider

    Bend it....

    Bending boards. Anyone have the skills to start a thread on alpine boarders weight. Seems to me that if a person weighs less they tend to bend the board less? It's just August not to late to get into better shape (less weight) for coming season.
  14. "It's actually kinda fun". Yah sure I've been telling my wife that about driving the tractor and baling hay but so far she's not buying it. So is it more fun getting stuck with the tractor going up hill or down ?
  15. Even if you have the worst setup of everyone on this forum you are the envy of all. Your problem is you live on a mountain with the longest season in North America and you can't go to a snowboarding event because you might not get home for fear of too much snow !!!!! Keep your problems to yourself. (from a lowlander who lives in a snow drought area) You don't need new boots you need a snorkel.
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