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  1. Two million attend Raptor parade and rally 4 shot. How does that stack up to an American event ? News says more attended than that party for your new pres. Raptors actually have one Canadian on the team.
  2. Raptors the best . na na na na na ! Really i could care less best part is only two cop cars were trashed last nite . The parade is Monday we'll see how that goes . Oops just heard one person shot @ 4am. See Canada is just like the U.S.
  3. Well if you don't have a plate the others will just mock you and the cool girls will ignore you but you will get over it if you win a few races Good Luck !
  4. Just what i needed today thanks !
  5. Your on dangerous ground here buddy this is sounding very religeous.
  6. Blew that . One more chance Thursday !
  7. It would take a man to ride this board and while i would like to think i'm the man the years have taken their toll sadly to say someone else should grab this and ride. Please report back i'm sure it will be the ride of your life !!!
  8. Canadian invented it now we might get it back ! Raptors possibly can win it today ? Another sign the US is in decline ? OOPS Politcal content .
  9. If your shocks are bad drive around the pot holes if there good drive through them.
  10. The best use of a plate is in " adverse " conditions no matter what your experience level is. Chop or ice it allows you to continue riding when most others would pack it in and go home. You buy a lift ticket and most days you would prefer to ride for more than a few hours at a time .A plate will allow you to do that. Sharp edges and a plate allow me to ride ice coast conditions with confidence.
  11. Message to all .Get a life ! Go outside breath some fresh air and say hello to someone not on the internet. There's a good chance your board will work just fine next season.
  12. First world problem yes but as Warren used to say "You will be another year older when you do ride again ! "
  13. Love the pictures ! Everything closed in Canada as of last weekend . Keep the updates coming will help keep me stoked till Sunsurfer reports on NewZelands season opening. Anyone go to Beartooth pass in the summer ?
  14. Stones concert back on for June 29 th so check your build dates. Bruce might be a little sleep deprived. You can fly your private jet into the Lake Simcoe Regional Airport to attend .
  15. Buy a new board or improve your technique. Geckos are the kind of bling you don't need. In my opinion !
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