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  1. Hey Shred! Whuuuuutcha got???
  2. Yo Shred! Sorry, looking for something a lil wider. Got anything else?? Doesn’t have to be a Virus
  3. IMAG4721.jpg.05fd07e0915072b6003bd5f7e651fb40.jpg


    Intercepter 173w  listed on for sale classifieds..  board on left...


  4. Hey guys!! Does anyone have a Virus UFC they would like to sell? I’m interested in the metal top sheet version. Had one and never got to ride it. I’m also interested in any slightly wider waisted Virii. Whatchya got??!
  5. In the one pic it has storage wax on it. I’ve since scraped that off.
  6. I’ve got the full rocker Tanker 187W. 2010 model year I believe. I ha ent ridden it, and it is in pristine condition.
  7. Finally had the chance to ride the 6'3"!! It was the wrong conditions and the hill was packed. Still had a blast. Couldn't have had more fun in worse conditions. This board stays in my quiver forever
  8. It lives! They are a beauty aren't they!? I'd have posted a pic already, but alas my iPhone's camera was busted. For sure it's my favorite board I've ever owned. I set it up centered on inserts per the recommendations of this thread. I plan on riding it in every condition. There was a 5'2" demo unit for sale. I sent the link to my Buddy, I was hoping he would buy it for his wife. I'm drooling over the 6++ that's still for sale.
  9. Great Condition boots for dirt cheap! This is the stiffer version of the Burton Ion Boots, from back when they had the superior lace up system. Not that Speedlace crap. $50 bucks and $15 to ship
  10. I'm not often in Vermont, but I could make an excuse!
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