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  1. I did without issues this winter. Snow Raider Glove SR-4 (CANADA)
  2. What @BlueB said or swap the Bennett for a DT Bhanger. Didn't like the poppies. The front was too "binary", not as smooth side to side as a Bennett or Bhanger.
  3. @Poloturbo Bienvenue chez toi
  4. Bromont vient d'annoncer la fermeture définitive de la station pour la saison. C'est fini. Trop de pluie à venir. Je suis chanceux, j'ai pu me taper qqe descentes hier matin.
  5. This is my UPZ set up with the SBC liner. What I found useful is the addition of loops at the top of the liner. I insert the shoxxter strap there while the Booster strap is in the regular location. Stiffens up the top of the liner.
  6. Bromont ferme le 22 Avril.
  7. Réal qui trace des belles lignes
  8. @SunSurfer Well, I had tried with iMovie but an old version, so I guess it wasn't very good. I downloaded a newer version (as you can see, I don't use it often...) but the stabilization was horrendous. Your links are appreciated but Windows only... So I set out to find some free tool. Found a few free trials. Tried them but had issues loading the software or videos had watermarks and more. Then I remembered that Google Photos has a video stabilizer (but only on phone it seems). Tried that. Uploaded but video was only only 360p. Tried a different upload option and this time allows for HD. So, should be better now. tx
  9. Early Friday morning. From 8h40 to about 10h45. It was starting to get crowded when I left at that time. We did have to wait once in a while to let the skiers thru to have a clean run. But I think that at one point, we were scaring them and that kept them away .
  10. C'était dur des manquer. Je pense qu'on a fait un bon show en dessous des chaises Je suis sûr que tes voyaient d'Orford...
  11. Yeah, nice conditions. Icy but very grabby, just let the board do the magic. Not sure when Bromont closes, I haven't seen any dates set yet. Unfortunately, the forecast does not bode well starting Sunday til Tuesday. Lots of rain will make the conditions much worse. We'll see!
  12. Fond dur qui accroche solide. Belle matinée avec Réal.
  13. Dès l'ouverture? Ça se peut que j'y sois.
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