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  1. Ha..I thought those were yours EB was talking about
  2. You never forget your first...1987 Burton Cruzer 165...I'll bet Stowe will be pretty heavy with riders vs. skiers tomorrow for their opening-thanks Jake
  3. Do you still have these? Need for a buddy building a kit. Thank you
  4. Do you still have the UPZ’s for sale?
  5. Yes I still have the TD 2's.       Charlie

  6. Let me know if you still have them-thanks--helping a newbie put together a kit
  7. Game 7 left me feeling cold and dead inside. After the rat let the 2nd goal happen, the optimism was gone. They played $hitty at home-is what is is..neither one of those surgeries sound pleasant. Guessing hip is faster. Old man had rotator cuff/bicep tear/tri damage..6 months+ of little usage after surgery.
  8. "Just checked the UMH archives I'm still on the career penalty minute all time leader list. Not where I wanted to be 20 years after the fact, but In fairness to me I did really only get 3 full years of playing time with some injuries at both ends of my #fullride, I would have been a top 15 all time goon if I got my full 120 games in, just saying." Domi, McSorley, Pronger, Beukeboom, Messier, McTavish, Iafrate, Stevens, Shanahan, Neeley....miss that hockey
  9. Any potential to ride tomorrow or are you just going to be soaking up sun on the sidelines?
  10. Will be an audible on 3/8..potentially heading to Loaf..visibility sunday was obscured by the 50+gusts so I two-planked it. Coverage good..no cahvahs present.
  11. late to party again...I'll get in line if they don't go to Topboost
  12. Apologize for my terrain ADD..tend to just move and migrate a lot at SR, usually due to crowding but I was pleasantly surprised..Couple of near miss hairy moments but no collisions. I was tired myself after riding with Matt, who is 1/2 my age.
  13. Monday was excellent..on chair at 8:10, .lift line wait of 5mins or less for a holiday? Can live with that. Snowglobe all day, great carving in the morning, met Frank aka TVR, got some laps with him, rode softies half day and went until 2:45, great conditions, very little scratch.
  14. Anyone carving at SR on Sunday or Monday? While I detest holiday weekends, I have had no time on hill since MLK and have free vouchers for SR.
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