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  1. This was a first, 3 dudes getting off the lift as I rode by, and they say look, an alpine snowboarder! Maybe we are on the brink of something?
  2. Conditions where you usually ride should be your first consideration. Firm, hardpack snow is the type of conditions where they excel. They minimize the chatter transmitted from the snow, offering a smoother ride.
  3. billyt.


    At 73 you are an inspiration, and on opening day to boot! I would just blame it on conditions not measuring up to your riding style. That is EC carving, right?
  4. Very sad to hear. Got to meet him a couple of times, and rode hard through the trees in Vail when he was in town, back in my day. Make everyday count, and enjoy it while we can!
  5. Thanks, looks nice. Might have to go with the Thermo from Dluxxe for the volume?
  6. Help me out here. When you say stiff, does that mean doesn't flex or more support? I'm in the market for new liners, and I am trying to figure out my options for my Deluxxe LeManns.
  7. Ride mid-week! Usually a ghost town.
  8. I am not sure if it would be a good idea to have him read your manifesto right off the bat? It is almost like a religious crusade/a calling! Maybe your own YouTube channel? If Bryan is on the east coast, the gear should be damp and good for tighter trails with good edge hold.
  9. It’s funny how new members are bombarded with riders likes or dislikes in an effort to help. The tech articles page Norm, or even Carvers Almanac, should be good advice for newbies. Or a section in the forum where instructors can give some basic instruction. Maybe Beckmann would want to advise?
  10. Welcome! Are you confused yet? They all mean well and they are glad that you are stoked.
  11. plenty of snow in VT! Rode yesterday, surprisingly very firm. Trying to build on keeping speed in check. Moved my stance with more setback and my Coiler Nirvana balance seems to respond to it with better heelside finish. Optimistic that I might get up for another session, but I know the mountain staffing becomes an issue and they will only be open on a few more weekends.
  12. Shred, sorry to hear that your season is coming to an end. I would be more than happy to ride your new stick, and give it the proper breakin ride recommended by the manufacturer. What are friends for!
  13. Love checking out my trenches under the chair. Slopstar might have to start hitting the all-you-can-eat buffet. Trenches need some depth, especially with that buttery soft snow!
  14. Just to add what Neil was saying. Sometimes the terrain will determine the type of carve and how long you hold it. last time I rode, conditions were epic two weeks ago, as I transitioned from edge to edge, just before making the toeside, I would make a small heelside, and vise versa. Nothing too drastic, just made my carves feel better. Knowing the trails, and transitions helps too.
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