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  1. same... don't die; don't die; don't die... crap i almost die...
  2. Dumb Question from me: How can we tell the bail size is 53mm or 50mm? is it mark anywhere? There are 2 bails option: Standard Bail (53mm) -- Deeluxe/UPZ Low (NW) Bail (50mm) -- North Wave/Mountain Sport/UPZ race heel options It seems only the heel bail is different and toe bail are the same? (In SG's website they are only carrying heel bail for different size and not the toe) Can one run Deeluxe with 50mm bail?
  3. seems to be Carbon(judging by the pic that Pokkis shared): I got the carbon one as well and it seems to be pretty flexible but I have been eating my wheaties and hitting the squat rack lately.
  4. https://www.sgsnowboards.com/gear/sg-performance-bindings/ "Bails for NW and Ski Boots available" hmm... i like problem that can be solved by throwing money at it. Now all i left is the problem of no money lol...
  5. Thank you all for the discussion/info(liner, bail and etc)! i would love to be able to hardcharge the backland in resort/on piste hardpack. Safety is always a concern. the modified bail that shown is for "redline binding" by Matti on EC forum? It's niche of a niche so the likelihood of someone make it for F2 is slim to none? A limited aftermarket run might be possible? Don't have any of my gear in front of me: wonder if we can Frankenstein this? https://www.phantomsnow.com/shop/binding-parts Could be a product differentiator for say TD/Sigi in the context of binding.
  6. That's one of my worry as well: Wonder if a different liner might help? in teton gravity forum: Intuition Pro Tour liner medium volume seems to be get good review with Backland. In EC forum: saw some using Palau liner wonder if a wrap Deeluxe liner work since i pick up a pair used with good price. With the new F2 binding might be ok/better? Something to verify for sure.
  7. Atomic Backland seems to have pretty wide toe box despite the spec. There are comparison bury in the forum thread: UPZ > Backland > Deluxe. with memory fit (baked the shell and liner) it should worked out pretty well. Anyone know a good "Atomic memory fit" shop in the tri-state area? These are really amazing boots compare to Alpine hard boots: R&D money goes a long way... Light weight, decent fit out of the box. Doesn't feel that stiff in locked mode(to me). Keep my finger cross that the smart tinker here will figure out how to make it work for our sport.
  8. Any new development on Spring System for Atomic Backland At boots? $200 for the spring system from Phantom for Atomic Backland: https://www.phantomsnow.com/shop/link-levers-for-atomic-backlands EC forum thread on Atomic Backland: https://www.extremecarving.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=13406 Steep and Cheap have the Atomic Backland Carbon for about $400+ shipped (tax and shipping) https://www.steepandcheap.com/atomic-backland-carbon-alpine-touring-boot?skid=ATO00CW-BLA-S265&ti=U2VhcmNoIFJlc3VsdHM6YXRvbWljIGJhY2tsYW5kOjE6MjphdG9taWMgYmFja2xhbmQ=
  9. bumping threads related to Atomic Backland AT boot.
  10. wow; didn't realized Grand Targhee actually located in the state of Wyoming. I stand corrected. TIL(Today I learned)
  11. pretty cool video someone posted a while back: "Origin of snowboard"
  12. Thank you for the update on Bruce! Got my Aug build spot as well What to get.... Anyone ask Bruce to build something based on the famous Kessler 168?
  13. nice! want but not need.... well not without some mental gymnastic lol. Got 2 coiler on order; bought a powder board and DO... Think I am set for next season. But this is a steal! Some one buy it Where in NJ?
  14. i used ad block/uBlock Origin. Lots of time for paywall/adBlock-Blocker: we can go to right click view element; select the <div> and deleted it. Doesn't always work but this one work like a charm. disable JavaScript is another way. Anyone remember lynx(text based browser)... curl is another fun way to read webpage.
  15. A Ying/Yang Koi would be cool top sheet. Balance --
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