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  1. With your weight/boot size/UPZ it will work great with F2 Titanium intec/step in. If you are much heavier then Bomber TD(trench digger) are good for peace of mind. If your boot size are smaller(esp UPZ < 26.5) then Bomber TD3 sole block need to be move in a way which result in taking the binding off more work. Both are just minor optimization and not deal breaker in any shape or form. Are you looking for more flex? Are there any particular feature you are looking for? What don't you like about F2?
  2. pow4ever

    UPZ RC11 Lime M27.5

    damn... well fitting boots(no more super thick socks); it's going to be that much more difficult to keep up with you this session! Counting down the day buddy!
  3. Indeed. I stand corrected. Pure Carve: Cliff Pure Boarding: Jörg I did meet both at a pure boarding Apres Ski Both "outfits" are awesome. I did spent much more time with the Pure Boarding crew. Pure Boarding have a far more formal organization Pure Carve are local toe Aspen and go with the flow vibe I understand 100% what Jack is saying from a pure economic perspective. It's part but not the whole picture. Toyota still do well by make long lasting economic car. Meaning not everyone need to buy a new car every year for Toyota to continue on R&D. Grossly oversimplification as the economic of scale and parts to make it sustainable. Anyway we might be seeing history in the making: Alpine/Carving seems to be more popular than ever. IMHO: Having a positive/welcome attitude to people who are curious/beginner will propel our beloved sports forward. Equipment elitism/snobbery will do the opposite.
  4. Hard to go wrong with any of the new modern bindings for free carving. Carvin'Marvin got it right. How much do you weight? What boot size are you? In term of flex(side to side): (less rigid)(F2 titanium std /TD3 SW std*) < (F2 titanium step in/TD3 SW Stepin*) < (TD3 standard bail) < TD3 Intec (most rigid) *over all F2 have a tiny bit more flex than the SW(side winder). However I have not try every combination of pads and eRing. F2 relied on the plastic to give it the side to side flex. TD SW are have more knobs to tune for flex. UPZ boots does work Bomber TD2/3 Binding.
  5. hahaha.... found fellow stink footer
  6. Alpine equipments to me consist of: board Binding Boots . <-- Phil W put it very nicely. 20+ year old technology is just painful. Our main focus seems to be on board. Agree MADD is an outlier(since i first mentioned it; it's the contrarian in me talking lol). It's like classic car. It's nice but they don't make them anymore. The narrow sweet spot is a beautiful way to put it. The so call capturing lighting in the bottle is more art than exact science. certain model (car/motorcycle/aircraft/mechanical keyboard/ enter noun here) are more coveted not because it's easy to handle but it's the reward that it give to the user when we master it that elevated its status. History/where we come from is important; we can't dwell in the past but we shouldn't ignore it. That's just this humble idiot's onions. Does the thought ever occur to anyone else? i save my penny, eat right, exercise. Get the best equipment i can afford. wake up at ungodly hour to drive through treacherous road to get the resort paying $$$ for food $$$$ for lift pass + I try and try and try and still suck.... throwing in the towel feel like the logical decision. i am sure we all have that one board in our quiver: Call it grounding rod. When the day just isn't going well for whatever reason The board that is familiar/nostalgia/je ne sais quoi that will kiss the "boo boo" away. if it keep us coming back; then it's not holding the sport back per se. it doesn't help us moving it forward neither...
  7. MADD is ancient board by that standard. It's still being covet. As John E mentioned: We are in a phase of evolutionary and not revolutionary for many thing: car, snowboard, computer, phone and etc. A smart phone made 6 years is still pretty good. Metal/decamber/new shape are market disruptor/revolutionary. Once the new tech become democratize we will be hitting diminishing return on chasing the "minor-ish" refinement year over year. Don't get me wrong; incremental change does add up over time. it's nice to have but not must have. Many of us are in the super privilege place to be able to afford to experimenting: in both money/time context. I firmly believe the ride are in the rider and not equipments as Bob mentioned. Forever i will be a 2 cents rider(a nickel now with inflation) with top shelf gear but I am lucky/privilege to have discretionary budget for the thing I am passionated about. Newer equipment does make progression/learning easier. If you already rip; then it doesn't matter as much. As some on mentioned in the past: That barrier/high cost of entry(gears) is holding the sport back The lack of regimented training program is holding the sport back The Jörg/Pure Boarding group are actively address those barriers. I find it hard to argue that those gal/guy rips on what many consider old design. On the other hand all thing being equal: talent + hardwork + right equipment is going to win over talent + hardwork + subpar equipment Once we can clearly define the problem domain (what is our sports is quite ambiguous); then we can have a proper conversation. We are isle of misfit toy Most us are here to have fun and not compete/race. Nor everyone want to push their limit day in day out. Some of us are gear snob/gear hoarder as the season getting closer to opening; i do think tension runs high lol...
  8. perfect use-age of meme template; I see you are man of culture as well lol... the boots itself definitely fall into the new color category hype. It's finally getting "better" This episode of Simpsons comes to mind: people who ride alpine seems to do more intro inspection and don't blinding follow the crowd as there isn't much of a crowd to follow...
  9. pow4ever

    UPZ RC11 Lime M27.5

    Buy with confidence from KTV. Khanh: What Boots are you running this year?
  10. https://www.njfamily.com/the-first-indoor-snow-park-in-north-america-is-coming-to-nj-yes-really/ Open on Dec 5 2019. https://www.americandream.com/dream Theme Park, Indoor skate rink, water park, ski and shopping. Never thought it will be open as the development went through many round of financial trouble and the demise of shopping mall.
  11. to paraphrase Watchmen/Rorschach The wall is not to Keep Bruce out of US of A but to keep Bruce in Canada lol. Looks great and Healthy Bruce!
  12. same... don't die; don't die; don't die... crap i almost die...
  13. Dumb Question from me: How can we tell the bail size is 53mm or 50mm? is it mark anywhere? There are 2 bails option: Standard Bail (53mm) -- Deeluxe/UPZ Low (NW) Bail (50mm) -- North Wave/Mountain Sport/UPZ race heel options It seems only the heel bail is different and toe bail are the same? (In SG's website they are only carrying heel bail for different size and not the toe) Can one run Deeluxe with 50mm bail?
  14. seems to be Carbon(judging by the pic that Pokkis shared): I got the carbon one as well and it seems to be pretty flexible but I have been eating my wheaties and hitting the squat rack lately.
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