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  1. Bump with best offer option
  2. Plenty of life left with brand new liners and heels. Everything works great including buckles, hinges and power straps
  3. Interested if 29 Thanks
  4. Includes all hardware, yellow bumpers and 0, 3 and 6 degree cants
  5. Top sheet, base and edges all in very good condition. One 1/8th inch base hit from another board of mine falling against it but easily taken care of with next tune and doesn't in any way affect ride. Waist 21, sidecut 11.5/13.5. Fun grippy stable board built for approximately 200lb rider Bindings not included but available PM with questions
  6. cfj04

    Bomber Screws

    Crazy enough - I can use them I'll PM details
  7. Madd made a limited run with this style. This one and the wider BX version The specs are 166 length, 248 nose and tail, 190 waist. Quicker turning than the 170 model, about the same flex. Rides similar to my sl boards - renntiger, F 2 and tomahawk
  8. Not sure if it's carbon fiber but it's a nice stable ride for a 164. And Madd is still available
  9. It may be spoken for but I'll know this evening Fun turny board - softer flex but no issues at 200 lbs.
  10. All in good to very good condition. PM with questions
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