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  1. Paul's Celebration of Life will be Friday, June 7, 10am at the Singletree Pavillon in Edwards, CO.
  2. Paul Miller died, peacefully, of a malignant brain tumor on June 1, 2019. He is survived by his wife and 2 children. Paul, Kevin, and Larry were my Beaver Creek Crew, and the number of great turns we all made – on Rose Bowl, Larkspur, Arrowhead, and, of course, 1776 – now seem infinite. Paul was the guy always ripping it up, smiling. Paul, may your name and memory continue to be for a blessing forever, for us all. .
  3. pcABQ

    Yo Lci!!

    you guys have a great carving group at loveland, and i was delighted to be a part of it for so long. next year it is Ski Sante Fe passes for me and G (who is making quality turns), and an Ikon pass for me, which = five days at Taos. Come down any time. there is quality carving at both places. enjoy the summer.
  4. pcABQ

    ABQ carving

    End of seaons observations: a terrific year, both at ski sante fe and Taos. next year i hope for more of the same. if anyone plans to come down for some carving, snowboarding, or skiing, please contact me. cheers - season
  5. pcABQ

    Yo Lci!!

    juhwan - hang in there. glad your injuries were relatively minor -
  6. pcABQ

    Yo Lci!!

    mario - glad to hear you are still killing it on Indy 500.
  7. pcABQ

    ABQ carving

    I have been told by many that Taos isn't good for carving. this is not true. Taos has excellent carving: long runs, interesting terrain, lots of room to carve. ** the longer version: i parked my orange coiler right next to the base lodge door at 8:30, and began talking inside with a snowboard instructor -- George -- who also carves. he saw the board. he offered to take me on a run before his class started, so at 9AM george and i headed up the lift and did a superb run top to bottom. he was making quality, carved turns on an arbor, leading the way on well groomed empty runs. thanks george. i carved the next three hours, a bit tired after riding powder there most of the day yesterday (soft boot set up). here's your very simple bottom line: Taos is a tremendous mountain: steeps, bumps, trees, views, and carving.
  8. pcABQ

    ABQ carving

    carved tuesday with Breaking Brad at Ski Sante Fe . . . we took your suggestion and Muerte is now my favorite carving run at SSF: good pitch and width, cool slightly off fall line . . . terrific. thanks. so, for all you carvers coming to new mexico, gayway is a great warmup off the triple, and muerte and under the quad are high quality.
  9. pcABQ

    ABQ carving

    next stop: sandia. 30 minutes from ABQ, very local. you can take the tram or drive up the back side. base 8678 / peak 10,378. i've been skinning up it during the week, and i think with decent snow it would be fun carving. i'm not willing to ask bruce at coiler to make me an alpine carving splitboard -- although i know he could -- but it's worth a look. great local vibe.
  10. pcABQ

    ABQ carving

    more on ski sante fe, for any carver looking for info: this is not a big area, so it's easy to figure out where to carve.. having said that, Gayway off the triple gets early morning sun, starts wide and then narrows half way down, and then widens again. i think it is the best carving at the area. also, the triple chair from the base has short but superb carving under the lift at the top. good pitch, lots of cool terrain. cheers -
  11. pcABQ

    ABQ carving

    Taos. got in some turns there on skis a few days ago, and it seems to me that it could be fine for carving too. assorted groomers, interesting terrain. any taos carvers out there?
  12. pcABQ

    ABQ carving

    i have moved from denver to albuquerque, and i want to get out some info on carving from ABQ. 6 months ago i would have had trouble locating ABQ ona map; now i iive here -- quite happily. first item: ski sante fe. has a nice, local feel. no fast chairs. excellent grooming and solid carving. updates to follow.
  13. pcABQ

    Yo Lci!!

    First and last ABQ carving update. First, come on down anytime. Bring your mountain bike, because you can ride year round, and I live 1 mile from a trailhead. Bring a carving board, because ski santé fe has high quality carving. 2 lifts of 1500+ vert. local riding, 90 minutes from our house. Bring an all mountain set up – unless you are Kevin, of course – because if it snows we can ride some steep trees and you can huck yourself off some rocks. And bring a fast car, because the speed limit is generally 75, and I drive 65 – 90 mph every day, most any time of day. ** December 11. I was trying to meet Breaking Brad, possibly the only other carver in ABQ. Who knows. In the meantime, I went up the first lift with an older guy wearing a red POC helmet – same as mine – and riding some Atomic slalom skis. He had very little to say to me, snowboard trash that I am. His gang of skiers were hanging out skier’s left ¾ of the way down Gayway, a terrific intermediate run, well groomed, very carvable. I carved a heelside turn well away from them, but close enough to get their attention. One guy “clapped” with his skis poles as I went by. At the lift, Red Man said to me, “Nice Turns.” When I saw him at the lift next run he smiled and said, “Show off,” and we went up the lift together. This time he had a lot to say: he wanted to know all about the carving set up. At the top of the lift I said, “You should see my friends in Colorado carve turns.” Red Man: “I would like to see that.” So come on down. You've got a reputation already. pcABQ
  14. pcABQ

    Yo Lci!!

    always good to hear the news from loveland. keep carving!
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