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  1. I agree the vids are not ideal, I have seen the first Casi vid and it is more efficient at showing how rotation works...I don't agree about how swiss snowboard teaching would be inferior to what it used to be thu... They have had a long history of teaching rotation technique, and it is obvious even in oldschool vids like Canon Surf ('87-88)where you can see swiss rider Antoine Massy (white wool cap) turns vs the french crew...He clearly use rotation and the french, even Jean Nerva are clearly in counter rotation..Denis Bertrand and Regis Rolland also.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-wrD1L_IgE Anyway it's good that rotation is now a real subject of teaching, the term alone was not really used before the last decade...along with push-pull ( load / unload) they are the way to go whatever discipline you are doing..( ski, snowboard etc..)
  2. I use only TLT6 in powder and even in soft snow freecarving now
  3. flat, flat flat: no canting or lift as usual
  4. Flat indeed ( EC or freeride/Dual2 oriented)...Still working on the binding design and improvements..Its a very long quest for the perfection...The released ones are pre-series under the feet of the dev. team and few selected clients...so be patient! Maybe we succeed, maybe we don't!
  5. Just learned the passing of Philippe Fragnol, Chamonix's great mountain photographer..here is a pic from him not so off topic showing powder and hardboots...Notice they both are using rubber slings to make sure the bindings do NOT open on their Raichles..Jérome Ruby and Dédé Rhem in the Mallory couloir circa 1993 ( 55°) second pic, same guides north face of the Triolet
  6. I had to get the shells expanded in various spots for they were too narrow for my mid foot section...A good bootfitter can do that for not too much $$..They are now as comfy as crocs with the normal liner.
  7. Well since Pierre Tardivel has premièred most of the french alps very steep couloirs over the last 30 years in skiis and now on split, I can't say he is crazy ;)..He modified softboots bindings to suit his needs, and keeps experimenting...now he uses the plum plate with a strap in the front of the foot and bail in the back. He uses the plate under the foot while upclimbing too..kinda strange...He helps Plum work on their systems so let"s hope something even lighter comes out of it! ( i am not convinced by their bails for their new HB plates as of yet ( too thin to my tastes)
  8. Depends on what I do..if it gets hairy steep ( 35° or 40 and over) i prefer to have a bit angle because am used to it, and also i feel more confident that my frontside has no overhang..That day I had 42-35 angles. But when it's less steep I just go as low as 30-25..The problem is when u ride in resorts and finally you hit the groomed on the way back, you can't help but want to lay down a few carves...and then overhang can be a drag!
  9. We have to remember that people on Splitboard.com mostly come from the softboot scenes and have never used hardboots, except maybe in the old days. For us hardbooters, we need to see their vision also as something biased by that ( as well as our vision is biased by our hardboots background. This means that coming from hardboots, there is no need for as much transformation into the AT boots than what they are looking for. We are used to having the feet hold that way, ride with angles etc.. This is why they keep experimenting a lot until they will find the 5 legs cow: the AT boot that has the looseness of a softboots, whereas we likely don't feel that need. I have since I snowboard on pure powderboards ( '99) always ridden with hardboots, first SB121, then SB121 race ( both were coming from raichle's AT molds family) and then with pure hardboots ( Nortwave). Now that I have found and made my TLT6 comfy ( widening the shell, modifying the back so I get more angle) I feel better than I have never been in any boots.. As for advantages of HB touring, especially if you go into 3-4 parts boards ( that are very rare, especially in north america), you are basically climbing like a skiier with boots that hold lateraly and grip in the steep climbs. That seems unneeded in powder, but I have climbed up a icy glacier and even with the crampons, every step was tricky and dangerous..I was glad I was not using clumsy softboots and wide skiis.( was so icy I had even to remove skis and step into shoe crampons for 600m uphill: not fun... Also the narrower boots/uphill bindings are easier to pull up without having to spread the legs to avoid contact between the boots when u get tired.. So basically, it will give you versatility, because when you will walk/clim on rocks with or without crampons, it will always be easier than with softboots...Of course guys like Xavier Delerue or that does extreme splitboarding will always prefer softboots..Some others like Pierre Tardivel is using hardboots by Pierre Gignoux ( the black snowboard model > 1300 grams per pair) but with softboots bindings!.) Hope this helps!
  10. Sunday April 1st in La Thuile, Italy, Swellpanik Amok 196cm - TD3 - TLT6 fav freeride setup! Trees, ice, couloirs ( not narrower than 2m of course), steep, deep powder, slush, frozen balls, crust..all but moguls it likes
  11. I have Dyno HD on my split 4 with mid modified TLT6 ( very good bindings btw) I am so happy with the way the TLT6 feel that it has now become my everyday boots except when i am riding a full carving setup with my nortwaves that are stiff/heavy as hell in comparison. Downside is having to put a bit more angle to avoid overhang, otherwise its pure fun. Am using TD2's, TD3's or Swoard Redline plates with 0° canting/lift on all those setups ( on Swallowtails or Swoard Dual2). Lateral play comes from the vibram soles and less tightened bindings.
  12. Thnx guys! we all know the hassle it is to maintain such places online...and how important it is for our community.
  13. Hello, I don't see where we can get spare parts on the new website...please tell us where ? thnx Nils
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