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  1. Sent you a PM. Or check the For Sale section.
  2. I really have to clear out snowboard gear. I'm getting old, have a basement full of gear and hardly use the stuff anymore. When I die, my wife will probably give it all away. So here's a few boards. I'll post more stuff over the coming weeks. All my gear is lightly used. I'm the snowboarding equivalent of the little old lady who only drove to the grocery store. All prices USD plus shipping. Pickup welcome in Toronto. 2015 Yes Ghost TDF 159. Traditional camber, directional freeride. Still in plastic. $200.00 Kessler 180 Custom World Cup stock. 19.5cm waist, not sure of sidecut but made for World Cup GS courses. Apex (UPM) and 4x4 inserts. Formerly Caroline Calve's board. $500.00 Coiler 177 VSR, 20cm waist, Apex (UPM), 4x4 and extra tail insert for a GoPro. Custom Apex topsheet. Very lightly used, never ground. $400.00 I shot this video using that insert:
  3. You can see that the mounts screw into the 4x4 holes but the plate axles are pushed out towards the nose and tail. We had to be careful about insert placement. As you move out, as lowrider states, you encounter problems with not enough board thickness for a strong mount. Allflex required inserts even further out which not only created problems with board thickness but also created a handy stress riser where the board would often fold. When an Allflex compatible board fails, it folds on a straight line across the front inserts.
  4. To set the record straight, the term UPM was proposed to me by Fin and Sean after we released our plate to the public. I declined since I didn't feel it was a universal at all. And, to be honest, the insert pattern was only a slight modification on the Hangl design. Since the entire plate system was literally wrapped in duct tape and secrecy prior to the Olympics, I highly doubt that the term UPM or ASIP existed prior to the 2010 Games. Benji's plate was indeed the inspiration for the Apex project. The Canadian team wanted a plate that would deliver the benefits of Karl's isolation plate but be actually ride-able by humans and not just Austrian cyborgs. SG used the 4x4 pattern to mount their plates. In conversations with Sigi, he was adamant in retaining the 4x4 inserts. This was clearly a mistake in our opinion since the axle positions were too far inboard. Your foot would roll forward using the axle as a fulcrum, lifting the centre of the plate. SG tried to address this with posts and bumpers under the nose of the plate and by making the plate thick and stiff. Other 4x4 mounted plates had similar issues. All water under the bridge but I thought I would settle the facts.
  5. It's no big deal. I can understand why Bomber and Donek didn't want to use the ASIP name. The only thing that bugs me is that they could have come up with their own drawing instead of cutting and pasting their made-up name on mine. I rejected UPM because there's nothing "universal" about it!
  6. That's actually Apex's drawing that we distributed to all snowboard manufacturers back in 2010 when our V1 was released to the general public. We called it the ASIP (Apex Standard Insert Pattern). UPM was a term invented by the third parties. Not all ASIP compatible boards conform to those dimensions. A lot of manufacturers (I'm looking at you Kessler), drifted from them as they experimented or customised for individual racers.
  7. Hey Henry,

    Are you still riding the KoruaTranny Finder as a softboot carver?

    The dimensions are close to what I am looking for and I have seen you mention it. I am looking for an easy to carve, fairly tight turning groomer board. I don't need it to be able to do anything else (its fine if it does though). I have a 158 Kessler softboot board that is for big carves at speed. I am not sure Hansjuerg can build me an easy to ride board. Maybe a 154 x 260 Ride custom. 

    I read someone who wrote that Gentemstick and Korua were nothing special in their experience. I have ridden one Gentemstick on a groomer and I also found it lacking. It might have just been that Gentemstick but it at least gives me caution that my thinking might be in line with that rider's opinion.

    Just curious for your thoughts on the Korua or any other possibilities.




    1. skategoat


      My daily driver is now a Korua Shapes Trench Digger 65. I find it's the right width for me on groomers. I ride it with Gecko plates and I get no boot-out. Also, I'm finding that I like a bit of nose on a board because I tend to ride with a lot of forward weight especially during turn initiation. With the traditional shapes, I've stuffed the nose in soft snow and gone over the handlebars.

      The Tranny Finder is great when there is a lot of soft snow. Where I ride, it tracks up fast so I need something that will ride over the snow piles. It might not be the best thing for hard carving though. 

      My only hesitation is that the build quality on the Korua might be lacking, especially compared to Kessler. I have binding suck on both boards already and I think the bases are cheap and soft. I put the DPS Phantom treatment on both boards because I heard that it toughens up the p-tex.

      I've never ridden Gentemstick but I think there is a heavy Japanese mystique element to it and there are other boards just as good. Winterstick is a brand I would look at if price is not a deterrent.

      Kessler really needs to update his board shapes. 


  8. USD$120.00. I'll pm you some photos this weekend.
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