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  1. The forecast looks like today is the only day this week (last week of spring pass) that it isn't raining. I went up. It sucked. Worst grooming that I've seen in years. 2 runs and done. No one should be jealous.
  2. Yesterday at Timberline we had a group of six and I ended up on a chair with a couple of softbooters. One of them said, "Dude, you guys inspired us to do a run out of the park and on the groomer!".
  3. It was good today although a bit on the warm side. Boilerplate for the first hour (rained yesterday) then carvable for about an hour and a half. It was just starting to get grabby at 11:30 when I left. Temps are supposed to drop in a couple of days. Conditions are looking good for our mini session April 28-30. Spring Lift Schedule Our scheduled hours of operation (subject to change) for Spring 2019 are as follows: Lift hours are 9am to 3pm Palmer is open! Weather permitting, it will operate daily Magic Mile will be open daily, weather permitting Timberline’s five terrain parks are open daily, 9/10am - 2:30/3pm Bruno’s will be open Sat/Sun through April 28 Jeff Flood Express will run through April 28 Norms estimated closing date is May 19 Phlox Point Cabin has officially closed for the season. Get your Spring Pass by May 12th and use through May 27th! It costs less than the price of two lift tickets. Summer Pass ($899) goes on sale May 6th. Timberline Summer Snow Camps begin with Freestyle Day Camp on June 10th and Family Race Camp on June 14th. LEARN MORE Please check our Conditions page for daily updates!
  4. I actually joined that group and posted the event yesterday, thanks to Mr. Bryan Sutherland. Timberline was good today but got kind of busy and chopped up around noon. They put chairs on The Mile and took them back off.
  5. This is the last week of full operations at Meadows. It will be Friday-Sunday after that. Timberline is open every day.
  6. We've got about 24-30" in the last 3 days. Supposed to be another 6-12" tonight. I'm heading up tomorrow. Timberline spring pass $139, good every day through May 27th.
  7. Once again, the "Blind Skier" vest does wonders to keep people at a distance. No one wants to hit a blind skier.
  8. If you go to the "Boards" tab and click on the individual boards it has the specs listed. The Superconductor is a 175 with 162 effective edge. The XC is a 171 with a 156 effective edge. The SF is a 162 with 149.2 effective edge. So, the Super is 4cm longer than the XC but has 6cm more effective edge. The XC is 9cm longer than the SF with 6.8 more effective edge. 8R is 184.5 with a 171.2 effective edge. So it's 9.5 cm longer than the Super with 9.8 more effective edge. Then there is the X which is the new BX. No specs posted yet but I got to ride one and it was a blast and floated through the chopped up powder. I want Mark to build a 190-200cm of this one, it would be a "Tanker Killer".
  9. I learned from Boardski that it is possible to look good while riding with 2 ski poles in one hand and an open beer in the other.
  10. I believe that we could convert more skiers to our sport if more of us rode with poles!
  11. It's been done. The guy who invented the rear entry ski boot developed these years ago. A lot of instructors are getting these so they can easily switch from board to skis or vice versa. https://www.apexskiboots.com/
  12. Ok, which one of you was it?
  13. That works for me but we need to hear from DW3, since he's going World Cup soon he really needs to know how to tune his own gear. We also need someone with base damage, I can probably use an old board but I don't really want to tune something I'll never ride again if possible.
  14. AASI=American Association of Spinning Instructors. When my supervisors reviewed me and told me that I was one of the most reliable instructors but I really should be on soft boots, I told them to read the AASI manual, specifically the "Y" model which says all snowboarders start in the same spot but at some point they go in different directions, freestyle or carve. AASI and the resorts have focused all attention on freestyle and want to churn out an army of identical spinning robots, all with the same stance, all doing the same tricks. We are the outcast. We are the niche that snowboarding used to be.
  15. As far as food and beer, Charlies Mountain View is good. It's also like a Mt. Hood ski museum. The Ratskellar has the nightlife but I got food poisoning there and it ruined a good carving day. I prefer trenches over trots. The Glacier Haus is supposed to be good but I'm never in Govy for dinner so I haven't tried it. There is also a decent restaurant at the Mt. Hood Resort in Welches. I could potentially ride Meadows one day 3/10-3/12. Hopefully it will stop dumping by then.
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