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  1. You got a couple of weeks this season @Corey? Awesome!!! I don't know that I'll try another official event this year, but I can definitely save a few rooms for some wandering carvers. Bring the crew for sure. Let's plan a road trip caravan carving tour! Gotta do NES again this year too.
  2. Let's start this season's thread with a bang eh? Brand new Exegi Double-Wide Carver (in black)! These are the specs directly from the catalogue: 168cm long, 30cm waist, 14m average sidecut, 141cm effective edge, 3cm setback, 5mm taper... High torsion carbon and S-glass hybrid layup, full length sitka core, kevlar edge lacing, sintered graphite base... Exegi is one of only two manufacturers on the planet who can make a board with a 30cm waist. (I won't mention the other, but if this thing does what it's supposed to do, look for an x-wide Sabre SRT in the "For Sale" section early December - also in black.) This ain't no Knapton twin. This model is way stiffer; designed by Carlito for bigger, faster, deeper carves on the steeps, not for buttering around the green runs... No, I don't have huge feet, but when you carve hard enough you're gonna boot out any production "wide" board and I don't like the feel of risers under soft boots. The review is coming, right after the snow arrives. I have high expectations for this beauty.
  3. Is no one else surprised that she's not serving any time? All she has to do is pay back the money and not break the law for a few years? Is that really a punishment? It's not even a deterrent... And how did Jim get away without any conspiracy charges even? Surely he knew where the money was coming from... Don't get me wrong, I hold no ill will towards Jim or Angie, both of whom I like and have ridden with, and neither of whom has ever done anything bad to me personally. And I can forgive, after all, who among us doesn't commit a little fraud and embezzlement every once in a while, right? I just kind of expected justice would be served once they were caught... And admittedly, it does kind of bother me in general when business owners or rich people do "white collar" crimes and only get a slap on the wrist while other, lower-income people go to jail for stealing far less.
  4. Howdy West! How's the base at Whitefish? Any brown spots poking through? Will we be riding rock boards at the WTF this year?
  5. @Carlito and @ARCrider: My mistake. I thought you meant meetup tonight... Let's do Gondola for opening at 8:30am. Text me if you arrive late. Psyched to ride with you guys!
  6. Meetup at The Compound of course. I'll PM you the address right now.
  7. To be clear, the Chinese Downhill will happen on The Last Spike: a 9 mile long, slow flat summer road which winds down 5600 vertical feet. No high speeds, no crazy antics. Fast wax, a good tuck position and advanced drafting technique will win this one. I run this thing every day and never get passed. Gauntlet thrown...
  8. @carlito: It's cold man, but the cord is epic and the slopes are empty. Psyched to try your demos. Some fresh snow expected Thursday/Friday, then more cold corduroy riding in the sunshine for the weekend. I hope Turner is getting the same weather. Could be beautiful. Rus and Tania just left this morning, Dave is coming tomorrow. Yesterday there were three Coilers, two Thirsts and a Donek on the mountain at the same time; It's a new carving record in Revy for the most trenches ever laid in a day! So far no one has accepted my Chinese Downhill challenge...
  9. @Corey: How's the knee? Are you gonna it to make MCC? @Pusbag: Should I still be expecting you Monday? It looks like next week will be excellent cord, probably as good as it gets: fresh snow ending Sunday then cold and clear all week! Just perfect...
  10. Okay... The RACES are on! So far I'm winning. Looks like fresh cold corduroy starting Monday, right after this storm. It's gonna be perfect again right after all this powder... Any of you maybes out there still considering it? @Corey? @carlito? @Rob Stevens? @charliechocolate? @barryj?
  11. Consider elite BX riders. They don't ride switch or do freestyle tricks in competition, but their average stance is probably something close to 18/-6. Duck foot. Jump off a chair or something, land naturally and look at your feet. Duck foot right? 18/-6 is an excellent all mountain soft boot stance, good for landing jumps, going fast, absorbing impacts and carving too (but not great for the kind of low perfect semi-circular heelsides that we all strive for on corduroy days). I ride this stance on my powder and backcountry boards, though I rarely ride switch. I find it gives me very solid and versatile positioning. Jump turns on steeps or moguls are more awkward with a forward stance. My boots overhang too much for real carving on stock width softboot boards anyway, so I ride the stance that suits the conditions and terrain best when I ride backcountry or resort powder: 15/-3 for me. Don't knock it until you've tried it. Of course, when there's corduroy I'm all about the forward stance. 27/12 or 30/15 on my soft boot carvers, 60/55 for all my narrow alpine boards. 45/30 for the wider "all mountain" alpine boards. Yes it's true many snowboarders don't understand the carving potential of a forward stance, but there are a lot of hardbooters who poo-poo the duck thing too. As long as people don't try to pass on my backside, I don't care what stance they ride.
  12. Ya, I'll be at Turner. See you there digger. Too bad you'll miss out on The RACES, I think it's gonna be a blast. Still more rooms available for wandering carvers...
  13. Funny you should ask... I've had six days on the 9SW so far, the last three in a row being epic long days with over 30 000 vertical feet each. I just can't get enough of these SW turns. I don't even want to stop for lunch. This is my board of choice right now. I love the speed and stability; I can throw a ton of power at it and it'll turn tight for me, or go long around the crowds and bring my speed back under control in one big low turn... The 9SW is designed specifically for big, fast high g-force turns in good conditions, but also to keep the rider centered and reduce the overall movement needed to maintain edge control through those turns (kind of as described in the recently popular "relaxed carving" thread). Yes, it does all of these things, and it's quite good on refrozen icy cord too. 195cm overall length in an asymmetrical package, 18m average sidecut, 182cm effective edge. Big enough that people will assume you're trying to compensate for something. Be warned though, this board is fast and dangerous. It's a very big board. Sure, it'll initiate quick enough to avoid that skier trying to pass on your backside, but you're gonna push hard into it, angulate a lot, and carry a ton of speed and force through that turn, so the consequences are higher if you mess it up. It doesn't really want to turn at slow speed, but it'll turn tight enough to stay mellow and in control at medium speeds if you work it. Mine is a .303 flex index, which is probably a fair bit stiffer than the "suggested rider weight" would be for my 158 lbs. I imagine it rides a bit slower and easier if you're closer to the proper weight range. Can't say for sure and I don't care to find out; I like mine just the way it is. The bottom line is simple: if you like the way the 8RW rides (which everybody does) but you want to ride faster and with more power and intensity, and if you think you can handle 182cm of effective edge, then order yourself a 9SW. For me, if the cord is in good shape I want to ride the biggest board my legs can handle. If the conditions aren't great where you ride, if your runs are crowded or narrow, or if you're not fully confident in your riding ability yet, then the 8RW is the board you want. Still a long board, but not a ridiculously long board. That one is my board of choice for ice or chop, and crowds. I wasn't planning to review the 9SW because it's kind a limited edition thing, with only three in existence. If Mark is willing to make you one, that probably means he trusts you to handle it. My understanding was that it's not on offer to everybody. Also wasn't going to review it because I don't have anything to compare it to; my next biggest board has only 168cm effective edge: not even in the ballpark. But so far I'm having a blast on the big board and I highly recommend the 9SW to anyone who's craving more intensity, speed, and g-force. And don't be afraid, it feels safe and it always holds the edge. Exhilarating ride.
  14. Alright, I'll take them. Paypal? I'm working on that Boise address now.
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