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  1. You say that like ABBA and Bon Jovi are bad things.
  2. Two magical powder days back to back! Wow, still can not believe how amazing those 2 days were. Exegi was one of the 2019 MCC sponsors and will also be sponsoring the 2020 event and bringing demos! Be sure to talk with Carl at the event and try his boards! He is another fine North America builder! https://exegi.ca
  3. 4 feet reported in Browning, MT. We did not get even a snowflake in Billings. Just a Trace in Libby and the snowtel site near Turner Mtn is reporting 3 inches. The mountains near Yellowstone looked really inviting this morning.
  4. Listen to music and chewing gum, detaches the brain just enough to not over-think / over-control. Situational awareness can be maintained visually and spatial defense can be bright colored helmets/clothing. That is great to hear that it also increases your endurance! Yay Science!
  5. Near Yellowstone NP this morning. Winter will be in full effect in Montana this weekend.
  6. 47 and we have secured our hill reservation! So that means only 53 spots left! Thank you to all those that helped secure our hill reservation! Without you this event would not be possible!
  7. We hit 47 registration this afternoon. Turner is happy with that number, so we are a GO for the 2020 Montucky Clear CUT! Thank you all so very much for making this event happen! This event is happening because of you! 5 months and 6 days till the Montucky Clear CUT!
  8. We hit 47 registration this afternoon. Turner is happy with that number, so we are a GO for the 2020 Montucky Clear CUT! Thank you all so very much for making this event happen! This event is happening because of you! 5 months and 6 days till the Montucky Clear CUT!
  9. Turner Snow Phone office closed Friday- Monday for the Holiday weekend. So the last day to hit out needed 50 is 9/3/19! Almost there!! Happy Labor Day Weekend all!
  10. At 45! This is such a great community!! This event is happening because of you!!
  11. That’s right! It is the Final Countdown until the the drop dead date for the initial 50 registrations to secure our hill reservation! We are at 41 registered so 9 more and we will have ourselves a private carving session! Thank you so very much for all that have registered!!
  12. @pmorita Excellent! I hope everything falls into place for you! Thank you for supporting the event, Turner Mountain and the Community of Libby!!
  13. 40 Registered! 10 to go! Thank You all for supporting Turner and this event!
  14. Thought I would start a thread to keep the excitement going. Be sure to find us on Facebook and Instagram, nearly daily photos and videos posted there. So far we will have Demos from: Thirst, Donek, Alloy, Exegi, Ace Skwal, Coiler Video production (ground and drone) from Sky Vault (Nick Spiker and Clint Eckern) Nick was there last year with Black Eagle Media Clinics by Corey and Kathy and a yet to be named Donek pro 4-5 boards to raffle, 2 sets of bindings, Montucky Clear CUT logo stickers, hats and shirts Nightly meet up spots and the delicious Banquet/raffle night On hill games with prizes. An entire ski area open only for our event! Private Mountain! Private Event! Limited to 100 registrations! Join the Fun!! Get Registered!
  15. @Jcar Refund, donate (you would get a tax deduction credit) or sell/trade to someone else. We get it, life happens. Thanks for the question and support! We are up to 36 registrations this evening!! Thank you all so very much for registering!
  16. Great to see the Colorado crews coming back! Thank you for registering!
  17. @AlleeWould be GREAT to see you again!! I hope all lines up for you! I am confident we will hit our numbers just like we did last year... At the last minute! But for all you you that have not registered, but are planning on going, please help out and get registered this week! HUGE BIG THANK YOU to those that have registered!
  18. You will have a ton of new carving friends by the end of the week! We start the event with a Sunday night Ice Cream mixer to start friendships off right. Putting you Forum username on your helmet/cap makes it really easy for folks to start up conversations too. Thank you for registering! Looking forward to meeting and riding with you! (yes, I am excited for MCC too!)
  19. @barryj Last year we had 72-80 participants depending on the day. We are currently at 32 registrations. We WILL hit 50. They said “If you build it, they will come”. If it was not for the last minute, nothing would ever get done. Last year we saw the biggest registration push the last week. If event is cancelled due to lack of interest we will refund registration. If we are close in registration numbers, I will work with the board of directors at Turner to sort out a workable solution. We are trending with our registration numbers just like last year, so I am confident that we will meet our numbers. This is a really special event, 100% of your registration dollars are going to a 501C3 (not for profit) ski area. All of the sponsors are supplying product (boards, bindings, swag) for the raffles/games to help raise money for the all volunteer ski patrol. In return we get to have an entire ski area just to ourselves. So for all of you on the fence or waiting till the last minute, we need your help now to keep this event alive and to support an outstanding cause. Please register this week. Thank you so very much to all of you amazing people that already registered. Turner Mountain, the community of Libby and I sincerely appreciate your support.
  20. 32! We are getting closer! Little over a week to to to hit our needed 50 registrations to secure the hill reservation for the Montucky Clear CUT! Please help this event kick off by registering ASAP! A sincere thank you to all that have registered so far! Registration info at www.montuckyclearcut.com
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