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    Turner Mountain and the rest of the <$50/day resorts in the state
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    I might have a problem.
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    Deluxe 425Pro With BTS Red/Red
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    Bomber TD-3's Sidewinders
    Setup angles depend on board width.
    3 degree cants inward front and rear.
    19.5 stance width
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  1. What do you mean by this?
  2. More Fun Fun Fun!
  3. Short period of rain, blue bubble very nice! Just noticed my head phone hole in my suit. @johnasmo Lifts shut down at 3:15 because of lightning. Great spring carving!
  4. Easter preparation and Fun.
  5. Great day of riding today!
  6. Few of us are meeting up at Big Sky closing weekend for a bit of riding. Join us if you can. Usually a lot of fun and great conditions!
  7. Thirst had a whole demo fleet at 2019 Montucky Clear CUT. I imagine Thirst will again in 2020. As well as other manufacturers.. had Coiler, Exlgi, Ace Skwal, and Alloy at the 2019 session. I expect more builders for 2020 demos at the MCC.
  8. I will do some updates this week. Will let everyone know when I get registration open!
  9. Host a private carving session with chalky groomers and sunshine or host a private carving session with 30+ inches of powder. Monutcky Clear CUT February 10-13, 2020 https://montuckyclearcut.com/
  10. Ranching Hoof wedge Titan Flex mod. No need for cants or lifts.
  11. Those are stock on Titanflex. Just took the low side off.
  12. Welcome to the Forum! Sean at Donek, Mark at Thirst and Bruce at Coiler will all build you an amazing first, 2nd, 3rd.....board. They are all very high quality builders. Let them guide you. They do know best! You are talking to the right folks, don’t forget Bomber https://www.bomberonline.com/ for Fin-Tech boot heels, BTS and maybe some bindings. Welcome!
  13. I have been riding TD3 Sidewinders for quite some time and wanted to try something different and more flexible. So picked up from YYZCanuck some F2 Titan Flex. I was just not able to get the stance set up close to what I am use to. So McGuiver Time! Ranching Hoof wedge F2 Titan Flex mod. Was able to mimic my TD-3 stance I have been riding for quite some time, 3 degrees centered with board so a little lift and a little tipping in. Got rid of a bunch of stack height using F2 wedged and lifts. Picked up the hoof wedges at the local ranch supply store. Montucky style.
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