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  1. 46 spots left. Thank you to all that have registered! Just think how silly you will feel if you wait till the last minute and there are no spots left!
  2. Donek is a US distributor of Deeluxe.
  3. I wonder if we did back to back blind tests on good western conditions if a regular recreational Carver could feel a difference between a professional tuned board, a factory tuned board and one that has been simply waxed (when base is dry) and edges touched up when rocks are encountered. I have never ridden a professionally tuned board, other than how it comes from the builder, so I can not answer. I put such little effort into waxing/tuning, but I think that has more to do with terrain and prevailing snow conditions. My answer to your question would be to ride it and see how it feels, wax it when the base looks dry and drag a file on the edges when rocks are encountered. Enjoy your new board!
  4. Early season Whitefish and a fun story!
  5. 50 as of Friday. So only 50 spots left. Capping event at 100.
  6. Airblaster just let me know that they will be sponsoring/contributing to the 2020 MCC! Thank you Airblaster!
  7. Lots of great demo boards for the 2020 MCC! Thank you so very much to the outstanding board builders supporting the MCC, Turner Mountain and the Community of Libby!
  8. Lots of great demo boards lined up this year! Thank you so very much to all of these fine board builders for supporting this event, Turner Mountain and the Community of Libby!
  9. Winterstick will be joining us with demos and a board for Raffle! Sounds like they have some carving boards for us to check out! Thank you Winterstick!
  10. You say that like ABBA and Bon Jovi are bad things.
  11. Two magical powder days back to back! Wow, still can not believe how amazing those 2 days were. Exegi was one of the 2019 MCC sponsors and will also be sponsoring the 2020 event and bringing demos! Be sure to talk with Carl at the event and try his boards! He is another fine North America builder! https://exegi.ca
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