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  1. Glad you got it apart. For stuck/frozen bolts and screws I started using Kano Kroil-way better than PB Blaster. A mechanic at the commercial fishing dock recommended it. I have used it to get bolts out of salt water outboards and nothing is worse than that environment.
  2. My buddy got a new hip a few years ago. He is an avid cyclist and skier. The new hip did not slow him down at all. He is still pedaling a few thousand miles a year and skiing as hard as ever. Last year he did the Vermont ride - north south border to border in one day!
  3. Put me in for the fr2’s. I will take both pair
  4. jl1

    SOLD. UPZ RC10 MP 28

    Still for sale
  5. jl1


    Hi Ron When you get your pm,s squared away make sure to keep me in line for the UPZ version-Looks like I am # 3
  6. jl1


    sent you a pm
  7. jl1


    I will take a set for the UPZ-I am assuming from pictures they are two spring plus version?
  8. jl1

    SOLD. UPZ RC10 MP 28

    I had them listed for $300. I edited my first post to reflect change.
  9. jl1

    SOLD. UPZ RC10 MP 28

    No modification were done to the shells. I used the flow liners and they worked ok for me. They are not moldable. Your Deeluxe liners should work fine.
  10. jl1

    SOLD. UPZ RC10 MP 28

    These need to go
  11. I may be interested in the Catek hardware-How much
  12. jl1

    SOLD. UPZ RC10 MP 28

    Price drop. $275 plus shipping
  13. Will you separate-I may be interested in just the Cateks.
  14. I know a good boot fitter in PA outside of Philadelphia-If you are interested I will find his contact info.
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