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  1. I found Backlands very flexy, compared to Deeluxe700/UPZ's i ride normally. That combined to quite loose bails setup, i dont like to ride them on piste with my carving boards, even i have some friends who do that. I prefer my ankles too much, with modified bails might be different story but i dont have them. On powder i love them, there flex is fine.
  2. Not sure, but with this it would work fine at leaswt this would work with older F2's As liners, i use these https://palau-ski-boot-liners.com/ski-liners/ski-touring-en/all-track-power-custom-thermo-liners/?lang=en
  3. Just take look width of bail loops of bindings, Backlands have very narrow heel so too wide bails MIGHT not work so well. In real life they require modified bails if you push very hard.
  4. Best look numbers on heel outside: Here are the outside shell dimension that you'll find molded into the area of the boot just above the heel pad (medial side or inner ankle). SB Shells (Track 325, Track 225, LeMans, SB### Series) M22 = 253mm M23 = 261mm M24 = 269mm M25 = 277mm M26 = 285mm M27 = 295mm M28 = 303mm M29 = 313mm M30 = 322mm M31 = 332mm AF Shells (Track 700, Indy, Suzuka, AF700/600) M24 = 270mm M25 = 279mm M26 = 289mm M27 = 299mm M28 = 309mm M29 = 319mm M30 = 329mm
  5. I assume you have black tongues on your boots, if so, try red ones, and you could try Drupi's spring system with softer springs if that is not enogh. Naturally that keeps them reasonable stiff side ways but quite soft for front-back direction.
  6. Or groomed powder
  7. I use them for off piste riding nwith my Swellpanic, dont have split board. Boots are shorter than soft boots, and same length as my UPZ. Friend of mine rides with them on piste with his Swoard but i prefer more stiffer UPZ for carving.
  8. Same as TimW's ie F2 soft Intec system, this is just stiffer version of boots and bindings. But as said now i'm on Backland with F2 Race binding
  9. Here better version of that binding, HBX. Been on that more than 10 years, best i seen, until i switched to Atomic BackLand Here btw boots i used with them
  10. Agree, even board builders dont so much puttin inserts to thinner section, but for plate working that is best available setup I have one board with ASL insert setup and another with GS, so i made mechanics that can be used for both with same plate. Just by changing left side mechanics to right side and vice versa You get it if you think.
  11. Allflex ones, note there are two versions, ASL/W-GS and M-GS
  12. I think new one is only on limited EC-version
  13. One more vote for Crab Grab Shark Teeth Stomp Pad $11.95 Color: glow in the dark
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