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  1. Agree, even board builders dont so much puttin inserts to thinner section, but for plate working that is best available setup I have one board with ASL insert setup and another with GS, so i made mechanics that can be used for both with same plate. Just by changing left side mechanics to right side and vice versa You get it if you think.
  2. Allflex ones, note there are two versions, ASL/W-GS and M-GS
  3. I think new one is only on limited EC-version
  4. One more vote for Crab Grab Shark Teeth Stomp Pad $11.95 Color: glow in the dark
  5. I used speed wax, or rubbed normal generic wax and then "ironed" it with Skimd.
  6. http://www.i-carve.com is way to go, Ivan serves you with good price and service
  7. I'm skater since seventiies. And Windsurfer since same decade.
  8. I dont know how often carvers look up hill for straight liners, if it is safe place&time i look every second turn, otherwise after every turn. It is not so hard if you get used to do it.
  9. I want to have few nicely linked turns. and beat few guys on race track.
  10. Which model is that 164? How you like it?
  11. Allflex, Smooth Operator plate is designed for that
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