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  1. Yep, rember seen it in exhibition on nineteens
  2. To clarify my comment, i seen issues only with plates with duck nose, that gathers some cases snow which makes nose work wrong way. Never had any issues with snow below/between bindings.
  3. Some type snow is problematic, regadless what you do.
  4. http://www.phk-italia.com/en/products/mix-2/
  5. https://upzboots.com/shop/2020-xc12-shoxxter-orange/
  6. pokkis

    Reading issue

    It started now work me too.
  7. pokkis

    Reading issue

    Any idea why i get following when clicking Unread Content, i'm happily logged in to board
  8. pokkis


    I've got some nostalgic VHS-tapes for sale Tapes are good shape, not played many times due i made copy of them right away. NTSC Carve On Ride the Edge Beyond the Edge Summit Expression Session 2002 (i think it is NTSC) PAL Beyond the Limits - Pureboarding Hard Attack Will put eBay link here later
  9. Non-sunny place on ground covered with sand dust and blankets, in general, i dont know dirty details. Here you see two stores blankets removed but sand dust still visible
  10. Yep, they store 112 000 cubic meters. That is lot of saved energy due not need to make snow with close to zero celsius degrees.
  11. Interesting one, never seen before, thanks. Some more pics: https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/q309600975
  12. Ruka, Finland @ 500m over sea level will open tomorrow using last season stored snow. Grooming on going.
  13. I would say it makes more sense, and less work, to build your own step-in version. This has been/is on my to-do list, but not done yet.
  14. I found Backlands very flexy, compared to Deeluxe700/UPZ's i ride normally. That combined to quite loose bails setup, i dont like to ride them on piste with my carving boards, even i have some friends who do that. I prefer my ankles too much, with modified bails might be different story but i dont have them. On powder i love them, there flex is fine.
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