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  1. I will have free time next Wednesday or Thursday if you interest in the binding, this will save some shipping cost for local pickup.
  2. i have one a set of sw for sale with yellow bumper, it is use but in good condition , some scratch mark, if you interest 375 plus shiping
  3. i have a sg 178 speed if you are interest for 275 plus shipping. this board is great condition.
  4. i have a speed ball 163 in good condition for 150 +shipping if you interest it. it is good beginner carving board unless weight like 200 lbs.
  5. I will pack up and check on the cost for shipping.and total cost. I will pack up and check on the cost for shipping.and total cost.
  6. price reduce 275 this is ready to go to new home
  7. i have a question on this F plate, do i need adding hole on outside of board to mounting this? thanks
  8. i have one new spider snowboard pant, never use tag stll on size xl-R for sale 125 plus shipping.pay pal to gift or FF. or pay extra 3%. inseam is 32 inches,
  9. 2019 season is around the corner, hope you all had a great summer and stayed fit for this coming season. I got new schedule this winter, off wed-Saturday , start working on Sunday though Tuesday. this may turn out to better, less ppl on the slope. have fun this and safe this 2020 season
  10. is this have a 3 hole center dish for burton board? would you take 125 ship to 94568
  11. is that new lower price 125 for bidding?
  12. ready for new home this winter, this is a great sg speed board.
  13. nice board so tempted , looking for a soft boot carving board,
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