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  1. If he was the guy I sold mine to, contact info I would have would be near 15 years old. Looks like he's in the middle of a move, could be long distance, I'd give home some time to settle in.
  2. That RT looks familiar .....
  3. Hi Barry, Sorry for the tardy reply, I've been busy with Spring chores, snow withdrawals etc. Easily, Mark's boards are not as weight specific as other customs, plus he will provide you with the flex index you prefer / suitable for your weight. My 1st ride on a SF was my Wife's and I have her by 60 lbs. If you truly want a turn monster, lean toward the softer side, so ask Mark to something similar to what he built for me. Get exited!
  4. Yup, Kept it! I went back to it several times this season, more so on harder Michigan Marble, or when the hill was busy. It does have it's own personality for sure. Since you are retired I think you will be needing a complete set! Including the PC when that's finished
  5. Not anywhere near John's Wife's work, but this will suffice for now....per Big Wave Dave's request.....
  6. I have my Wife's SG Cult 59 - "Sigi Grabner" 159 posted here for sale, it's like new, it was a perfect transitional directional board so she can start with her soft boot bindings and progress to plates / hardboots when ready. Make an offer.....
  7. Yes! They're yours Dave, $125 pick up price.
  8. Gently used f2 "RS" model Step ins, standard 3° cents. Inserts modified for use with Burton 3-D but remain 4 hole functional. $150 Shipped to lower 48
  9. This board is no longer for sale...will be a raffle item at the Montucky Clear Cut Banquet. Funds raised will benefit Turner Mountain, a 501C Non-profit Mountain Opp.
  10. Blackjack continues to have far better conditions, Sunday the backside has 1-2" of powder over the groom so it wasn't slow at all, some of the best carving of the season! The front was a tad sticky, needed some rub-on later in the morning over there.
  11. Deep pocketed owner - completely renovated the lodge, need to raise a fallen lift tower and get the quad lift re-certified, and facilitate repairs to the worlds scariest char lift, as it's currently "locked out". Give them a year to work things out....but it will be a welcome (back) alternative when the Big 3 are busy, blocked out for races or closed for cold windchills! The Big three were all slammed for the holidays, FYI. All had completely depleted their rental gear inventories. Good signs for the future of Winter sport inda UP.
  12. 10" of wet snow over the last week and each snowfall was followed by rain and warm temps, making for intermittent "Michigan Marble" with islands of bulletproof ice, and lot's of lumps
  13. It's a lenticular textured nylon, it is tougher than most all other materials I've seen and creates a unique irredesence effect when combined with Mark's graphics.
  14. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, however they'll never replicate the design, function and performance of thirst boards. It should actually help insure this material will be available in the future.
  15. Bruce built this for my Wife at 140-145 lbs, here first true Alpine board. A Titanal 162 "Stubvana" with nearly perfect top and bottom, "carbonium" topsheet, approx 15 - 2015 days on it. Bruce's code T162 Stubvana for Beth 015B - 7.4 + 5W has a 24 nose, 19 waist, 23 tail. $600 OBO plus shipping.
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