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    Head Stratos Pro, Power Straps and BTS. Burton Imperials for softbooting.
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    Bomber Sidewinders with Gecko Carve, Salomon Defenders, Holograms and Nidecker Carbon 900's
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  1. Gossamer

    Happy Trees

    I feel it in my bones, a big powder year coming, I've lived here for 52 years and I'm half Indian (thanks Mom!) The white man's almanac says so too, thanks dad! Wish me luck in keeping the second board I bought a secret from my wife. Happy turns, (Bob Ross)
  2. Wow, just noticed I was ignored in this thread. I'm 57 and just realized that Nigeria cares!
  3. Are you open to offers? I've always wanted a set, but I'm a poor man in a rich man's sport. Kipp Side note to administrators, what level do I have to be not to see ads for Kenny G? (I already have tickets, that guy really blows!)
  4. I want the VSR, how much to ship to USA Clinton, Utah 84015?
  5. Interested in the VSR, built for how heavy of a rider and what are the SCR specs? Put me first in line if it's a fit for me. Thanks
  6. PM'ed you with a lowball offer, the goats are healthy and the donkey is strong for its age.
  7. I like Outdoor Research, big hoods and lots of pockets. Powder skirts work well and they have: THE INFINITE GUARANTEE® Outdoor Research® gear is guaranteed to perform throughout the lifetime of the product. I've taken them up on this a couple of times and both replacements were a step up in price over the item I had replaced. (no cost to me) Both times was simply stitching coming loose (Goretex mittens from dragging the tips of my fingers and the back of a jacket from riding the lift.) and that was after 5+ years, they are awesome.
  8. I'm all for getting the most control from your boots and the two things you can do for a reasonable cost is to add BTS (boot tuning system) and booster straps.
  9. My favorite: Dakine super stomp
  10. I don't think many outside our group know what they are looking at when someone is railing a turn, watching most videos here the best make it look effortless even to me. They may melt or get churned under by the Bully at night but I try to leave my mark, plowing through chicken scratch and snowmobile tracks. Let others know you were there, style will come with making your turns "big and round".
  11. Gossamer

    SL board

    How much do you need for the 185? inserts for a plate?
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