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  1. My son is ten and just started carving last year. He is moving into hard plates this up coming season
  2. I have an extra Burton Uni-Cant for sale. Its an extra one I have kicking around. $25 plus shipping? or make me an offer. Here is a web image of it. It works with 4x4 and 3D configurations. Variable from 0-7 degrees canting.
  3. I have been riding AT for 15 years now. They are stiff and light. I switched over because of how light they were. Never looked back. I have some deluxe that perform well, but I find the AT from black diamond so comfy.
  4. Bump. These need a home. Rather here than eBay!
  5. Bump. Or make me an offer.
  6. Not sure. Beckman had some thoughts also on making them smaller. I never tried a small size like that. I can check my daughters ski boots this weekend and see if those work. I will also include a burton unicant if you want one.
  7. How much are you looking for? Let me know what else you have also. Thanks! Lamberto
  8. LambertoMI

    Ibex Speed TC

    How about $100? They will have black toe clips not the gray ones pictured here. These are the exact same as I have for sale I also have can’t/lift plates if you need them. Let me know.
  9. Thinning the quiver. Bought this 4-5 years ago. Great shape, never had a base grind that I can tell. Was using for a back up. 5-6 days on it the most. $150 or make me an offer. PM me as I don’t check the site every day Lamberto Here are a couple web pictures. I can take actual photos for anyone interested
  10. LambertoMI

    Ibex Speed TC

    I have a set of burton carbon race plates? Same as ibex. My boot siz is 27 and they fit fine.
  11. Can someone confirm the boot she’ll size?
  12. Bump. Price drop. $110 shipped in the USA. These could use a good home. I have the metal disc as well as a plastic 4x4 disc in case you need them
  13. I have one 3 and one 4. I use a burton cant to make the 3 hole work. Or I have drilled out another one for the same reason. Mind you these are the stiffer metal discs as well for a better fit some other people on the forum have had the other discs
  14. Price drop. $130 now. These are in great shape. Price includes USA shipping
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